Midterms, Rosa Parks, The Crusher

Posted: October 26, 2005 in Legends and Education

This week, I will try to maintain my focus on midterms, simply because it crazy. I mean, you learning every single thing each day over and over again. But the thing is, it is creating a diverse angle between of what you know and you don’t know. Partially for me, I look at it as an art of war. You gotta beat the test before the test beats you!  I know this sounds crazy in all, but that’s how I look at it in a way of attempting of doing your best and hopefully having the tenacity to overcome pre-midterm fears.
Now it time to pay homage to Rosa Parks and The Crusher. First, I was riding the bus to school last night and I thought about Rosa Parks.  For those of you who are not history buffs, Rosa Parks was an African-American woman who refused to give up her seat to a caucasian man back in 1955. Why? because her feet was sore and she was tired. Rosa Parks was considered the Mother of the Civil Rights Movement, whom also sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott allowing blacks to ride upfront instead of the back. In the 14 years I have been riding the bus, I have sat in the back, the front, and the middle. Without the courage of Rosa Parks of standing her ground, people like me would not have the opportunity to keep those doors down in which I think that has prevented blacks becoming greater like a doctor, lawyer, scientists, dentists, engineers, graphic artists, printers, janitors, technicians, producers, actors, and any other occupation in this world. I also hope that Rosa Parks and her family forgave Outkast on the use of her name. In my opinion, Outkast had done nothing wrong to degrade her and the legacy she transpired. Yes, I listened to the lyrics of "Ah ha, Hush that fuss, everybody move to back of the bus."  To me, that was analyzed in meaning of stopping the hate towards blacks, and propel equality and fairness. So we, as a community (not just the black community!) should owe Rosa Parks a big thanks, and to continue to spread her name for generations to come.
As far as The Crusher is concerned, I read about him. He was a villian, he was a wrestler, and he was a Milwaukee legend. I was overwhelmed about this man’s legacy in the professional wrestling ring. I can remember that he and Mad Dog Vachon were honored at a WWE pay per view in 1998 for the work  and dedication in the wrestling ring.(The PPV was called ‘Over The Edge’)  And I remember that most people (PPV Audience) were bored at their homage, especially Jerry Lawler! Well the King got his that night from a AWA legend and suprising to say that I would think that no one should disrespect a wrestling legend such as the Crusher. I may be 28 years old and young, but when I think of the man who made "Milwaukee Famous for Wresting", that’s the Crusher! Now, there are wrestling organziations in the BrewCity, and I believe that without the inspiration of this man, I think we wouldn’t have them. So, I think the wrestling community as a whole, owes the Crusher big. 

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