The Best and Worst of 2005!
As the year of 2005 is coming to a close, I just want to say that there were some positive points that took part this year. As for the good, there were some things that were worst, and didn’t happen. And I should never forget those who lived to the end in the ’05.
The Best:


Xbox 360 – This is a tie among gamers because of the graphics.
WiFi – I used it this year. But is Milwaukee ready for it?
Digital TV’s – I think it’s time to get them!
IPODs – I don’t have one, but I’m thinking about it!
RAZR Phones – These phones are cool, I want one!
GPS – This is a must to have.
DVD Recorders – It is time to put away the VCR!
Video Games – Madden, Batman, Grand Theft Auto, True Crime, Gun, Mortal Kombat, Need For Speed, God of War, Resident Evil 4, NBA Street V3, Peter Jackson’s King Kong – all good.
Milwaukee Brewers – Record of 81-81. Might be a good start to come.
Serena Williams/Tiger Woods – Extremely dominant.
Wisconsin Badgers Football- Their record was decent (unlike the Packers). And this was the last time that Barry Alavarez coached a team that produced Darell Bevel, Ron Dayne, Brian Calhoun, John Stocco, Michael Bennett, Chris Chambers, Mark Taucher, Troy Vincent, Jamar Fletcher, Terrell Fletcher and yes, Brent Moss as stars.
Lance Armstrong – 7 Tour de France titles and retires on top. Darn Impressive.
Milwaukee Bucks: Impressive Start. Playoffs?
Chicago White Sox/New England Patriots/San Antonio Spurs – Champs.
Kanye West – His album “Late Registration” was a huge hit this year, especially if you like “Gold Diggers.” Also, Kanye  stated his expression during the Katrina Telethon – “George W. Bush doesn’t care about black people”. That comment kind of stuck towards the government, eh?
Two words for Michael Jackson – Not Guilty! Say that ten times!
Janet Jackson – A child?
John Legend – “Ordinary People” was cool.
Diddy – Great job hosting the MTV VMA’s. Also very impressed in conducting an orchestra/hip hop mix of Biggie’s Juicy and Warning singles.
Will Smith – The former Fresh Prince came out with an album called Lost and Found, which explained the character, Will, as a rapper who is lost in the world of movies and TV shows. But, he eventually found his way back to the joint he loved the most, Rapping. I think “Switch” carried the album well, as well as song of “Tell Me Why”, “Mr. Niceguy” – in which he commented to his detractors (haters) and “Lost and Found”, in which he describes about having real love for the game of hip hop. ; Also, his movie “Hitch”, and co hosting the BET Awards with his wife Jada was cool.
Rev. Run – For the first time since Jay’s murder, Rev Run, has used 2005 to start over. With a new CD, “Distortion” featured his hit single “Mind on the Road” which is mostly heard on Madden ’06, is decent. Plus his show “Run’s House” on MTV has been great overall.
Mariah Carey- “The Emancipation of Mimi.” – Off the hook for sure. – Shake it off!
Miri Ben-Ari: The Isreali-Born Citizen plays her violin along with Hip Hop Music. Not bad.
Mary J. Blige – What a way to end the year! Listening to “The Breakthrough” will carry me into the 06. Plus some of her songs of “Gonna Breakthrough”, “MJB Da MVP”, and  “Be With You” are good joints to jam.
Missy Elliot – “The Cookbook” is was a hot joint. “Lose Control” is cool, as well as “We Run This”.
Alicia Keys – Her live album “Unplugged” really impressed me. Check “Unbreakable”, it is a good song.
Destiny’s Child – This year marks the last time that the trio perfomed. Despite that strip tease on the BET Awards, they have staked their claim in music history.
“In The Interest of Fairness….”
Vince McMahon, WWE Chairman

The Pussycat Dolls – “Don’t Cha” was a pop jam. But it had its pointers.
Stevie Wonder – “A Time To Love” is cool. The single “So What The Fuss” will be remembered as the first time Stevie danced on the 2005 BET Awards.
Tweet – Her Sophomore Album “It’s Me Again” isn’t bad, but not as strong as the first.
Gwen Stefani – “Hollaback Girl” was more like an anthem for girls. But the beats/rhythms weren’t bad.
Faith Evans – Faith had a fair year as well. “The First Lady” had songs of “Again” and “Hope”. Plus, her christmas album “A Faithful Christmas” was cool. (Check Soulful Christmas!)
Greatest Hits Albums – The Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, and The Roots released their best songs on CD’s this year. “Solid Gold Hits” and “The Beginners Guide to Understand The Roots” have revived their best days. Including “Power the People and The Beats”. Also, remember Eazy-E? There was a remake of his “Eternal E” – Gangsta Edition CD that relived his best hits as a soloist, and group member of N.W.A. (BTW – Eazy-E died of AIDS at 31 in 1995)
Toni Braxton – “Libra” was fair enough this year. I like the song “Take this ring” as an attitude supplement.
50 Cent – Say what you want about 50, but I think he had some slack. And I heard that he reacted to Fat Joe on the MTV Awards (Explicitly). “The Massacre” was fair despite what you think about him. What was more fair? “Candy Shop”, “Hate It or Love It”,and  “Disco Inferno” were good jams.
Leela James – I must have slept on this. But, in fairness, Leela brought back the “soul” of music in “A Change is Gonna Come.  I like her songs of: “Music”, “Ghetto” and “Good Time”.
WWE- The WWE had its ups and downs this year. From the controversal Muhammad Hassan character (which I think was misunderstood), to the changing of Networks – Spike TV to USA Network; the One Night Stand PPV of ECW, Eric Bischoff was  fired, and the third tribute to the troops. But the best of the wrestling world stuck out the most for a few Raw and Smackdown Superstars and Hall of Famers:
WWE Hall of Fame: Hulk Hogan, Roddy Piper, Jimmy Hart, Bob Orton, The Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff,Paul Orndorff; I idoled these guys back when 80’s wrestling was cool. (OK, mostly Hulk Hogan)
Raw returned to the USA Network on October 3rd for their 3 hour Homecoming. I cannot believe why Spike TV was censoring them previously.
John Cena-won the WWE Championship this year at Wrestlemania 21, and his title reign began with the modificaiton of the WWE Championship Belt  as a spinner. Of course, yes he had an album this year, and appeared on MAD TV too.!
Shawn Michaels/Kurt Angle – Their matches this year had elevated their careers, and maybe to another championship?
Triple H – The Game had a solid year in the 05, by becoming a 10 time champion, but I don’t know about the 06.
Ric Flair – First time an Intercontinental Champion.
Kane/Big Show – Their first reign as world tag team champions have elevated their game plan for RAW. They reminded me of the Colossal Connection or the Natural Disasters.
Joey Styles – OH MY GOD!
Chris Masters – Who can break the masterlock?
Carlito – no comment.
Candice Michelle – Brewcity’s own is too hot!
Ashley – The new Raw Diva had a good fanbase in the ’05.
Jim Ross – Should never been “fired”.
Chris Jericho – What happened?
Attended my first Smackdown! in May. Loved it!
Batista: Great run as World Champion in the 05.
The Undertaker- may I say, 13-0 at Wrestlemanias, and came back for his 15th Year at Survivor Series.
Randy Orton- As much as I hate to say this, but Randy had a great year in the ’05. The Legend Killer continued to pound the stuffing out of his oppontents and thusly had several run-ins with the Deadman – with the assistance from his Hall of Fame Father, Cowboy Bob Orton.
JBL – no comment
Road Warrior Animal/Heidenreich – The legendary Road Warrior Animal and the stange Heidenreich had a great run together by living out the tradition of the LOD and winning the tag team belts.
Rey Mysterio-619 all the way
The Boogeyman – He’s coming to get you!!!!!
Bobby Lashley – Dominant Start.
MNM – Only thing good is Melina.
Kid Kash – new impact
Friday Nights- The Smackdown switch to fridays is not bad at all.
Krystal – new commentator, same diva look.
Booker T/Sharmell – The WWE’s latest married impact couple. They fooled us!
Chris Benoit – Solid year as the U.S. Champ.

Best WWE PPV Highlights

Wrestlemania – The showcase of the immortals had great matches and moments. Has to be the best PPV of the year. Taker’s 13-0 streak, Hulk Hogan’s apperance against Hassan/Davari, Piper’s Pit w/ Stone Cold, Money In The Bank Ladder Match, WWE Championship, World Championship and, etc.
Survivor Series – Team Raw vs Team Smackdown, and Undertaker’s return.
Summerslam – It was Hogan vs Michaels.
Royal Rumble – Batista wins it; Taker Beats Heidenreich in a Casket Match.


New Year’s Revoloution- Triple H, a 10 time champion in the Elimination Chamber
Backlash-Shawn Michaels/Hulk Hogan team up to fight Muhammad Hassan/Davari
Vengeance-John Cena’s First Raw PPV; Batista beats Triple H in “Hell In A Cell”
Unforgiven – Cena vs Angle
Taboo Tuesday – Cena vs Angle vs Michaels

ECW One Night Stand – A reunion of the company, plus some raw/smackdown detractors.


No Mercy – The Ortons fought the Undertaker in a Handicap Casket Match, plus Batista faced Eddie Guererro. (RIP)
No Way Out – Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match feature Big Show/JBL
Great American Bash – The end of Muhammad Hassan
Judgment Day – I quit match in which JBL Lost to Cena
Armageddon – Randy and the Undertaker went to Hell… Hell In A Cell.
Televison has had its good points this year as well. – Desparate Housewives, Pimp My Ride, The Simpsons, Everybody Hates Chris, BET’s 25th Anniversary/Awards Show – which featured the Fugees Return
Oprah – Her show is 20 years old, and has made peace with David Letterman. Plus, she helped to catch sexual predators.
John Travolta, Cedric the Entertainer, The Rock, Andre Benjamin, Uma Thurman – “Be Cool” was cool.
Adam Sandler/Chris Rock – “The Longest Yard” was funny.
Terrance Howard – “Hustle & Flow” really put him on the map.
Tyler Perry – His character, Madea was funny in “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”.
Jamie Foxx and Morgan Freeman – Oscars for Ray, and Million Dollar Baby
Ice Cube: From “Are We There Yet?”, to “xXx: State of the Union”, Cube’s year in films has not been that bad.
Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt – “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” was smooth and sexy… in a action kind of sense.
Mark Wahlberg, Andre Benjaimin – “Four Brothers” was good. Hard hitting, but good.
Jerry Springer – Is he still on, after 15 years?
In the world this year…. turned 10 years old.
Pope Benedict XVI – After Pope John Paul II died, I don’t know about his intentions of religion as the World’s Top Pope.
Million More Movement – In 1995, there was the Million Man March, now a movement to restablish connectivity for blacks.
Saddam Hussein – The former Iraqi Dictator was on trial.
Howard Stern – Now on XM Satellite Radio
Iraq – The Iraqis began to vote for a free democratic country.
Tom Brokaw/Dan Rather/Sandra Day O’Connor/Ted Koppel/Robert Johnson/- All retired  for their families and or favorale activites.
Mark Felt -So, he was deep throat.
U.S. Government – On Captiol Hill, there was a debate by Congressman John Murtha of bringing the troops home. I hope this could be a resolution for those who are concerned, although not everyone is pleased with this idea; President Bush appointed John Roberts as the new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
Live8 – In honor the 1985 celebration of LiveAid, today’s artist of Stevie Wonder, Will Smith, Kanye West, Destiny’s Child and others put their time in to showcase their talents for those who are less fortuate. The event itself was scattered in 8 different nations.
Same Sex Marriages: Legal & Illegal, depends on where you live.
France – According to, “Going from bad to worse, France made headlines across the world for three weeks in the autumn as black and Arab youths, feeling trapped in unemployment and poverty, created mayhem in hundreds of poor city suburbs.” Does this sound familiar in America?
My Best:
For the first time since the summer of 1995, I’ve got a car. It’s about time!
V100’s Jam for Peace – We needed it, after the horrible shootings during the summer.
Worked and volunteered at my church- approximately 8x’s this year!
Wisconsin State Fair – Unlike Summerfest, the State Fair was far more diverse.
MLK All-A-Thon Scholarship – In 2005, I have earned #5. Now, there will be a #6 in the ’06!
DirecTV – New stuff.
For the church, seeing Bishop Linda Lee, BMCR,1st Veterans Day Celebration,Anniversary
The 80’s are back! He-Man, Thundercats – Back on DVD!
UPS – I have to admit it, but I owe them one!
Bill Cosby, Louis Farrakan, NAACP – All visited Milwaukee during the summer.
E. Michael McCann – plans to hang it up.
Brett Favre – Is the end is here?
Jerry Taff/Joyce Garbaciack  – both retired from their newsdesks for families.
 and now, The (Absolute) Worst:
These are the selections in which I think were far worst. Simply because they didn’t work or I was just against it.
“And when they heard of the dead…Some mocked. And others said, we will hear thee again of this matter.” Some souls never rest. Acts 17:32; WWE Smackdown!, November, 2005.
Class Reunion – I was so intersted to go this year, but it was called off due to financial problems, and slanderous comments. – Unacceptable.
Family Reunion in New Orleans- I had a chance to go, but my education held me up over the summer.
Education -It was good, but  I flopped one class this year, now I must make it up in a retry.
Milwaukee Urban League/Manpower – In 2004, I asked them for help in looking for a job, but they need to stop getting so personal in regards to my apperance, education, so-called behavior problems, and other B.S. plus, my final letters decided to “sever” from them forever.
Coakley Tech. LLC (or Chokley Wreck) – This company was so out of order when they laid me off, after they picked me up when I was down.  Now, I must decide if Printing and Publishing is still worthwile for me to continue after my 4th lay off.
U.S. Government – Our Armed Forces lost over 2,000 servicemen this year. More protests from Cindy Sheehan, and Bush admitted that “Intelligence” faulted the War. – What!?; Plus don’t have a five letter talk that reads: DRight  And  Follow Through. (Hey, Cindy, when you get to heaven, ask your son, why did he have to die?) Plus, I. Lewis (Scooter) Libby got the boot from the White House after “The CIA Leak”.
Hip Hop – Everyone’s attacking 50 Cent because of his movie. Why is this?; Lil Kim was sentenced to one year for lying; The Game had issues w/ 50 this year as well, but it was squashed on March 9th.
The attack on Christmas. First the tree issue, now we can’t say “Merry Christmas”, what’s the deal?
Bradley Center – Is it time for the Bucks to move?
Box Office Movies – This summer was a bummer if you were a movie buff(due to sales and downloading) But
some movies of Hitch, Are We There Yet, Batman Begins, Fantastic Four, and King Kong had some good pointers
Time Warner Cable – I had to cut the cord. Too much money. Sorry!
Martha Stewart – She was in prison, but trying to put her life back.
Summerfest: The World’s Largest Music Festival did not had enough black performers, plus a cowardly racist filer prevented blacks to attend the festival.
NFL: Packers – Losing Season? That’s not cool!; T.O.  –  NFL version of Dennis Rodman was banned by the Eagles, and commented badly about Donovan McNabb.
NBA – Sacramento Kings were fined heavliy because of bad images of Detroit.
Ald. Mike McGee, Jr. – Disorderly conduct  or racial profile in Wauwatosa?
NAACP Convention-When the NAACP was coming to Milwaukee, hardly no one knew about the city itself, nor wants to have ties to it. – That sucks. I’ll never forget that a Philly citizen referred Milwaukee as a State. Research, people!
Gas Prices – no comment.
Natalee Holloway – still missing.
Hurricanes – Katrina and Rita caught us off guard big time. Who’s to blame? oh, FEMA!
Gun shootings on the Milwaukee County Buses- There must be more safety guidelines.
106 & Park – Free and AJ were let go! That was out of order; Just like BET News is not on anymore. –  BTW, Who is Debra Lee?
Chris Tucker – 100+  miles and running….. to church and ticketed.
R. Kelly – For some reason, “Trapped in the Closet” was a hot item, for a while.
Corey Clark/Paula Abdul – I have nothing to say.
Blacks and Unemployment. – 59% of blacks in Milwaukee were unemployed. The Brewcity must step up and have more employers/ companies coming up.
PabstCity – What is going to replace Pabst Brewery this time?
MLB: Steriods, Steriods, Steroids, and then you’re out! – (ala Rafael Palmero)
Milwaukee Public Museum – There must be a budget setup to keep it open.
Milwaukee in General – Channel 12 reported an ask the question during the NAACP Convention of the city having an “image problem”. If so, time for a change.
Chai Soua Vang  – This man is going to prison for life and he going to love it?  I think he got a bad rap because some hunters in Northern Wisconsin P.O.’ed him because of racism.
Steven Avery – Oh No, Not Again!
Marquette University Gold- Gold what?  Oh, Golden Eagles. – Keep it that way!
The 440th Airlift Wing – This legendary base in Milwaukee was a landmark for the military. Now, it is barren site. Who’s going to fill it in?
London Bombings – This was sad in the UK. I guess no one is safe from terrorism, but there must be a solution.
The Frank Jude Beatings – Approximately 13 officers of the MPD were either fired or suspended. Who’s a good cop on the beat?
Hotel Shootings – A church service in Brookfield was gunned down in a Sheraton Hotel,by a lone gunman, whom also killed himself. Why?
New York City Transit – On strike, for what reason?
May they forever, Rest In Peace
Never forget the names of:
Rosa Parks
Terri Schiavo
Reggie “The Crusher” Lisowski
James Doohan – “Scotty” on Star Trek
Richard Pryor -Actor/Comedian
Johnnie Cochran
C. Delores Tucker
Eddie Guererro – Viva La Raza!
Peter Jennings – ABC News Anchor on World News Tonight
John H. Johnson – Founder of Ebony/Jet Magazines
Lamont Bentley – Brewcity’s own as Hakeem on Moesha
Shirley Chisolm
Pope John Paul II
Don Adams – Inspector Gadget
Pat Morita – Mr. Myagi, Arnold
Chief Justice William Reinquist
Luther Vandross – Here and Now, Always and Forever
Ossie Davis
Stanley “Tookie” Williams – executed by the order of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger
Michael Vale – “Time to make the donuts”
Harold Robinson
Duane Gay – “That’s The Way I See It, How About You?”
Lynise Weeks – “Seven Nights Of Weeks”
Julia Jordan
Elaine Triplett
James Hickles, Jr.
122 Homicides victims in Milwaukee
Mother Freedom

 Memorable Quotes:
“Do not thank God if you can’t show or perform your work in church.” Jada Pinkett Smith; 2005 BET Awards; June 2005
“Why do we fall Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up” ; “It’s not who I am underneath. But what I do, that defines me.” – Batman Begins, 2005
“Wars come and go, but my soldiers stay eternal.” – Tupac; xXx: State of the Union, 2005
“I’ll  teach you anything, just don’t eat me!” – Chris Rock, The Longest Yard; 2005
“The theme of tonight’s show is that anything can happen.” – Diddy, 2005 MTV VMA’s; August, 2005
“George W. Bush doesn’t care about black people” – Kanye West; Hurricane Relief Telethon; August, 2005
“To Board Member Frank Humphrey, Vice-Chair Roslyn Brock, members of the Board of Directors and SCF Trustees, NAACP staff, NAACP members, friends and guests – welcome to Milwaukee – home of beer, brats, and the Bradley Foundation(i). The first two many of you will enjoy; I’ll speak more about the third later on. But as the song says, “Two out of three ain’t bad.” – NAACP Chairperson Julian Bond; 96th NAACP Convention; July, 2005
“Mother Parks, take your rest. You have certainly earned it,” – Bishop Charles Ellis III; Rosa Parks’ Funeral; November, 2005

“Ladies and gentlemen, the day is now for you to realize how important love is. If not, there is nothing to stop us from pulling out a pistol and shooting the person next to us, or, even someone we do not know. The day to do something about it starts now.” Bill Cosby – Milwaukee visit; August, 2005

“Why should we have a Millions More Movement? The United States is the greatest nation in the world. But today America is losing friendship all over the world.” – Minister Louis Farrakhan; Milwaukee visit; August; 2005

“I do not pretend to understand why you chose to bless me with your support for all these years. So I finally, a while back, just gave up trying to understand. But I’ll never stop being as grateful as I can be. You have given me friendship, you have given me a beautiful place to be, you have given me a meaningful job, a sense of belonging and the wherewithal to buy a new Corvette convertible. So, now, I’m going back to Texas. A week ago, I’d have said ‘I’m going home to Texas.’ But these past few days have made something very clear to me: This is home, and it always will be. And I will always be eternally grateful to you, and I’m going to come back and check on you, and make sure you’re having better tomorrows.”  – Jerry Taff; Former Channel 12 news anchor on his retirement; May, 2005

“ECW was a life style, it was anti-establishment, it was counter-culture, and it was up in your face!” Paul Heyman on RAW; June, 2005

“J.R., on behalf of the entire McMahon Family, ‘You’re fired!” – Linda McMahon, CEO of WWE; “Who getting fired?”;October, 2005

“Eddie Guerrero and Shawn Michaels will someday get to wrestle on what is the very biggest stage of them all, and it isn’t WrestleMania, It’s in the heavenlies in front of the crowd of one. And that is the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings, Jesus Christ.” – WWE Superstar Shawn Michaels; on remembering Eddie Guererro; November 2005

“Rosa Parks, Lives.” – Bruce Gordon, President NAACP; November, 2005

“You want some, come get some!” John Cena, WWE Superstar; April, 2005

“This is my show poser!  so go take a stroll, Canada in the house, ’cause that’s how I roll!” – Former WWE Superstar Christian, June, 2005

“You tried to kill me. But I’m the one, who does the killing!” – WWE Superstar, Undertaker; November 2005

“….. there were many dragons who tried to lay siege to my kingdom. And one by one, they all suffered the same fate”. – WWE Superstar, Undertaker; March, 2005 – in preparation of Wrestlemania 21

“Ladies and Gentlemen this next contest is scheduled for one fall, with a 20 minute time limit. I weight in tonight, at 242 pounds, from Green Bay, Wisconsin, Misterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Kennedy!…..Kennedy.  – WWE Superstar Ken Kennedy, 2005

“Next week, I guess it’s time to take out the trash.” WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, on firing Eric Bischoff; December, 2005


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