Happy Turkey Day/Black Friday

Posted: December 3, 2005 in Holidays

Thanksgiving weekend bring out some of the best in people don’t they? Check it, on the eve of giving thanks, you get home from work, school or any other place you have dwelled all day, stop by the store, pick up some items for your thanksgiving dinner.Get home set it up and have an opportunity to thaw, cook, stir, or bake your dinner in your kitchen for the rest of the day. What’s going on? Oh, it is Thanksgiving. In addition, Thanksgiving is a preliminary start to the Christmas Season – (ala black friday). But getting back to turkey day, most of my thanksgiving throwbacks are mostly watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, NFL Football (with the throwback uniforms) and formally Smackdown!. Also, playing video games such as Madden.
Now getting to Black Friday. You had a great meal, and either you go to work the next day, or get up real early to get to your favorite stores for holiday shopping. Holiday employment is in full effect, and the stores are packed in the nines. Churches in cities are now transforming their sanctuaries into nativity scences and winter wonderlands. Yep, Christmastime is here!

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