Hallowed Memories

Posted: October 29, 2005 in Holiday

What is "Hallowed Memories?" Hallowed Memories is a term I came up with as way to review the best of Halloween. OK, so what are my best Halloween Memories? TV, Halloween parades and parties. For the record, I will not use the word "Hallelujah" instead of Halloween!  For TV, the Simpsons are the new Kings of Halloween Shows. Their Treehouse of Horror segments really defined a new era of unleashing attention in a cartoon show. With all do respect to Charlie Brown and  the Great Pumpkins, The Simpsons are definitely on top of the mountain( or in this case Hallowed Ground). I record the show every year and yes in November! And I really get a kick out of the show because everyone gets either killed or knocked out. Back in the day, characters like Marge, and Homer used to warn the viewers about the type of content that the shows have and the funny tombstones in the begining. Now, it’s laid out and those who want to watch can view. I can also remember that my favorite TV shows of the past had great halloween episodes. Martin had 2 shows in which he thought that "Brothers don’t get scared" and he and Gina moving into a new house(which was haunted). Married with Children had a show in which Al met Death (who looked like Peg), and he a choice to see if his family needed him in any way to reclaim his soul. This show took place in 1993, and I think Al was singing a parody of the Barney Song. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, had 2 shows in which Hillary prepares a Halloween Party, while Will and Carlton were making a deal in trying to get a date. Plus, Will told a scary story of the Bel-Air Beast.  Also, Will was a vampire, and the family went to a sainse in trying to contact Trevor from the grave. Then the family gets hexed! Family Matters had a couple of Halloween shows, but the ones that stood out when the Winslows passed ghost stories in which Carl and Harriette were Vampires in the 18th Century, and Steve Urkel played the hero (or did he?) Also, Urkel made a dummy named Stevil,  which came to life on Halloween to stalk the Winslows to claim their souls. This show I think was the most terrifying ever. But then again it was 1996.
Back in my childhood days, I remember Halloween Parades around the 38th Street School Neighborhood and they were fun. Dressing up in costumes, and my 5th grade teacher telling us a story of a girl with a golden arm. Which got us scared. Plus there was a marker outside his room that whom ever touched it would get nightmares. My teacher told us that version in which got our attention. (In a scared manner) Plus trick or treating was cool. Why can’t Milwaukee have Trick or Treating at night anyway?
Before "Halleujah" Parties, I remember "Hallloween Parties" Halloween Parties with candy, games and yes haunted houses. The reason I am stating "Halloween Parties" because that what used to be one of the activites that was  cool. I am stating my opinion here! Never again I will not use Halleujah Parties.  I mean I have nothing against the name, although it is religious. Is Halloween also religious?  I mean its not just the costumes, masks, Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Ghosts, Dracula, Wolfman, Witches, Ghostbusters, Jack-O-Lantern, Hellraiser, Jason, Freddy Kruger, Vampires, Children of the Corn, The Crow, Blade, Edgar Allen Poe, and Sainses. It is a prelude to All Saint’s Day and Dia de los muertos (The Day of the Dead).
So, some people don’t like the holiday. Big Deal. We got bad situaitons in this world that goes beyond Halloween. Like theWar on Terrorism, Diabeties, Cancer,bad grades,  Expensive Gas Prices, Unemployment, Peer Pressure, Racism, Sexism, Police Brutality, Family members can’t get along, Black on Black crime, gun violence, Sex Predators, and the fear of confronting "personal curses". If the Boston Red Sox can win a World Series after a 86 year "curse" can we overcome our curses? Also did the Chicago White Sox ended their curse as well?
In my mind, you can have a Happy Halloween, if you believe it. So this is my way of saying: enjoy wearing the costumes, the candy, the haunted houses, Headless Horeman of Sleepy Hollow, The Addams Family, movies featuring zombies from the grave, Aliens,  Dracula’s Coffin, and any other thing that associates with this haunted holiday. Get your Boo on!
Happy Halloween!

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