For the first time ever, my hometown is the host for the 96th NAACP Convention. And yes it’s about time. About approximately 8,000 members and delagates will come to Milwaukee to talk about issues that effect the black community, and other communities as well. I was watching clips of the town hall meeting and NAACP Chairman Julian Bond expressing race relations in Milwaukee. They know about the issues in regarding the MPD (Milwaukee Police Department) and Frank Jude, Jr. And I hate to pain this comment about the city’s “segregated” past, which commonly is stirred today. An example of this meaning is when a racist filer in June, delivered messages in Milwaukee’s Riverwest Neighborhood about blacks not welcomed to our music festival-Summerfest. (Did I mention that there were no urban acts at the Marcus Ampletheater?) I know there were some acts of Fantasia, Issac Hayes, Living Colour, Morris Day, and The Ohio Players were around, but to, me I wanted to look for something more. Obviously, that wasn’t the case. Lord only knows that this issues of racism will cease in order to have equality. I know racism does exist and it doesn’t matter where you live, work or hang out. But getting back to Milwaukee, I believe that depsite of the population, Milwaukee can resurrect with hope and maybe, just maybe, the NAACP could deliver tips and suggestions in order to make Milwaukee to stand out in a unique peaceful way.

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