Christmas under attack?

Posted: December 21, 2005 in Holidays



Christmas Under Attack?



Why is Christmas is under attack? Since when did the birth of Jesus became the symbol of hate? I mean the number one holiday of all time that occurs every December 25th, is somewhat punctured by some nay-sayers in this world. For example, some people in the world will now call the christmas tree a "holiday tree". Wait, a Holiday Tree? A HOLIDAY TREE?! Come on! I mean I can understand that not everyone likes this holiday, but renaming a tree is a farce. When I was growing up, there was a "Christmas Tree, with an angel on top,  Wreaths, Stockings, Garland, a nativity scene,  and yes, Jesus. Jesus is the main reason why we have a Christmas holiday. Never forget that. Plus, some stores or orgainzations would now say "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas", because of their somewhat distain of the holiday. Saying "Happy Holidays" is fine by me, but when you try to eliminate Christ out the equation, that tells you something doesn’t? I mean you can sing: Angels we have heard on High-with any variation, Christmas in Hollis(although it is one my favorite joints of the season), TLC’s version of Sleigh Ride, or Mariah Carey’s Silent Night. But never, ever, ever, eeeeeever, forget that it is about the birth of Christ. I just hope that these "sensitive" folks get that in their brains. Put a Dickens on them!


Let’s shift from the attack on Christmas to the positive side of it. Yes, to me Christmas is the ultimate holiday of holidays. I mean that’s the day when presents are available for everyone. Most of my christmas memories occured around my childhood. Yeah, those were the days. (If you grew up in the 80’s) But now, it’s different, either you get some, or one. But, it’s cool because presents does not define the Christmas Holiday. This defines the holiday: Take the word Christmas, subtract the "MAS" and what do you get? "Christ" Very simple, eh? Back in elementary school, we were introduced to Santa, Rudolph, and Frosty. In church, it was Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Three Wise Men, Gold, Frankencine, Myrr, Stable and a Star in the east. (Thanks alot Public School!) But, all in all, let’s celebrate and give mad respect to the 25th of December.


Merry Christmas

Feliz Navidad

Mele Kalikimaka


…..And to all a good night.


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