My church is 56 years old!

Posted: October 26, 2005 in Celebrations

Last month, my church turned 56 years old. St. James United Methodist Church was founded on September 25, 1949 in Milwaukee. During the Anniversary Week (September 17-25), I have learned about the history, and those who were apart of its embroynic stages. With me being a 4th Generation church member, it really had an effect on me, when people like my late grandmother, Elsie E. Burton and my great-grandmother, Bessie McFadden helped chartered the church. My church started in the homes around 3:00 pm in the afternoons, during the late 40’s with five members. That’s right, 5 members! And now it is up between 100-200 members. The purpose overall in the beginning was to be founded on two words: Faith and Love. Well, our faith part has been substaintual and our love can maintain doubt in times of need.
Sadly, my church has lost 3 members this year that were condisered "good members". One was Elaine Triplett, Two, was Harold Robinson-if it had’nt been for men like him in my church, there would be no me. (I’ll never forget him lending me his camera!)  And three, Julia Jordan (AKA Mama Jordan) who devoted her church services as part of the stetwardship committee and took the role of "Mother" since 1994. Now the role of "Mother" is passed to Mary Williams.
Overall, the church has to move on in order to maintain its faith and love moniker, so future members can grasp its meaning in order to keep it rolling.

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