WordPress: I have a confession to make: I’m So Milwaukee!

I’m So Milwaukee.

Many of us in my Generation X folks, and mostly African-American went to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other Social Media platforms had to express our memories that my childhood really had fun and had pride in this city. For those who are the Millennial Folks, you don’t know jack. Time to study up. These are old school memories. Fun Memories. For those who are younger and you young bloggers, you are probably asking, what was Milwaukee like when your generation was younger? When your parents (our great grandparents) were like during your younger days? Well, for those wanting to know, and those willing to reflect from a GENERATION X Point of View that were just simple times. Fun times. From my Facebook/Twitter feeds: This is my #ImSoMilwaukee:

: the days when nanas pizza and pig n’ whistle were in effect.

: North, South, East and West, 38th Street School is the best! Had to say that, lol!

: There was a time when the Milwaukee PD handed out Baseball Cards to kids. Like in the 80’s.

when Channel 18 actually had news on, and Kung Fu Theater.

: This station played the hits during my childhood growing up.  – Note this was Hot 102.

: near the crib was Capitol Foods for a stop. Snackwise.

: Downtown Milwaukee had two parades in the summer: City of Festivals and the Circus Parade back 2 back.

: that after church flow to African World Festival.

: Wrestling matches at the Mecca Arena. Even seeing this guy getting his due.

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: Every 5 years, rolls out with the thunder. Normal.

: Hang Tough! – Note this was a movement to say no to drugs.

: Besides the field trips to the Zoo and the Museums, Havenwoods State Forest was a plus.

: besides the Mecca Arena, going to additional WWE wrestling matches at the BC. Live Shows, and one PPV.

: The used to have the MKE every Wednesday. Plus the Green Sheet. Good reads.

: When driving back on the freeway, you can smell either Ambrosia Chocolate or Beer. Straight up.

: This is easy – Pabst, Schlitz, Miller, Blatz.

– Another easy one: Pfister and Vogel, Albert Trostel & Sons, Allis Chalmers, AO Smith

: My Family Music Groups – The Chefs, Black Frost.

: Johnnie Walkers. Enough said.

: near my old church location: Faith Grocery on 23rd and Keefe. Old Snack run way back when.


Now: The Facebook version.

#‎ImSoMilwaukee‬: Before I got to UW-Stout, MATC, Marshall, Jackie Robinson, and 38th Street School: There was……….. V.E. Carter Daycare.  Had to bring that up.


#‎ImSoMilwaukee‬: My childhood home was in the area of Capitol Foods, Baylor’s Country Store, the 62 bus stops, and yes the 1290 WMCS Studios.


‪#‎ImSoMilwaukee‬: Channel 18 had some classic commercials.


‪#‎ImSoMilwaukee‬: Some might have a nostalgic memory of this show.


#‎ImSoMilwaukee‬: for about 65 years my home church was the First black United Methodist Church in Milwaukee. The names went from Milwaukee Methodist Church, then, St. James UMC and now its The New St. James Community Church UMC. It started with 5 members in the homes.

‪#‎ImSoMilwaukee‬: A very young Kathy Mikleby, on Channel 18? Wow.‪#‎throwbacksIdidntknow‬
‪#‎ImSoMilwaukee‬: Hot 102 and Fresh G. – Shout out to Hot 102 Radio for acknowledging my blog! I did it for you!
‪#‎ImSoMilwaukee‬: where my wrestling folks at when Wrestlefest was at county stadium? Sound off.
‪#‎ImSoMilwaukee‬: The Bowling Game. Enough said.
‪#‎ImSoMilwaukee‬: When Martin was on Channel 24 and that one Halloween show from the first season got interrupted by the storm and the folks calling the station to see what happened towards the end. I know many had to remember that.
#‎ImSoMilwaukee‬: JCPenney Warehouse on Silver Spring was selling Cross Colours back around ’92-’93. Good prices too!
‪#‎ImSoMilwaukee‬: I am a proud MPS Alum out of 38th Street School, Jackie Robinson and John Marshall.
Knowingly: this was a good topic. And yes there are those who had recall the dark days of Milwaukee’s bad checkered past and present of Segregation, White flight, and Harold Brier.  No one talked about Nan Hegrety, or Philip Arreloa, or Arthur Jones? There should have been mentions about Richard Artison or Lev Baldwin, but no comment on that. But I will say this, though: These #ImSoMilwaukee things do keep us in mind that we didn’t really had it bad. We didn’t have it worse at times. And yes there were some things of segregations and divisions that still linger. But again, like the Churches used to say that in times of concern, we can still celebrate. Matter of fact, this is like what church taught us, if you remember going. No matter what.
If you younger folks had to use the #ImSoMilwaukee thing to do the things that you’re doing now, you haven’t lived that long. Somebody had to put up a Facebook Group like “Boo I’m So Milwaukee.” Really?! Had to be someone who is not old enough. Nor wise enough. The stuff I listed were just a small sample of what I went though and remember growing up. And I still talk about it. Others might chime in on their #ImSoMilwaukee memories going to parks, clubs, schools, churches, when neighborhood folks knew your names and families, the games we played like Hit the Can, Two Square in the summertime. We played in the alleys, kickball in the front yards and playgrounds, 500, rode bikes in the neighborhoods,  and many others that my so-called slacker Generation X  had fun doing growing up. Even recalling a radio station when Hot 102 was on the FM (I did) or when going on youth church related field trips. We did all of this. And again had fun doing it.  There was a time when Milwaukee’s Juneteenth closed at Midnight. The older folks worked in MPS when MPS had it going on with good paying jobs. The tanneries I listed had good paying careers! Stuff like this needs to have this back. Especially for black folks of now.
Many of us who are in our late 30’s to about mid 40’s or so, and black, we know this.  And yes, #ImSoMilwaukee. And I know many in other cities probably started their own “Im So this city and that city.” And probably started their own hashtag stuff an served up memories. Ain’t nothing wrong remembering simple times. Remember that line in Church: Keep it simple. It’s not hard or complicated. For you parents now, raising these soon-to-be kings and queens, don’t rob your child of their childhood memories. Give them positive stuff that they can one day, remember their #ImSoMilwaukee or #ImSoAtlanta or #ImSo whatever city they choose to live. Many don’t want to acknowledge the past. Many want to change and that’s fine. But however, sometimes we have to check ourselves that the things we had then with the lessons learned, can be useful for the world of tomorrow.

Oh, I smell another three way dance. Actually I’ve been saving this dance card on my playlist. 

First: The overgrowing hate against Obama is now getting flat out ridiculous. As many already know already there is this or was a planned lawsuit that the Speaker of the House is brewing. Plus also some from the GOP’s are thinking about another word like: Impeachment. I highlighted this years back on the blog and I have to ask: Impeach him for what?!!! If anyone needs to be impeached, it’s really the Entire GOP. Why you ask? Ever since the President got the chair, it’s been all these no’s ranging from blocking everything that Obama proposes. We know what it is. Oh, and that thing with ACA, that speaks for itself. Oh what, Americans don’t want to be checked up, before checked out? What about the Veterans? Yes, I respect the veterans too, BUT………….when was the last time the Republican led Congress EVER HELPED THE VETS? With their benefits?! Hello? And now this, lawsuit. Really John Boenher? I think the people should sue John Boenher, Mitch McConnell, Scott Walker (yep I’m putting him in this also), Sarah Palin, and any other hater of President Obama who is apart of this so-called Impeachment idea. Or impeachment related. Even also, some black republicans wanted this too. Wow really? So technically, President Obama is being sued or impeached or being set up by the MEN-Led Republicans all because he’s doing he’s elected to do. And whether you agree with his policies or not, respect the fact that he is doing his job. This sounds like a story I read about on Facebook about a black father being sued for OVERPAYING child support. Don’t believe me, do a Google search. Seriously. How in the living world of hades would a black father be sued by overpaying child support?!! Really?!! I know fines of returning Overdue books to a library is one thing, but this is really stupid. As long as the black father or any father is paying back child support the right way, then there is no need for this so called suing of the overpayments. Maybe the guy wanted to give more. But again, we don’t know his deep story. Now what does that have to do with President Obama? Nothing. But like this story, he’s being hit with his role of serving the American Public by DOING HIS JOB! So that means that we have to sue someone or impeach someone for doing his work, her work, their work or our work that is given to us? Many in this country have issues. Even voters have issues. Think back to 2010 and that Republican Tidal Wave fueled up with the Tea Party. Oh many had to remember that. All of that hate. All that Don’t Tread on Me stuff with the yellow flags was just that: hate. Hate just to get at Obama. So if the majority of the Republicans do get the Senate and retain the House per say in November, I think that is just another piece of the puzzle just to get at Obama more. So for those voters who don’t have issue, nor stuck in the phase, better get out and vote up in August or September, and also November! And even if Obama’s lawsuit or the so-called impeachment does somewhat happen, the people that put him in the chair, will have the final say. Not the so-called congress that can’t pass a freaking bill, because of the hidden hate of the black president! Why is it that when a black person is in charge of a well known position, is a bad sign to those who are non-black at times? Just saying. 

Second Take: Sierra Guyton is dead. First, my heart bleeds for the family. No grown adult should not bury any child. For those who are not in Wisconsin, back in May, Sierra Guyton was caught in a crossfire on a Elementary School Playground. And the men that did that crossfire shooting are about to serving up prison time even more than before. Sierra Guyton was treated to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin for a couple of weeks, and the one hard moment that the family had to do was to let her go off life support. After a couple of days, she was pronounced dead on July 13th at 10 years old. Again: 10-years-old. Think back when we were 10, what were we doing? And yes we had parents who knew where we were at all times and encountered no gun violence. Many of us who were that age then know so. Now, again, we had in Milwaukee a cease fire weekend, in about putting the guns down to reduce violence. But since then, the shootings in city had escalated slightly. Now I know that many are asking and wondering that Milwaukee is on that list of shootings and I don’t want to live there because of that. Um…..really? I know dangerous places in America I don’t want to live in. So technically for one, Milwaukee’s problems are no different than let’s say Chicago. We know Chicago and the 82 shootings. That right there, is no excuse. None!

Or Detroit.

Or Compton.

Or Atlanta.

Or any other city that knows violence.

No city is perfect. And no state ain’t perfect anyway. Why we tripping Americans? Oh, here’s a shooting that took place and I’m moving out! Yes, you have a right to move to where you want, but always know this and many of you had a church lesson:the devil is always busy! It don’t care about your financial, residential, job, family, neighborhood or many other endeavors. So I’m here to tell you. I’m not saying that moving is bad thing. I don’t care about that. What I am saying that problems always lurking. And that is the truth! Better be real about it. So yes, Milwaukee does have problems just like any other city in America that wants solutions! But for this girl, this child that was tragically ended by gunfire, makes us realize that our children need us grown folks to be more aware of our actions and surroundings of what we do! They are a reflection of us. When stuff likes this happens, we need to be on alert. 

Finally, on the card: Mad respect to Pam Oliver. I will say this that yes, Pam Oliver is a hard working black queen! For about 20 years she had worked hard at her post for Fox Sports on Sundays doing sideline reporting for NFL Football. No matter the elements, she has done her job being the number one sideline reporter and interviewer. We know this. And of course, she had her turns of being a punching bag because of her hair looking like chewbaca from Star Wars and having her head being hit by a ball during game day. But STILL she did her job! For all those misguided fools with the haterisms hashtags online, partially you’re responsible. I’m going there today! How many times that folks had to go online to Twitter or Instagram had to post up stupid remarks about her and her hair? I mean is this a way to tear down successful black women that is blazing trails? Then there is something wrong with us. US as in black folks. Oh the debauchery. I’m not blaming all of the black folks here. The partial blame go to those who are just that: haters. And on the business side of things, like many you’ll see many younger folks stepping up and the older cats being replaced. That is nothing new. It’s in everything. It reminds me of the bitter argument of #WhiteGirlsRock during a #BlackGirlsRock event via the internet. And in a blog, it took a white woman to get the gist of the subject that about 90% of the folks made the argument are in everything! Talking about tripping. Pam Oliver is in the area that is not in the category in the 30’s or younger, nor she is a blond chick. She’s in her 50’s and still can be a force to be reckon with in the game of broadcasting. I’m not taking anything away from Erin Andrews’ skills. Really I’m not. I read this similar in the news years ago. 

This also, has to ask and I want us black folks ask this: when we see ourselves doing well in our craft, why do we have to get cynical about our fashion stuff? Our hair and others? I know we want to look good for the club or church, but really?! Oh, those shoes, or that suit, or that whatever. OK! I know! Serious tip here: I was on Roland Martin’s Facebook Public Page over the weekend and he was taking pics of himself and others during the celebration of the Alpha Kappa Alpha’s 66th Boule in North Carolina. By the way, shout out to the AKA’s. In one picture, he was in the sorority colors of Pink and Green and having on a hat with the AKA Letters on it. According to him, he switched the hat with another AKA Sorority Member to pose for a picture. When the pic went viral, many had to get to have an attitude of Roland. And some of the members of the Alpha’s and AKA’s had to speak out against the pic. OH REALLY?!!!! Touchy, touchy. Roland had to defend his stance of choice in support of the AKA’s event/sorority. He wasn’t downplaying his man side if you will, by being all Pink and Green. Last year, he was dressed in Crimson and Creme in honor of Delta Sigma Theta’s 100 year Anniversary and I didn’t recall no hate on that. Basically, Roland from my summary about this, all about supporting the Divine Nine. So what is the matter with that? His fraternity motto, Alpha Phi Alpha, is summarized as this: “First of All, Servants of All, We Shall Transcend All.”  

I don’t get it. Is this supporting each other? Really?! Tell me something! Come on folks!

And not only that, in another picture Roland was also posed with other members of Kappa Alpha Psi, and Phi Beta Sigma, again in all Pink and Green in support of the AKA’s Boule during the golf event. So I ask again, what is the matter? Black folks, I hate to break it again that at times and I know this that we are hyper sensitive of darn near EVERYTHING! It’s a darn shame that we have to share little about our positive aspects than share more of somebody’s hair like Blue Ivy Carter or Pam Oliver’s hairstyle. Or what Leslie Jones said on SNL this year with the Slave Joke which was the truth. Or remember when that former Meteorologist out of New Orleans that was fired in 2012 for her hair remarks on Facebook? Guess what, she’ll work for WeatherNation this year. 

It’s time to grow up! All of that stuff may have worked in High School, but this is the real world. Nobody don’t care about your looks. It’s about the work! Last time on the blog, I commented about Ruby Dee, who was a honorary DST member. And I mentioned yes she had good hair, good shoes in all. But can folks really research about her work in civil rights? Time to learn today!

Oh, just today in a way of good news, Pam Oliver has been promoted to Senior Correspondent of Fox Sports. Take that haters!

Callout: Warning to all deadbeat parents in America. Especially those that like to splash so much cash on your Facebook posts, Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter and others: Don’t be on Social Media. Please don’t.

I’m sure many in America and in Milwaukee has seen the footage about deadbeat fathers and mothers spend a whole bunch of money, and don’t provide enough for their kids. Now if anyone in America is kind of tuning in, take a look at this footage from our news station in Milwaukee. Fox 6 did a report about this matter and I think many in the country should take heed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiK_hVEar-U

By the way, this is not one of those Milwaukee stories that is Milwaukee related. What have we learned from all of this? First of all, most of the individuals who were caught or featured were mostly men and one female. There are Deadbeat Mothers! All of them who flaunted their cash for their own personal needs in all, I have a one question: WHY DID THEY HAVE KIDS IN THE FIRST PLACE?!! This stuff just baffles me. And you wonder why this is an going on process for years. Technically this was their own fault. Not by having kids, but not keep up with the responsibility in raising them. Yes, I’m aware about the single mothers, and yes single fathers who are out here doing business. But the fact of the matter with this, it’s a cliche of problems that is part of the corrosion of the family structure.

We all remember the Fresh Prince episode when Will’s Father Lou came to see him in Bel-Air right? Lou come after 14 years to see Will acting it’s like nothing. But the real truth was the fact that Lou walked out of Will’s life yet again. No birthday cards, no holidays,. We all remember that emotional ending. However that is just a show, but it does reflect an ongoing topic of deadbeats. Now for those who feel that this is no big deal and doing it, STOP! If you parents  don’t have enough to pay your fair share, don’t act all surprised. You all should be handling your business like clockwork. You bring your children into this world, you better be on your P’s and Q’s for the financial work. This is another reason why guys like me don’t have kids. And also, don’t want any.

When my mother told me years ago about raising kids, did you know it cost over $100,000 just to raise me and older sister? EACH? Raising and having kids are expensive! No joke. If you don’t have enough money to get your kids lunch money, allowance, or a future college education, then you don’t have no right to bring kids to the world. You don’t. Now some might think I’m being a bit harsh on the subject coming from a guy who is totally single. I see this everyday and I read about it many times when the issue of marriage and kids comes up.

Now I’m not knocking those who are handling their business. I’m knocking those who don’t have the accountability period. What trip me out in that footage, was one of the men who “died” a couple of days ago and couldn’t pay child support. What kind of “ish” is that?! Really? How in the living world you going to be dead and gone, and come back alive getting caught, and pay your child support fair share?  These dudes: man……..I’m shaking my head on that one. Literally. And don’t get me started on the rapper, or those who have more than 10 kids and don’t do jack for them. Yes, I said “ISH”. And also, get this who also get affected by this matter? Besides the Mothers or Fathers that got stuck with the kids? Wait for it: TAXPAYERS! Think about it. Those of us who pay taxes every year could be on the hook too in terms of this as well.

Man can you deadbeats find a plan to save us taxpayers who don’t have to go through this? I’m just saying. Pay your (swear word), Find a job, and take care of your children!

Attention Church folks:

I have an announcement that you should know: the issue of Domestic Violence is out in the world, and we need to talk about it. And assemble about it. Last year on this blog of mine, I talked about Love Is – Healthy Relationships. And it was about the related topics and events about DV from a female and male objectives. Plus also I brought up a relative of mine, Antonia Vann of Asha Family Services who back in the 1980’s was a victim of domestic violence that lived to tell her story. And on that Sunday there were two speakers even a male representative about the concerns of the issue. Remember that? It’s on here.  Plus also, the United Methodist Church’s Women and Men Organizations a couple of years ago formed a unique historic partnership in discussing the dangers.

This year: it was Love Is – Part 2. The continued discussion about the concern. During the two day event, there were four guests that talked more into the topic. First, Erin Perkins of the City of Milwaukee was the first to speak.She gave an overview of the topics of domestic violence in which many do recognize. Ranging from examples of regarding age, sex, demographics, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and many other areas of the spectrum. She also identified the behaviors of Physical, Emotional, Sexual, Financial, Spiritual abuse by using one’s religious beliefs against another and Identity Abuse based on the control of demean or manipulate one’s character in the arguments. And the part of the victims that don’t escape or leave their partners are due to the following examples:

  • Fear of physical harm, retaliation, dealing with the legal system, or changing their situation
  • Love for their significant other
  • Lack of resources (housing, money, accessible programs)
  • Isolation from supportive friends and family members
  • Familial pressure
  • Normalization of violence in the relationship
  • A sense of guilt or responsibility for the abuse
  • A desire to help their abuser
  • Potential public shaming or humiliation
  • Optimism that things will change
  • Religious belief and values

These examples and many other are a ongoing effect of the use of domestic violence and in terms that many still struggle today. Plus also it’s also a reminder that these issues are still have to be discussed in various manners of concern.

The second speaker, Dolly Grimes-Johnson whom I know through family, was the next guest speaker for the event. She works for the Sojouner Family Peace Center here in Milwaukee, and her perspectives was very thought out. Some of the highlights she pointed out were explanatory of Domestic Violence in terms of Exercising caution – as in the signs, feelings, not changing habits or thinking, denial, etc. Abuse in terms of this can be both ways. Not just one way. Even Secrets or hidden agendas can factor into conflicts. And as far as the church is concerned, especially the church with Children, they need to hear the concerns too. Mainly with the Pastors, Members and others effected by Domestic Violence. And the reason why the church is in this because they have to recognize the concerns. Maybe some in the church can relate, or have gone through the examples listed. And when it concerns children and teens (mainly today) that have experienced that in their parents  houses or families, it’s a moral issue to tackle and also needs to be on deck.  And also when that arises, Dolly made a suggestion to developing safety plans, call family members, pastoral support and places to go when necessary.


The Final Speaker of the first day was from the Alma Center here in Milwaukee. This time, is coming from a male angle. James Mosley was the featured speaker and he opened up with a presentation with this video. This clip entails more about the effects of Domestic Violence.

I know what you’re thinking. What kind of video was this? This might be a cartoonish type presentation, but it does present a powerful message. Especially about when men are told that they are not to cry or show emotion. They are supposed to be tough, have sex with girls and many others. What I also learned after the video: the latter discussion of the manbox. Let me ask this question: Does any reader, any male of any race, or anyone in general knows what a manbox is? Has anyone heard or seen a manbox in various examples? Seriously, has anyone experienced manbox effects growing up? Has anyone in the female areas has talked about the manbox?

The reason why I’m bringing this up, is because it’s part of the reality that lingers with this issue. The manbox described in the video is like this sheltered rules that has been handed down. That is like a trait. And that trait is a deadly drug waiting to be taken or forcefully taken by those who just need to have it. In the Manbox, I learned several examples of why this is. All about the male not supposed to be like sissies, or pansies if you will. They are not supposed to cry or should that sensitive side per say. The Manbox tells the man to be tough, fight back, be the breadwinner. Not supposed to backdown. Not be a B.A.N. If you don’t know what that means it’s like a B-word A-word and the infamous N-Word. Including having power and control over females. And like I said it’s usually it’s a handed down trait. Why do I say this? You might have heard stories like, my daddy was like that, or I had uncles, grandfathers who were once like that. Or older cousins, etc were like the same thing. That also can contribute to the effects of Domestic Violence.

Men, we have to be real about this. This is a call out no matter who you are.

Plus also what I have learned that sometimes you have to fight back. I know I’m not the only one that has been in fights. For the first time in years, I had to highlight my news from elementary school to about the 9th grade. There were times growing up in Milwaukee, I’ve been a target of those who were bulling me. Yes, I was bullied. I was one of the students that was picked on not only by males but also by females. Now for the females the advice I got from my mother was the best way to fight back against them was to sit on them. Real talk males! Females, word of warning. But when it came to the males, was different. In elementary school to about middle school I was picked on as usual. And when word got out though my family about this I had to take self-defense classes with my late uncle, Robert Burton. After learning about the use of self-defense from the punches and kicks something was born in me of standing up for myself. Defending myself. All of that was just building up. And I was 11 years old. When middle school came there were folks that had to pester me. I fought back. Literally. When High School came, this was a different scene, but when I was a freshman at Marshall High School (again in Milwaukee) there were alot of food fights. Keep in mind this was December 1991 and I just turned 15 at the time. There was a time I was a subject of a food fight victim. The person kept bring it up in a English classroom and at the last miniute, I punched the guy in the back and we fought. I was suspended from the school for about two days. And everyone was talking about, who won? Who won? Nobody won. What I learned also, even when folks were “ribbing on you” sometimes you have to fight back. You can have all the contract student treaties signed all you want to. But the fact of the matter is, when you are provoked, sometimes you have to fight back! That person who made the “ribbing comment” back in high school was wrong. Even the peacekeeper who had to made me and the other student signed the treaty had to realize that also. But when my mother spoke to the Vice Principal at the time, she knew at a point in the conflict that I was provoked in that situation. And my mother is a former Milwaukee Public Schools teacher who dealt with the examples in her tenure. So yes, Mama knows! Even my father knows also. Simple there was time he had to get the advice from my late grandmother that if he didn’t fight back in school, my grandmother was going to come up to the school and beat him instead of him coming home and crying alot. True story. Ask any baby boomer that knows. Even my Vietnam Veteran Pastor said the same thing.

Lot of you reading this had to be like, WOW!!!!!!!! And some of you had to be like really?!!!! You got bullied and got suspended from Marshall? I mean good dudes like you shouldn’t be suspended from that.” That don’t mean nothing. It don’t. Was I pissed about it? Pardon my french: Hell yes! Keep in mind this was 1991.

But what does that have to do with Domestic Violence or this “Manbox”. For the Manbox portion, this was a prime example of fighting back. Taking charge. Either he rules over you, or you strike back. And no I didn’t use no guns. The only weapon I used was my self-defense. And if anyone thinks that words or ribbing if you will don’t make you fight back. Guess what, sometimes they do. For many who don’t feel that way, check the mirror. Especially in this day of Social Medias and junk. Has anyone made a rattlesnake mad? Or a provoke a dog to fight or bite you? Or poking  a bear? If those animals (no matter how deadly they can be), they can strike back. And the reason why, is because you made the move to bother them!

So for all you who feel it’s no big deal, think about it. Matter of fact, ponder on it. I know I’m not advocating violence here. Or making those feel put down. But this was my experience. And many of you probably had gone through the same thing.

Finally, on Sunday the guest Speaker Pastor Valerie Hill of Faith Church Milwaukee gave a sermon about Love Is and her perspectives. Her sermon reminds us that even though there are concerns, of violence even domestic violence, the use of Love still lingers. Her message also says that there are times that God wants us to do more with our neighbors, families and friends. She also said, in regarding the use of Love in various examples,  “We must be resilient.” and “We must be God Fearing.” – Now when she said God Fearing, we have to be mindful that God can take away gifts! Take way things and talent we hold dear. And it’s like saying that if you use the gifts that the Lord brings you, it’s gone the next. You can love God all you want, but fear should not be taken slightly. That’s part of the fear. Other examples of the use the word Love in her sermon, “If I love you, then I will work with you until God says otherwise.” So in meaning if God put me with a person to work with, per say I’ll work with that person until the Almighty says so. Nothing more. And one of the lasting thing she commented: “We the church are challenged today. And whoever shows up, shows out!” – Yes, spotters: The church is now being challenged today. It’s being challenged in lessons, community, people, believers, and also non-believers. I comment alot previously about those who like to post commentary pics of those who like to stop religion or believe  that church is fake, Christ wasn’t a real person, or the Hypocrites have taken over. Its’ all over the place. It’s all phony! All sheeple talk.

The folks can protest all they want. But will that protest last on their death beds or hospital tables? Or asking for help when those have been abandoned? We better learn today Inspirational Faith and non-Faith folks!

Overall, we as a church are being challenged to do more. The church should step up and step out as not just a once a week thing, but an everything common cause. I get it. I say this as a 4th Generation Church Member of the UMC.  Even to advocate the concerns of Domestic Violence and Healthy Relationships. So yes, folks. I will say that the church knows what’s up. We see the joys and the concerns. Some of us will show up and out to assist which is not a bother. But the message we’ll take about this matter will indeed continue.

For further clarification: Check out the City of Milwaukee Health Department on Domestic Violence, The Sojouner Family Peace Center, and the Alma Center for more info about the related topics of Domestic Violence.

Plus also: The United Methodist Men and Women have forged a partnership years ago about this topic and I think ALL United Methodists should be engaging in this manner. Even if you are not United Methodist but still be in the conversation. No matter what church or religious, or community advocate group you’re part of.






US Bank Fireworks n Milwaukee, WI

Independence Day has come and gone for another year. If you celebrated this year thus far with the fireworks, barbecues, day off from work, or any other reason to celebrate the legendary holiday of American Observances, then yes you have been blessed. BUT since the festivities has now been silenced until next year in July, the struggle continues. Many don’t think so. But plenty, we have to realize that of the objective to journey on. 

Dear US Americans (either by birth or by immigrant): It’s me Stephen, an African-American male blogger by hobby, but not by trade.

Happy Birthday America. Another year of our young 238 years has been celebrated, culminated or observed. Yes, we have we have well brought more of our Red, White, and Blue in various ways in terms of celebrations and cookouts. Even most of us have the “Independent Mindset” of takes to be independent among other things. Yes, I do have a confession as an African-American: And I’m using the term “AFRICAN-AMERICAN” Loosely. Not tightly. I do get down with the patriotic side of my Americana talents of decking the house with the RWB, and many others. So yes, I do celebrate Independence Day like everyone else, but I also reflect the observances for those who are no longer here living and also in dedication to those who have struggled for many many years tried to celebrate. Even here in Milwaukee, by going to a July 3rd US Bank Fireworks Show that was most improved. For those who don’t live in Milwaukee, my home city kicks off the 4th of July a day early due to the Lakefront Fireworks near Veterans Park and the Milwaukee Summerfest Grounds.  We do it big here! It’s our annual tradition that goes back to about 1911 in our County Parks.

I don’t mean to demean my own party of observances. During the signing of the Declaration of Independence in the hot July year of 1776, yes I do know and realized that my black people weren’t part of the celebration. They weren’t part of the folks who embraced the unification of the country’s birth due to one thing: Slavery. Many of my African-American compatriots, or brothers and sisters denounced the 4th of July as a farce. Some (not all)  go far by saying “Fourth of YOU-LIE!” based on the reaction of history that is still being talked about amongst us in 2014. Even in the era that we have a Black President in the White House. Speaking of that, Malia Obama just turned 16 on the nation’s b-day. And if you got a birthday on the 4th, or got married on the 4th, hey Happy Birthday and Anniversary. Getting back, the main reminder of the fourth, goes back to Frederick Douglass, when he published his famous writing, “What is the slave to the Fourth of July?” He published that on July 5th, 1862 which is about 162 years in the making. We know what he said. We know how he felt. And there are those today who read that same document have to draw comparisons of what Douglass was feeling in terms of not being included, left out, or not being mentioned or skipped over due to the skin tone and hate of being black. This includes voting rights, civil rights, jobs, health care, economics, living status, immigration rights, and many other factors that is still around. Even racism and other forms of discrimination. Just a reminder I don’t see any utopias!


What gets me that, if we are the country that is still on the pulse of all men are created equal, what is about the notions that are not equal? When I hear and see or read about African-Americans get the racism bug, and other folks of non-black had to bust out with the “get over it” speech, what are we are supposed to get over?! Those who say that, need to be in the boots or shoes of us black folks that go through this thing EVERYDAY! This is not some get over it fix. It’s real life on the real here. It’s kind of like were dealing with another version of Jim Crow remixed. Am I right? Or is it some figment of imagination?

Call out: How many of us encountered racism on the 4th? Be honest!

But hold up! How many of us have encountered racism and actually did nothing or something about it? Basic question to ponder. And don’t be like and say as a reminder  “Oh, I’m colorblind.” That’s a farce. When you meet a person of a different race, yes YOU WILL see color. And when you go home, same thing. When that encounters, it’s another reminder that America as young and old as is need to improve. Just to think that the figures of Dr. Maya Angelou, Ruby Dee, and even Bobby Womack and among others are not here to reappear. I know that many are about to break out the wise words of Dr. King in his I Have A Dream Speech. That one line that everyone knows. BUT: I advise by reading the entire speech!

Back to me celebrating in all: Yes I do celebrate the 4th. I celebrate for me, my family, my American values. Plus I celebrate my earned opportunity of Independence, Liberty, and the right to blog what I want on WordPress. Even my work. Even my church. Even my Alumni groups that contribute each year. And my community ideas and concerns of improvement. I even celebrate for my black folks who were slaves that got whipped, shackled, branded by force, beaten up and even killed in trying to get that one word etched: Freedom.

I also realized that Freedom is not free. It’s not. That is harder to work for because, there are obstacles everyday no matter what we go through. And I hope those of my culture and as many other cultures have to realize the similar notions. No shade. No generational cards. So in closing: We can celebrate. We can observe. BUT: like Melissa Harris-Perry’s father always says, and I believe him: the struggle continues.

Sincerely, (and Independently, patriotically rightfully so)


We have seen it for days, weeks, and many many months and a couple of years. And even in short snippets like this:

Many of us were asking, “what was that?”

Many of us were asking, “Is that a harley?”

Well this motorcycle was no ordinary Harley-Davidson. Not the kind you normally see and hear with the V-Twin Chopper sound. This however was dubbed as “Project Livewire.” This is the prototype motorcycle that Harley-Davidson is testing with in hope would probably steer them in a direction that is known to many and knowledge of few. Electric Motorcycles have been around for years. But now, as legendary as Harley-Davidson is, they are testing out the motorcycle to get a feel from those who are either motorcycle riders and those wanting to have a shot to at least ride an Iron Horse.

Just yesterday, I was at the Harley-Davidson Museum to get an up close look at the bike. And if looks could kill, it has. By the way, this was first visit for the Livewire Bikes in the city were Harleys were born. In Milwaukee that is. Through out the weekend many bikers and non-bikers like myself had a chance to get an upclose look of the prototype. Many have already expressed their interests and concerns about the new bike either positive or negative. Many in the negative side had to reference the the days of AMF, and sticking with the sound that made the motorcycle. How sensitive. Yeah I’m saying it. All the sensitive Harley Riders, need not to apply for this. Partially this is what you might get. You will still get that “potato-potato-potato” sound bike that you spend your hard earned money on in the past and support it. And the same goes for those who have done the same thing. BUT……..for the positive side of things the way that Harley-Davidson is trying to go is a realm that has not been explored. Going electric. Like the cars with the charging the batteries instead of gas pumps.

Where my STEM folks at? All the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math folks need to apply! If not in the category, you need to start studying!

I think what I’m trying to say is, every company has to step their game up. Due to demographics, nationality, age, generation, race (yes I said race) and interest to pertain to a product. This Project Livewire Bike according to Harley, is trying to tap into those who aren’t  in the realm of yet, but still want to give it a try to handle. Those are not in the “demographics” in age range, and etc.


For the record, I had a chance to tryout the bike. Not on the road, but on the machine that the bike was in place in between two platforms. I was told that the bike has no clutch, no shifting up and down like the other bikes. It’s automatic. I turned on the bike and the screen appeared on which took me to the area of the system status to look at the status of the battery power and many other factors. Furthermore, there were two ranges: Long phase and Short phase. The long phase was chosen and I started to twist throttle as if I were to begin to ride. My first attempt was about 30 miles per hour. Not to bad of course. Then I went up near 60 miles per hour. And keep in mind the bike was still in it’s platform mode. And then after that, I was learning to slow it down by decreasing the throttle to decrease the speed. And on your left while you’ll getting the engine up,  there is a section of LED Screens that flow from one color to another, which is part of the speed going up and down.

Well anyway: after going through that, my first experience on the Project Livewire was indeed exciting. Made me feel like I want to learn how to ride one! If I could afford it! But I know that the bike is just a prototype, a sample and its not for sale.

Now for those who have not experienced the Project Livewire Tour by Harley-Davidson, I just gave you a partial overview of what to expect. Not to let the cat out of the bag sort of speak, but it’s a small example to experience. What I didn’t do and I didn’t have the requirements to do this, is to ride the bike itself with a group. In order for that to happen, that requirement is to have a motorcycle’s license.  For that platform thing: no license required. Yes a form (almost like a waiver)  is required to fill out, but it’s not long. And after that, you get your turn. Plus also: towards the end of your experience you’ll get a picture taken on the bike and show it off to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Email folks.

Sounds good?

So when you’ll see a big black truck, (not the old Knight Rider truck) with Harley-Davidson on it with Project Livewire, you’ll be in for a treat. No shade. No sensitivity required.



Ever since the “Ceasefire Weekend” there has been over 30 shootings thus far in city of Milwaukee. That is horrible. Really horrible in which that many are still asking why. Mostly the young folks who have the “access to guns” are the primary target of this debauchery that continues to plague. And yes, I’ll dive in this because it’s a concern not only for Milwaukee but anywhere. Even if you are in the suburbs. Yes, for all you in the ‘burbs, this concerns you because crime and violence  does harm the scene out there too!

Dear Greater Milwaukee Area, and I mean the “GREATER” Milwaukee Area:

It’s me, Stephen. Yes, I am a black blogger in the Greater Milwaukee Area. Not by pay, but by hobby.

I want to address this issue: Gun Violence. And also for you West Allis folks who just had a horrific scene of mutilations and more.

Have we been though this before?  I ask again. Have we been through this before? I know many here are not going to talk about it, because of various assumptions. But however it is going to get talked about regardless. Now before you go off to Summerfest, the Brewers Games, or to see Jabari Parker’s Jersey at the BMO Harris Bradley Center, you need to know something, when violence happens in our streets, there is no safe haven. NONE!

The recent shootings  in the metro Milwaukee area near 24th and Locust has sparked a concern. Partially, I didn’t grow up in that area, but my home church used to be in that part of the city for over 40 years. Yes, it has changed, but however drastically the violence had intensified. Yes there are those who had guns who don’t know any better about who didn’t deserve the shooting in their homes, or near their homes. I was looking at the news clip from CBS 58’s website, and they were talking or summarizing about what happened in the area. BUT those comments of concern were flowing in. Even the comments who went something like: “Keep killing more folks” coming from a white woman. REALLY?! So white women in Milwaukee or around Milwaukee want to encourage black folks to kill at will like hell on earth in the hood per say and had the nerve to put that on Facebook? Or to see a black person talking smack about our folks doing this and having the urge to move out. Guess what folks, for one: no matter what ethnic side you were born with, when you put out words to encourage young black folks to kill at will per say, you are intensifying the act of concern. You’re being selective with the fact that you want young black folks to be killed. You want black folks under 18-25 to be locked up like animals instead of being in school learning the education game, or being involved in positive groups or organizations. Is this what you want? Seriously? And the part of moving out to other places, let me tell you yes you have a right to move where you want. BUT ALWAYS KNOW THIS: there are problems everywhere. There are shootings EVERYWHERE. There are EVILS EVERYWHERE! That would be like and I hear alot of black folks moving to Atlanta. Why? either for jobs or a better place to live. But I hear that Atlanta is getting way too packed. As much as Atlanta is good, that does not make it perfect to be violence free. Take a look at Chicago. Everyone is calling it “Chi-Raq” with all the shootings they had previously. Is Chicago perfect? I can talk smack about the Bears Still Suck, in a fun way or calling Solider Field, “Lambeau South” but when you hear about the gangs and the shootings in ChiTown, the sports stuff in all don’t matter. Meanwhile in Milwaukee, the Bucks just got a new rookie by the name of Jabari Parker. He’s a good player. Young, gifted and black. And everyone is talking about him. Happy about him. Hoping that he would get his turn to help the Bucks and the community in all to get things going. BUT…….when you get to a hospital after getting shot, or about to get your surgery on, will Jabari Parker be in the surgery room with you, or saving you? NO!

This goes for the folks who go to Brewers games. Let me go in on this! I know the Brewers are doing good. No question about it. There are a portion of you who hear about the violence in the city, and probably might say, “Oh, let’s go to the Brewers game…..”
What are they going to do?! The Packers: I love the Packers. Green and Yellow. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix will do well to his game. BUT……many of us Packer Backers will say around when violence happens, “Oh, let’s go up to a Packer game!” I have to ask, What are they going to do?! Tell me! The Milwaukee Wave, The Green Bay Chill LFL Team, The Milwaukee Admirals in all. I say again, when violence happens and folks talking about “Oh, let’s go a game……” What are they, the sports teams going to do?! I’m just saying. What are they going to do?! Back in the days of Jim Brown and others in the Civil Rights Game, they stood up against violence! You got folks today that want to play ball, go to school, get a job in all, but don’t want to be “REVOLUTIONARY”. Many of us who hear about the violence in our streets and I dare say suburbs, aren’t revolutionary enough now. Does this make sense? And I’m assuming that the North Side of Milwaukee is always on the pulse of concern. Wrong. Any side of the region: North Side, South Side, East Side and the West Side can be a concern!

Now for those in Glendale and West Allis: for many years you probably had to say, “Well I live in the suburbs and I’m glad I moved out of the cesspool”. Explain to me about the shooting in Glendale about the Father shooting his sons. We know it was an argument among the three of them. The father shot his 20 year old, and he died on the scene. His 15 year old son is still in the hospital and the father himself is in custody. Explain that suburbanites! And those say they live in the nice neighborhoods. I use to say this alot and I’m bringing it back: No matter where you go it’s a jungle. Real talk! For West Allis: Yes, I saw the news footage about that former cop having those mutilated bodies in his apartment. And having the crime scene folks going in like CSI and gathering the bags and even the refrigerator or freezer like appliance to load that into a ambulance for investigations. When I saw that yesterday on the news, that took me back to Jeffery Dahmer! How does a guy like him do this?!! Really?!!!! And this dude is a former cop! What is going here? Yes, I have read that he’s more into himself. Very quiet in all. So……..if that’s the case in all, then why this? Many of us stay in our lanes, mind our businesses and journey on. I get it. I do it myself. But when you hear and see this: Where’s the concern? Was this former cop Steve Zelich had issues when he had his badge with the West Allis Police Department? Tell me something!

And the thing that gets me, Steve Zelich and the two women that he murdered, he met them via the Internet. The site: Craigslist. And guess what, Craigslist has been a bad rap lately with false ads and false job opportunities that aren’t true! We know this. And we hear all the time about meeting the folks that we don’t know online. Now I didn’t say Facebook this time. I said Craigslist. My advice from experience, connect who you know. Period.

In closing, this better wake us up like crazy. If this doesn’t, then what will? And I say that to everyone. Even black folks that want to change here in the Greater Milwaukee Area for the better.




I’m going to start a new rule on this blog: Stephen’s Spot Rules.

In which I’ll think of a well known event or venue in Milwaukee of my choice that many know and many just will forget.  How I came up with this? If anyone uses Twitter and follows Roland Martin, he has a thing called #RolandsRules in which to give the audience or his followers pointers of surviving an event like per say…..The Essence Festival coming up. That kind of gave me an idea. But for that, in regarding Summerfest, I’m going to present my rules that YOU the reader, the citizen and the visitor that can take heed or watch out for.

Since Summerfest is well known in Milwaukee, I know about the place very well. I volunteered at the place, saw some shows,  and worked in the late 90’s plus the year of 2000. I know the gates, security things, and the places to park near and far from the venue. So if you ready to Paint The Town Red, start learning and reviewing.

1) Summerfest is 11 days. Except June 30th.  And everyday there will days where you can get in free. Learn it! Especially the timeframes given. Like today, there was free way to get in for donations for hunger from Noon – 3:00pm . Please PAY ATTENTION TO THE TIMES! And pay attention to the news and radio promos about Summerfest as well.

2) The park does have information booths. Need a program, they have them. Or for the mobile folks you can download them via the net or straight to your smart-phone. Your choice.

3) If you are an out of towner and have been stuck on the Wisconsin highway for about 2 and half hours getting to the park, that is your lost! The reason why I’m saying this because when I was working for the company 15 years ago, I got hollered by a man (a white man from Illinois mind you) about him being stuck on our highways for two hours. He verbally asked for the manager and the freaking former mayor John Norquist of all people. I am not making this up. This is a true story working at the main gate back in ’99. Keep in mind of that usually Summerfest Security doesn’t control the freeways for the patrons to get to the park. My advice for you Wisconsin visitors that  yes the traffic will be hectic, get there early. Like a day early. Or hours early when traffic is not huge. 

4) If you ever think that you’ll be videotaping for your own personal use in or near the park (i.e. camcorders/video equipment), don’t record nothing! Knowing security they will take away the recording devices. They got rules for that. And the same goes for the amp!

5) If you’re about to pick up a ticket for a concert and if you run into a member of Security or Admissions to pay them for the assistance to wait or ask questions to assist, don’t even try it! Buy the ticket and get an early pick up, or a mailing.

6) Cameras(mostly small cameras)  are allow on the grounds. It’s cool. But in the Amp, Nope.  They won’t allow it.

7) Like bathrooms, and merchandise areas, there are ATMs on the grounds. Be sure to spot them just in case you need that extra green.

8) Leave your weapons of swiss army knives at home! The red shirts will take them, as well as any other suspicious item that is deemed dangerous.  Just a word of warning.

9) Usually the workers in the shirts don’t reveal their names. Best advice, know their numbers! Like 563.

10) For the first time goers: Summerfest attracts big crowds. Just a word of warning. Even on the 4th of July.

11) Best thing to ride at the grounds: Skygliders. Take them. It’s legendary and use your cameras for sky pics!

12) Don’t be afraid to help those who don’t know much about the park. Give them some pointers!

13) For the bus folks, as you know Summerfest got shuttles (MCTS, Restaurants, Bars, etc) . You know the deal. No need to tell you.

14) They say that Summerfest has nothing for the kids. Um…they do. Look at the children’s theater schedules, and they have a Children’s Fest day.

15) Yes, you can buy food and drinks at the park. BUT…………if  you buy food on the outside as well as drinks trying to get in, can’t do it. Just like having cans and/or glass bottles.

16) If it’s raining and if you have an Umbrella, yes you can bring it. BUT…….not in the amp.  If its hot, better take a towel just in case.

17) Like any other venue, there are areas that you can lock up your stuff. Ask the personnel in the info booths for that.

18) Upon entry, you will be searched. Just a heads up. Bags, strollers, etc.

19) Now check this, if you bought a concert ticket to see Bruno Mars or any other headliner at the Amp, yes, you can get through the gates with that as well. Mostly the South Gate.

20) Keep in mind, Summerfest does have cameras all around the park. If you mess up, don’t expect to be spotted or thrown out! Warning for those who might be drunk in all. I’m just saying!

21) For the record: Pets are NOT allowed at the park. BUT……….service animals are acceptable as well as many other needs for the elderly and disabled.

22) And as far as parking: Many know well that parking can be a hassle for a good spot. My advice, look for the areas near the park, like parking lots near Michigan or Jefferson Streets. U.S. Bank near Cass Street has festival parking available for those who want to use it. Yep, pay the required amount. Plus also if you have a concert ticket plus a parking validation with it, you straight.

23) For the record, Summerfest does have urban acts lined up: Nas, Usher, Ludacris, Aloe Blacc, Outkast, Gary Clark Jr, DJ Cassidy, Trombone Shorty, Wailers, Kool and the Gang, Ziggy Marley, B.o.B,  etc. Check them out. Even our own locals of the Charles Walker Band and Naima Adedapo.

24) And last but not least: Currently, Construction is a beast. Take caution and be safe. Really it is.


Ok, my rules have been enforced. Now go party and paint the town red!

For Summerfest’s rules of the park, see here.

Oh I got a four way stop for y’all! And I’m about to go in my way.

First: For all of us Milwaukeeans in the greater area that have a love/hate thing for Scott Walker.

We know the issues and concerns. But the biggest concern and the biggest story that hit was from the New Republic, and it concerned the well being of Scott Walker, and most of us living in Milwaukee with the whole case of segregation, the issues of polarized politics and many other concerns that would make those interested to freak out on Facebook. More on that later. If those in Milwaukee or any in the “WOW” counties of you know who you are, you might want review the New Republic’s article on the Toxic Racial Politics of Scott Walker. Oh, if you’re a Walker fan (which I’m NOT!) you will be moved with the truth that many here in Milwaukee or the Greater Milwaukee Area has been saying for years and even when Scott Walker was just trying to sneak up his way to the top of the Wisconsin food chain.  The author, Alec MacGillis highlighted many issues to the point that the Greater Milwaukee continues to face. The Voting areas, the ongoing talk of Mark Belling and Charlie Sykes and their disdain of blacks, Gwen Moore and other “majority white and less black issues” that the state continues to grasp. If those believe that it’s all smoke and mirrors or just a bunch of hooey, then you’re sadly mistaken. From the article about Walker’s beginnings, yes he was a PK, a preacher’s kid if you will. And yes he had those in his classrooms, hallways, and doorways that he talked smack against those weren’t on his side of the viewpoints.And he had the nerve to say to compare himself to Martin Luther King just because he’s a preacher’s son? Really Walker folks?  If Dr. King were alive, he would school Scott Walker in the radical and revolutionary game. And even Dr. King wouldn’t like the things Walker did or currently doing to the state right now anyway. Also in the article that had some or most of the “conservative Wisconsin regime” reacting like crazy, remember those racist emails that many downloaded from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel? Well from the excerpt it went like this: But what was most striking was the casual racism of many of the conversations. One anonymous e-mail, forwarded by Walker’s then–chief of staff, went like this:

“THE NIGHTMARE … ‘I can handle being a black, disabled, one armed, drug-addicted Jewish homosexual … but please, oh dear God, don’t make me a Democrat.’ ”

Another compares welfare recipients to dogs:

They are “mixed in color, unemployed, lazy, can’t speak English and have no frigging clue who the r [sic] Daddys [sic] are.”This message was forwarded around by Walker’s then–deputy chief of staff, who remarked that it was “hilarious” and “so true.”

Last year, Walker also fired two aides after reporters exposed offensive comments they had made on social media. His campaign’s deputy finance director, for instance, sent out tweets that included references to “half-breeds” and one in which she vowed to “choke that illegal mex cleaning in the library.”

Does that refresh some reviews?

Many here in Southeast believe that the whole area is not segregated politically. Actually it is. Based on this demographic from 2012 as a reference from history. And yes, we’ve seen this in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Look at this from this angle:

A Guide to Scott Walker's Hyperpolarized Home Base




















This has been the talk thus far. Now normally you would think that, “oh this is a map, big deal”. But look at it closely. Look at the Metro Milwaukee Area in comparison with the Counties of Waukesha, Ozaukee and Washington. Those are the “WOW” counties in which it’s Republican fueled. Those same counties by the majority have been filling up Scott Walker’s pockets with all the propaganda per say with the cuts to medics, educational aspects and I dare say the High Speed Rail  that would have rolled through Waukesha. Now for you in these counties, this is what you get.

Everyone in Wisconsin should darn well know about this. And the legalities behind the fuel of those of like Charlie Sykes and Mark Belling. For me, I don’t listen to  their spin and bubbles because most of what they say don’t mean a thing to me in my viewpoints. None. They think they know the black community, but they really don’t know squat in the black community. When was the last time Charlie Sykes or Mark Belling ever visited North Division High School in person full of black students? Nope! Never seen it.

Now since the ongoing case of the John Doe situation is currently in progress, it’s not closed or resolved like Walker wants it to be. It’s still open and it still being under view. And this is not going away. If he were to be beaten by Mary Burke in November, I would laugh. Speaking of Mary Burke, she’s been in the black news in Milwaukee lately for her campaign trail. And she’s been to black talk radio more than Walker, plus recently went to Juneteenth Day to make an appearance. Mary Burke is tapping into the black vote. In which that Walker is not.

The Second Stop on the list: Iraq.

We know about this country do we, Americans? The last time we went into this was when George W. Bush was ruining the country into ground on a freaking credit card. I want to say this and I’ll say it here: America has no business in Iraq’s backyard. In terms of the war over there. Now recently the President has sent about 300 Military Advisers over to the U.S. Embassy to provide support. But none of them are not going to be involved in the ongoing war between the Sunnis and Shiites. Or the ISIS factor. Frankly, yes it was a tight spot for the president to be in, but Obama knows that he does not want to be a repeat of what happened with Bush’s controls. Many are now just questioning about whether do I send my son or daughter to Iraq this time. Um, didn’t we asked that question like over 10 years ago when the U.S. should have focused more on Afghanistan/Pakistan in getting Bin Laden than Saddam Hussein? And the risk of losing more than 4,000 plus of our American Troops to do that? If you are a infinite follower of George W. Bush and support that, shameful. That even got the folks like Dick Cheney and Rand Paul talking. Oh we’ve seen the debate right?

After that commentary I thought I would never say this, one of the GOP’s of Rand Paul had the balls to tell Dick Cheney that he, George W. Bush, Condi Rice, and many others in the Bush 43 Administration were wrong about going into Iraq. With all the crap that the GOP is bleeding out to the American and to President Obama, this statement about Rand Paul makes sense of not invading a country that should have remained untapped in begin with.  Don’t get me on the GOP Train of favoritism. Oh no. At least this guy out of Kentucky is admitting the fact, Cheney was wrong. My question is, why can’t the other GOP folks admit the truth about the war in Iraq and ADMIT the fault of it on the part of the United States invading it? That is what I want to know! And again, I’m not a fan nor a supporter of the GOP. And that goes double for not being a fan of the so-called Tea Party. Now I know that many are going to say, “Bush is not in charge anymore. Why are folks and you talking about him after about 5 years he’s been out of office?” Well, it’s the truth! Everyone in the GOP Camp keeps talking about that President Obama should be impeached in all. I have to ask: IMPEACHED FOR WHAT?!! Just because he’s black? The main reason for that is because of ignorance and racism against this man since the day he sat foot in office after beating Sen. John McCain and the escalation of hate after Mitt Romney got whooped in 2012.

Even Senator Harry Reid agrees. In terms of the proverbial, “thanks but no thanks” mentality. The Bush 43 regime was blunderous at best, but it’s up to the Obama Crew to fix the mess.


Third stop: Wisconsin’s Gay Marriage is temporarily “halted.”

Here in the Badger State, folks of the LGBT were lined up outside of courthouses and statehouses to get married legally after the ban was lifted. And plus the ban ended a 8 year streak being unconstitutional. It was getting good for awhile, BUT……….Wisconsin’s AG JB Van Hollen had to whine like a wuss yet again to the federal judge of his appeal in the then-definition of the marriage law between a man and a woman. So there has been a temporary stop in which the idea is paused due to the resolution from 2006. Oh, even Walker is not saying anything, but he’s backing the word and resolution based on it. But SURPRISINGLY: RoJo or Senator Ron Johnson commented in his words, that if the voters wanted the Marriage Equality thing, he would not touch it, but leave it to the voters to decide. Ok, here’s the actual quote from the Journal Sentinel:

I’m a pretty traditional guy,” Johnson said. “I’m almost 60 years old. I think marriage is between a man and a woman. But again if the voters decide that they want gay marriage, I’m not going to oppose it.

I know that many are saying “that’s what he was put in office for! I see why we took out Feingold for him.” Really Wisconsin? Don’t fool yourself. Let me remind those who may have forgotten. Remember the Patriot Act after 9/11 when many in the senate and house voted up for the idea for the government to tap our phones in all to screen the terrorism acts? Many have voted up for it, BUT……………..Russ Feingold didn’t. Because he knew that would be a problem, and you “so-called Wisconsinites” voted him out for RoJo! Yep. He tried to tell you, but nope that Tea Party Mentality was just that: dumb. Now imagine if Russ Feingold were to back Marriage Equality now even more in a sense of passion per say, then this wouldn’t be a factor. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised to see if the official resolution of this matter does indeed pass for those who want the idea of Marriage Equality to continue. I said before and I’ll say it again. I don’t care. If the folks of the LGBT want to marry equally on their thing without all this harm to world domination, then hey. I’ll bet that the haters of it probably are going to be well in doubt of not getting that extra cash in the state. And speaking of that, if the state houses were to have that continually, there better be more jobs popping up, and also more notaries. And yes, proof of marriage via photography.

And finally on the stop: This is a mystery but I’ll dive in on the “private way of  the All Aboard Wisconsin Rail Idea.

Here is the thing that most of us Wisconsin folks probably don’t know. The talk of rail is still here. And we all know about the situation regarding Talgo, and the debauchery of the folks thought it was a boondoggle and wouldn’t ride it. But what most didn’t realize in the eyes of those voters that was a set up of additional segregation. Now for those who wanting to know where I’m getting this from, pay attention to Milwaukee Black Talk Radio, like WNOV. The commentary that is on there will not be heard on the dial of Mark Belling, Vicki McKenna, or Charlie Sykes. But Sherwin Hughes will talk about it. And many others who call in or have special guests will chime in and the guests who chime in on it know the deep reasoning behind the segregation. No matter if it’s activist, senators, congress representatives, journalists, police officers and veterans all of African decent. That’s just something to think about.

Just recently, on Facebook and many others like Madison’s Newspapers, I’ve been reading about an idea of resurrecting passenger rail. Oh, you didn’t know? From their webpage , there was a proposal talk about having a passenger service from Madison to Chicago and the idea of using rails already in use for that project. However just to be clear this is just talk of ideas. When would it be available? That remains to be seen.  From the excerpts of the article, it states:

Goyke and Mike McCoy, president of All Aboard Wisconsin, said details of the operation — including route, costs and potential ridership — have not been formulated.

Donna Brown-Martin, who oversees railroads and harbors for the state Department of Transportation, said she has not been contacted by anyone involved with plans for passenger rail service from Madison to Chicago.

Any plan to use a state-owned rail line would need to be approved by the state and the railroad that leases the line from the state.

The state of Wisconsin owns a rail line operated by Wisconsin & Southern Railroad that runs through McFarland, Stoughton, Edgerton, Janesville, Walworth and to the southeast to the Illinois border.

Wisconsin is served by two passenger Amtrak routes, neither of which includes a stop in Madison. The Hiawatha train runs between Chicago and Milwaukee, while the Empire Builder is a long-distance train operating one round trip a day between Chicago, Seattle and Portland, Oregon.

Its closest stops to Madison are in Columbus, Portage and Wisconsin Dells.

Goyke’s invitation drew excitement from business and political leaders Wednesday.

Madison Ald. Scott Resnick, 8th District, said he plans to take part in the informational train trip and wants to know more about costs, what type of participation might be needed from the city, the exact route and plans for a Madison train station.


Seems like an idea, eh?

If this idea were to pursue as an alternative in order to get moving, then it seems a good thought. BUT ALSO, that good thought must include Milwaukee, more jobs, and also to connect to where the jobs are. Let me remind those who are various clueless of having cars: NOT EVERYONE IN WISCONSIN DOES NOT HAVE A CAR!!!! Be clear. WNOV talks about this all the time, and to those in Madison need to know this! It’s the truth. I see it and read about it here in the economic engine all the time. There was a point in my life I took buses to work and school in Milwaukee alot. But when it comes places where the buses can’t go, yes I learned to drive. But I’m speaking about those in the areas who couldn’t afford a car had to take buses to get to work. I’m speaking this also from experience. And if those in the background can see that, then it would be a challenge to accept, change, and pursue.



Last time on the blog, I was highlighting the life of Dr. Maya Angelou. Now this time, it’s the life of the late Ruby Dee, whom recently passed at 91 years old.

91 years old. She ran a good race.

I repeat: she ran a good race.

By the time this blog is done per say, we’ll have more tributes, videos and of course the memorial services that will be shown either online or television.

The first time I ever heard of the name Ruby Dee, was way back in child hood. Actually it was a homework assignment where I had to list rock names. (i.e. Fred Flintstone) others like Rocky Marciano, Knute Rocke and of course Ruby Dee herself. Now I didn’t know who Ruby Dee was. Again, I was a young buck in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Towards more of my growth per say, I started to watch the African Heritage Movie Network, which featured movie made by prominent African-American actors, actresses, and directors. The hosts were not only Ruby Dee herself, but her second and late husband, Ossie Davis. Speaking of them: I still have Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing and Jungle Fever on storage which featured the both of them in the flick. And yes, she played a role in Roots: The Next Generation in the late 1970’s. Plus, I Know Why The Cage Bird Sings in the same era.

The most prominent role I saw her in: American Gangster with Denzel Washington. She played the role of Frank Lucas’ mother in the movie. For her role as the mother earned her a nomination for an Academy Award in 2008. Even though she didn’t win the Oscar but she was well nominated not just for who she was, but her experience in the movie game. Like the late Maya Angelou, Ruby was ACTIVE in Civil Rights! – We all know about the March on Washington which Dr. King recited the I Have A Dream speech. BUT……….. Ruby Dee was an emcee for the march in 1963. In addition, she was an ACTIVE member of the NAACP, SNCC, CORE, and SCLC. Also she was Active with Advice, lessons and also, honored with memberships with the BGLO’s  or the Divine 9. For those who didn’t know, Ruby Dee was an honorary member of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. And just a thought Dr. Maya Angelou was an honorary member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Now I know the sororities involved with their famous honorary sisters would join up and honor the lessons that these sisters had done while still living. Not just colors or the letters. Or reciting the famous words from books, and poems. What about the work that would incorporate them to be better in life? Such as her additional work in poetry, journalism, and playwright screenwriter? Even she and Ossie Davis were arrested in 1999, for protesting against the shooting of Amadou Diallo in New York.

I want the younger readers who don’t know about Ruby Dee: when you get a break from the video games, social media, and many others that drive the adults nuts of sagging pants and surfboards, can you please research Ruby Dee? I mean if you can research about Rhianna and that dress she wore that was darn near naked and most of the folks were goggling that, Google the work that Ruby Dee put in Civil Rights. If you can also research about the stupid saga of Blue Ivy’s hair, or some $200.00 sneakers you saw on Instagram, then research about Ruby Dee! Now many of you probably don’t care about Ruby Dee and what she stood for. But at least take the time folks! And when you research, don’t do it for me! Do it for yourself. And if you do that, then you might be on to something. Don’t just research Ruby Dee because of her hair, her clothes, or her shoes she wore. Research her for her instinct, her black queen pride, her activism, her causes, her devotion to service, her great legacy that she left behind. The who, what, where, when, why and how. Research those things that are better, far better than you have now. When she came up, she and many others had to bust down doors so guys like you and I can carry on with this era of technological advances. Even going on your apps. I like apps too, but I’m just saying. Matter of fact, this era of the 21st Century needs more Ruby Dees in causes right now to stand up to racism, sexism, and many more concerns of the world!

The lasting thing about her death, as we know that she will be cremated. Her ashses will be in the same Urn that Ossie Davis’ ashes are contained. Plus the inscription of the Urn will read “In this thing together.” Talk about everlasting love.

She ran her race very well.