Other Viewpoints of Milwaukee

Posted: July 26, 2005 in Reflections

           OK, I have kept this opinated viewpoint in my mind for the past couple of days. I was watching Channel 12’s news coverage last week in reference of Milwaukee, NAACP, and Cities of Baltimore, Atlanta and Philadelphia. Channel 12 sent 3 newscasters to these cities to give their viewpoints of my hometown. Some don’t want to have ties with Milwaukee, some didin’t feel a connection from one person to another, and some thought of the city that used to be home of Laverne and Shirley, the Fonz, beer,the Bucks, cheese, Packers (in reference to 4th and 26, stop the pain!), segregated, and one person thought Milwaukee was a state. A state?! And, one other individual didn’t know about the African American population is roughly huge at 33%. Alright, I bet the individuals whom attended the 96th NAACP Convention may had a different perspective than those who thought what Milwaukee was all about. Some actually like the city which is on  lake michigan, festivals, free jazz music in the parks, restaurants, shopping, and maybe Harley-Davidson Motorcycles (The city gave birth to them you know). Also, I was reading the Journal that some young people (teens mind you) gave some good props to the brew.
             Now back the matter at hand. You know, I kept thinking, do these people really know about Milwaukee? I guess the only way they would know is if they experience the city for themselves. Do research. Find out what makes the city light up in its own element and the find out who’s who and what’s what. (Quote from my family) Also for those who want to find out more about the city, check this:
1) What year was Milwaukee founded as a city?
2) Who is the current Mayor of Milwaukee?
3) What does the Milwaukee name mean?
4) Who was the first African American Sheriff in Milwaukee’s history, and who is the current sheriff?
5) Did Milwaukee had a black police chief? if so, who?
6) True or False, Milwaukee never had a race riot during the 1960’s.
7) True or False, The first mall in Milwaukee was not Capitol Court.
8) True or False, Summerfest is the oldest festival in the city.
9) Juneau, Kilbourn, and Walker were part of Milwaukee’s history as what civil position?
10) How many years did the Green Bay Packers play in Milwaukee?
11) True or False, Kareem Abdul Jabbar never won a championship with the Milwaukee Bucks.
12) When was the last time Milwaukee had a World Series Championship?
13) The Burke Briss Soleil is part of which museum in Milwaukee, Art or Public?
14) True or False, Milwaukee was apart of the Underground Railroad.
15) Who was the first African American Bus Driver in Milwaukee’s history?
16) Brookfield, Glendale, West Milwaukee, and Wauwatosa are Milwaukee’s Suburbs.
17) Name at least six famous people either in R&B, sports, or acting that were born in Milwaukee.
18) Don Smiley is the current director for Summerfest, who was the previous director for how many years?
19) True or False, Milwaukee oldest newspaper is the Community Journal.
20) Wisconsin in 2004 was the battleground state in the previous election. Who won the state of wisconsin during the election, and where were the candiates positioned before the election?
21) Milwaukee hosted the MLB All-Star Game in which years?
22) True or False? The US Bank Building is the tallest building in the city.
23) True or False? Milwaukee was at one time a hotbed for AWA Wrestling.
24) Which current wrestling organization labeled Milwaukee as "one of their favorite cities’?
25) Who was "Da Crusher?"
26) True or False, before the Bradley Center, The Milwaukee Bucks played in the U.S. Celluar Arena.
27) Name three movies that Milwaukee was apart of.
28) True or False, Milwaukee never had a NCAA Final Four Championship.
29) Who was Al McGuire?
30) Which year the Milwaukee Brewers went to world series and lost?
31) Who is the current County Executive of Milwaukee?
32) How many years did former mayor John Norquist held the city’s top position?
33) True or False, current Alderman Michael McGee Jr, and his father are the only family members (of the same name) held the position of alderman in Milwaukee’s Common Council’s history.
34) What positions does Willie Hines hold in Milwaukee’s Common Council?
35) What is Milwaukee’s current slogan?
36) What are the symbols on Milwaukee’s current flag?
37) True of False, Marvin Pratt was never a Common Council president in Milwaukee’s history.
38) In what year did Harley-Davidson Motorcycles were born, and who is Willie G?
39) Milwaukee had several breweries in the past, dubbing it the "Beer Captiol of the World". Name at least 3 companies that help made this possible.
40) Which area in Milwaukee had the largest industrial employers and is looking forward a comeback in the future?
Bonus: True or False: Before V100,  Hot 102  played urban music.
True or False: 1290 WMCS and 860 WNOV are not AM stations in Milwaukee
True or False: The Rave at one time hosted acts such as Duke Ellington
True or False: Bronzeville was at one time an area for African Americans in Milwaukee for entertainment.
True or False: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. never visited Milwaukee.
Here are questions. Let the knowledge begin!

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