Fourth of July

Posted: July 12, 2005 in Holiday

Man, my fourth of july holiday was good. This morning, I got the grill started, went to Walgreens and later to Osco to buy some cleaning products, and other personal items of my choosing. Plus I had dinner with my family after I came in from the stores and played John Madden and NBA Live 2005 on my gamecube. Lastly, I watched Monday Night Raw when it featured Hulk Hogan/Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle/Carlito. Shawn and Hulk won, but in a turn of events, Shawn superkicks the Hulkster, and then the chorus of boos rang out in Sacramento’s Arco Arena. (is this a heel turn?) Plus, the Raw Divas Contestants had the bikini boot camp contest, and John Cena called Y2J, "Y2 Cheap". In between, I also went to see the fireworks coming from Washington Park. Other than that, my 4th of July holiday was mello. I also read the declaration of independence in the journal.
Every single year of the 4th, I realized that this holiday is not about barbecues, a day of from work or school, fireworks, or buying flag t-shirts from Old Navy. It is about celebrating our independence as a nation. Also, our troops stationed in Iraq and Aftganistan are realizing the real meaning of Independence Day. For 229 years, our country has been through the good and bad, depending on the historical dramas. But through in through even though that America has had mishaps along the way, it has a chance to reach out to new endeavors and opportunites. Yes, issues of racism, finding a job, segregation, terrorism and the continuation of establishing freedom and opportunity still exists, but like the colonials, and our fore fathers of this nation, we must continue to fight for "our freedoms" each day, as individuals, groups and etc.  Now, America must work on its 229th year, in preparation for next year, 230! – Just to think that my birthday is 5 months away.

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