It seems that my homestate has some problems. Over and over again, it’s ranging from the Dahmer State, a racist state, don’t want a streetcar, or a high speed rail because of segregation, and the old adage of being the worst state for black people when it comes to prisons and high unemployment. Now the Badger state, or the state that Scott Walker wants to be “Open for Business” can add another negative in which it’s worst for African American Students.

Anyone haven’t heard this, and still believes that this is a great state: think again.

The recent study of this story has caught on deaf ears. According to the study from the Annie E. Casey Foundation: Wisconsin, the great Badger State that it is, ranks number 50 when it comes to having the worst record for African-American Children/Students. It also ranks higher for Latino and Asian Students in the 17th – 37th ranking areas. And to take a wild guess, where do the white folks rank in this study?

Now many are asking: “What is up with Wisconsin now?!” This is the  same state with the 6% population of African-Americans. Mostly of them living in the Southeast part of the state and in Milwaukee. I know many are looking at this and are in Wisconsin and have a mentality that it’s all lazy make up story just to divide the state. If those same folks who feel that this is made up, must be real dumb or don’t understand the impact of education. Now many are going to say, “Oh, why they can’t just be smart enough and get with the program? I made it.” BIG MISTAKE in making the comment! Just because the other guy made the statement of making it, may not work for the other guy. The other guy had to make the extra hard road in getting to the finishing area, with encounters of racism and many other humanizing factors of negativity. So to those who say, “well I made it”….I think I am compelled to say that it’s full of mess.

Normally when we hear about students succeeding, we give them praise. We should. But when it comes to black children succeeding, or black students making it well and finishing, that not only gives praise, but also strikes fear in I hate to say the two words of White Supremacy. One example: The School in Chicago, Urban Prep Academies for the 5th time is sending young black men to COLLEGE! 5th Time in a row at 100%! Somebody is scared and shaking in their boots. I say the best way to get revenge on the so-called brainy folks who always have to hit the high notes EVERY SINGLE TIME is to counter that.

I’ve heard this in church and I’m saying it here on this blog, and I don’t care if you are a reader, an employment person (which I’ll address later on) or some atheist believes that God is not real and Jesus is just fake imagination, and churches are about the money, there are those in this country that want to root for black folks to fail and it includes our children! Our BLACK Children! Even our Black Boys. From the moment they are born, the microscope is on point and the prisons are prepared!

I know many in Wisconsin and those outside of Wisconsin are probably asking? Where’s Scott Walker on this? Sheriff David Clarke? Mayor Tom Barrett? Any of the Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and those in higher offices? WHERE ARE THEY ON THIS?!!

To me it’s going to take a collaborative effort on this. It can’t just be the teachers, parents, and staff alone! Where are the Alumni Groups? The Churches, now many are saying that the churches are hypocritical and all about money, but they have to be included in the conversation for help for inkind! Even the tutors, community organizations that haven’t been tried, or even all those in the Fraternities and Sororities? Ummm… HELLO?! Is this mic on?!!!

I know many are surprised and shocked about this matter. Frankly it’s not. It’s really a state of an emergency and the concern is centered around black children in Wisconsin. Now a days, it’s not just talking about it, you maybe have to show them what it is about in a new way.

Can the state’s motto of “Forward”  be the hype of this now?

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Remembering Michael Hightower


Last week, as most of us wrestling fans were shocked to hear about the recent tragedy of the Ultimate Warrior, here in Milwaukee, on the same day, the local media lost two well knowns in the game.

First: I want to acknowledge the work of Jammin’ 98.3. They have been a good way with the old school hits combining with the new music that is out there in merging the two worlds. I listen to the personalities of Andrea Williams who happens to be a former cheerleader of the Milwaukee Bucks, and also Earl Stokes who like me is an alum of John Marshall High School. But the difference is, he’s an 80′s alum. Every day during the week he comes out the 3:00pm ROLL CALL!!!!! And many on Social Media chime in from work to see where they are checking in from. And also usually, they call into check in as usual. No question, WJMR does do it old school and new school for enjoyment. Not a problem. However, this past week was about one person: Michael Hightower. For 14 years, he graced his voice during the segment of Moments in Love on the radio, in regarding about relationships and songs of the slow jams that went along with it. He was a main attraction in which the female listeners of the city call in and try to get some advice. Michael’s voice and expertise was like a lifeline for those looking for answers in looking for love per say. Sadly, his streak of 14 years came to an end at 58 years old. The station manager, Lauri Jones had a statement to say in regarding Michael’s death:

It’s with a heavy heart and deep sorrow that I share this news. A member of our Jammin’ 98.3 family has passed away. Michael Hightower, host of Moments in Love for the past 14 years, has passed. He will be dearly missed. I know you’ll join us in praying for his family.

As of right now, the causes of his death is not known as of yet. But as of right now, the community is asked to be in prayer for the family of Michael Hightower. He was brew city born, and his career spanned from Oklahoma doing radio and TV, and of course here in Milwaukee working at other radio stations. He shined the most with Jammin’ 98.3 and had been a mainstay since. Not only Michael made an impact on the ladies looking for love per say, word also he made opportunity to get black men to get their bootstraps on for career and also life.


The other death: the legendary of the Milwaukee TV, Carl Zimmerman. If you were and are a life long Channel 6 TV viewer and fan, you had many greats from Tom Hooper, to Vince Gibbens. But Carl Zimmerman according to the historians per say was known as the Silver Fox, or the dean of Milwaukee news. He wasn’t always a regular newscaster, but also he was a good editorial person in commenting about his viewpoints on the city and many other concerns. We know that Ted Perry does “Ted’s Take”, but before that, Carl Zimmerman was doing his own spin on his remarks of the community. Carl was locally born, he was a graduate of South Division High School from the class of 1937, a graduate of UW-Milwaukee (that’s University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to most of you) he also served in the military in the U.S. Army as a War Correspondent during the Korean War. Then, he was known as Captain Carl Zimmerman. Mostly after that, Carl was in the business in terms of television, when he was hired by WITI back in the mid-50′s, the station was young. Very young. He was assigned for the anchorman and also as most know, the editorials. Those editorials he did were a pavement to say as opininonated pieces. Now there are those who might say, did he recommended others to work in news? Yes he did. Ask Jill Geisler, even ask Joanne Williams (a black woman mind you)  who were one of the first women reporters to be hired by WITI back when I was still playing with robot toys in the 80′s. Even after retirement, Carl Zimmerman was one of the legends that stood around. Even was taking an Honor Flight for U.S. Vetarans of WWII. This week, like Michael Hightower, Carl ran his race for 96 years of life. But most of it, was doing news for over 5 decades.

Just a updated notice on Michael Hightower: it was announced that his Public Memorial Service will be held on April 21st at Greater New Birth Church.

Promotional poster featuring The Ultimate Warrior

Promotional poster featuring The Ultimate Warrior (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are shocked, Warriors!!!!!!!

The Ultimate Warrior, born Jim Hellwig was 54 years of age at the time of his passing. Most of us recently saw him being inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame, and having that last Monday Night Raw appearance addressing the WWE Universe in New Orleans. The news of the death has been circulating recently on Social Media and also regular Internet. For that, this blog letter is for us: 

To us Wresting Fans of the Ultimate Warrior, and fans alike:

It’s me Stephen. You all know. Black blogger. Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

We have had a good week of wrestling. And a concern week of wrestling. We all know that the Streak was broken. Not going to address that as usual. We are here to remember and to reflect on a different streak. The streak of life. The streak life of the Ultimate Warrior. Many of us in the mid-80′s and 90′s all remember well of the WWE (then WWF) Superstar legend used to come down to the ring in blazing speed, circling the ring, shaking the ropes, the strands tied to his biceps, unleashing his energy on the crowd and his opponents.

His calling of his speech promos: SPEAK TO ME, WARRIORS!!!!! (and also a snort)

No matter what he said in his philosophical style of dialect, that seemed at the time was like saying, dude was getting smart to fight. He was. He used that in my opinion to psyche himself up, charge himself up and either win or lose, he was ready. As far as the angles: Not only he had the match with Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania 6, which was dubbed “The Ultimate Challenge”, he also had angles with Randy Savage at one point at SummerSlam 1992 and WrestleMania 7.  Here In Milwaukee that I remember, he whooped Jerry “The King” Lawler in 1996 at the old Mecca Arena, which at the time was his coming back to the organization. And yes, he was in WCW in the angle of his OWN (one warrior nation) against the stable of the New World Order.


The angle I truly remember sticking out the most: It’s two. For those who still have the WWE Network on point,  or Youtube, review the angle he had with Jake “The Snake” Roberts in trying to find out about the Undertaker’s Secrets. Most of us should remember that. For those that don’t know what the heck I said, let me break out the cliff notes. In one scene (if you watch) you might see a cemetery scene when the Warrior asked to be buried in a grave and having a skull to watch. And in another, Jake The Snake takes Warrior to a room. But this is NO ordinary room. Jake and Warrior enter the room full of snakes. I WISH I WERE KIDDING. If my memory is correct, Warrior sees a casket in the center of the room, he tries to open it but another of the snakes, Lucifer, in the room caught onto the warrior in a biting manner, and he slumps back against the floor in the doorway. And also, mysteriously, The Undertaker and Paul Bearer appeared and a evil grin on The Snake, was standing over the doorway. Don’t believe me? Look at it. And also don’t forget about the angle he had against Papa Shango. Who later became Kama, The Godfather, The Goodfather and etc. Learn your wrestling history, young bucks. And I think there was another angle story with the Warrior’s casket in confronting The Undertaker as well.


Plus also, he made an appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show back in 1990, promoting WrestleMania, and also his bout with Hulk Hogan.

Many of us remember the DVD, “The Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior.” In the DVD, there were superstars former and current that commented about the Warrior’s matches and angles. However that same DVD also caught the Warrior’s attention. He didn’t like it. Also the then “rumored death” of him and his brother came to take his place in wresting, that was talked about. But the Warrior on that story struck down that rumor being false. He was the Warrior. He didn’t die at the time. Crazy Stories. We all know.

Finally, as I stated earlier in the blog about his last appearance on Monday Night Raw. Even though he didn’t run to the ring, although he was in a suit and tie. Plus he had on a Warrior overcoat that he used to wear similar way back, shaking the top rope, and to hear him being in that old-school character with the Warrior mask on was noting priceless. In his last promo, he addressed about a man’s life going out. Many of us have already seen it and even in this time of remembrance it’s now legit.

Now to us, his death has come to a shock of turn of human events. And I know that there are those who feel like and I know this is going to get around, “Why has his death news has been important? What about those who die everyday, and even our troops who died in battle? Where is their last words on TV?!!” Don’t get me started on that. When a death is announced, of course those will come together. Those will comment more. Those will feel like it’s being overshadowed because my son, daughter, best friend or many other’s death didn’t get the recognition like the Ultimate Warrior’s passing.

To that I say this: B.S.!!!!

When folks die, they die! When folks pass on, those that remember; will remember that person of what that person did to influence. I had folks I knew died quickly. And they weren’t famous. But they were famous to me of what they stood for! And did I had a relative with a t-shirt with the face on it? Yes. So why are we tripping?

In closing, for the sake of the wrestling fans and those who have grown up wresting, and went in and out: Even though that Jim Hellwig is no longer here. And even the thought that his image of the Ultimate Warrior is no longer to reappear, he is still an influence that will be talked about for many years to come. No question many of us have an Ultimate Warrior influence to withstand all things or many things that get in our way. We don’t have to dress like him to do it, but as sure we can recognize going out without the use of fear and standing up to the cruel world we live in. Warrior ran his race for 54 years. He’s done.

Now, after all the burial, memories, remembrance, and many others, we still have to continue to fight on as if he were leading.




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By now, most of the wrestling faithful had seen the 30th installation of WrestleMania. This was another show in which it was a treat for the residents of New Orleans as well as the WWE Universe. By now, you probably watched the event either of Pay Per View or the new connection of the WWE Network. I’m sure many of you probably might a additional info via the stock. Now for me,  I’ve been watching WrestleMania since the 5th show. That ‘s WrestleMania 5 to you. The same WrestleMania when the Mega-Powers exploded when Hulk Hogan beat the Macho Man Randy Savage for the then World Wrestling Federation Championship. That was when the viewing interest started. And I know that the collection of it for me started from WrestleMania 9  to 29. But don’t worry, the 30th WrestleMania will be in my collection and yes, I’ll add it to the list.


A streak was stopped. The Undertaker’s streak of 21 WrestleMania wins is now stopped, halted, or blemished because of these two words: Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar a considered part-time wrestler, who also wrestled in the Octagon, did something that neither Jimmy Snuka, Jake The Snake Roberts, Giant Gonzales, King Kong Bundy, Diesel (or Kevin Nash), Sid Vicious, Kane (2 Times), Big Boss Man, Triple H (2 Times), Ric Flair, Big Show/A-Train, Randy Orton, Mark Henry, Batista, Edge, Shawn Michaels (2 Times) and CM Punk didn’t do. Beating the Undertaker in an event that is huge for the WWE in WrestleMania. That would be like beating the best player on the field that had the mentality to win matches constantly every single time. You see the event in the competitor with the knowledge every time, all day every day mind you, but even that can be done with a long line of victories getting snatched by one man, one move which will send a shock-wave of emotion of shock and awe of having a streak of 21 wins gone. I will agree to a point that streaks come, and streaks go. That goes for anything. The Green Bay Packers one time in the 90′s had a streak of 25 home victories in Lambeau Field when Brett Favre was at the helm of the Quarterback. But it was stopped by the Minnesota Vikings and a hot Randy Moss. But the Packers also broke a losing streak in Philadelphia by beating the Eagles in route to SuperBowl 45, and that erased a 40+ year streak of no wins since Vince Lombardi was coaching. And they still own Detroit since 1991 at Lambeau. The Milwaukee Brewers before 2011 never reached the post season since 1982, and a 29 year streak was broken.

Yo, I’m 37-0.  37 years single and no chick on my arm! NONE! I’ve been blowing my Saxophone for about 25 years since age of 12 and that is a streak. I go to the movies 95% on my own as a loner at the theaters. Still doing it!

But that match with The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar, to me that will sink in like a funeral. Matter of fact the news of the streak made real headline news: Fox Sports for example, had this on their website with a pic of the The Undertaker on the mat, and in the background: 21-1. Many of the Wrestling Analysts probably had a thought about the streak being ended in probability of passing the torch. In terms of continuing to carry the stick to the next level. Sort of like when a legendary player or a worker who worked at the same job for many many years, now being replaced with new talent. Yes, that too is a streak that can end and begin. We all have streaks that can end, begin, and continue.

So in essence. The breaking of the Streak, is bad. If that were to happen on a different angle of winning and retiring, that would be respectfully well. But if the breaking of the streak means that a hall of fame bound Undertaker is ready to give others a chance of big time wrestling, in the present time, it’s a feeling of the burial. But like the city where WrestleMania was in New Orleans, when a person dies there, there’s a funeral, but when the casket and the funeral line goes to cemetery for burial and after all the final ashes to ashes and dust to dust commentary is done, there is no sadness. There is no weeping. There is singing and dancing and the party continues.

Undertaker fans: We can weep now. And get angry on Social Media. But remember this also, a man is not defined by a streak, he is define of what he has done before, during and after. I’ve watched the Undertaker BEFORE the streak and watched when is stopped. (old enough to remember) Also, even though that an almost 22 year streak got halted, there is one thing that can’t be stopped: memories.

And like any other streak, there will be one that might start, and one will end. Like Ice-T said in New Jack Hustler: “There will be another one after me, cause I’m a hustler!”


wisc-cover (2)



On Wisconsin!  On Wisconsin!

Just to clarify, why I am saying this? What is this? Have I found my “Wisconsin Side”?

Well not really.

It’s really about the Wisconsin Badgers Basketball Team that recently going to the Final Four. It will mark the first time that the Men’s Basketball team has gone to the series since the year 2000. And if those still wondering, the last time when the Wisconsin Badgers Basketball team won a National Championship was in 1941. They won that when our Grandparents, or Great-Grandparents were making moves.

Now, I haven’t looked at a Wisconsin Badgers Basketball game since I don’t know, when Michael Finley was balling. And maybe when Sam Okey was playing way back. And even though I’m not an Alum of UW-Madison, but as an Alum of UW-Stout, this is about “UW-Unity”. When Madison does well, that should tell the other UW-Schools and Universities to do well also! And plus I was rooting for the Badgers way before I got into Stout. For those who don’t follow Badger Sports, the Wisconsin Badgers is not just about Football. It’s about many other sports. And that includes basketball. When the Badgers and the Marquette Golden Eagles get together for an inner-state rivalry, that means nothing but a fun thing between Madison and Milwaukee.

The one player that mostly is everyone is paying attention to right now on the Badgers is Frank Kaminsky. Write that name down. They call him “Frank the Tank” per say. I’ve seen his game skills and yes he can ball. No question. They say Frank the Tank, I’m starting to call him “Killer Kaminsky”. You know, like Killer Kowalski from wrestling?

I know that that the teams of UConn, Florida, and Kentucky have impact players. And rightfully so. But I will say this: don’t underestimate “The Badger Way”. Please don’t. According to the analysts they say that the Badgers can beat their opponents in various ways. Just a little lookout. Whether happens in the final four, and if Wisconsin does indeed go the way of having a National Championship, all that wait, and drought of not having a strap in Madison in while could be erased.

So say it with me now. Two words: ON WISCONSIN!

Begin the push-ups, Bucky!

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What’ll You’ll Have?

Back in 1996, the City of Milwaukee lost one of the best beer makers in history, Pabst Blue Ribbon. It was one of the final death blows in the city and many jobs at the time were just lost. Now if those what happened to the old brewery complex, it’s still standing. But however years later, it was in a debate whether to turn it towards an entertainment complex, like the House of Blues. IT ALMOST HAPPENED! But however after lengthy debate, it is now called The Brewery in the old Pabst Complex of Office Space and Apartments. The idea for that to happen was the late, Joseph J. Zilber’s thought to do something different with the site. He was a Milwaukee born resident, a Philanthropist that donated his time and effort to causes for the City.

Now it’s been 18 years since the city lost Pabst for California and in this recent news, the offer has sparked between 500 – 1 billion dollars to buy the old school brew. Some of the offers have stepped up, and here in Milwaukee, a grassroots element has reared up for PBR to come back where it all started. The only thing that sees Pabst the most in Milwaukee is the Pabst Mansion. And the Pabst Theater. That’s it. But not the actual product that makes the beer for games and celebrations. If indeed an offer where Pabst actually comes home, the situation might be different. An idea has been thought of being it part of community ownership, sort of like the Green Bay Packers. The Packers don’t have an lone owner, but the whole town owns the team. And that same ownership partially does imply that the team stays where it started. That model is what the group in Milwaukee would like to do with Pabst Blue Ribbon. But in this instance in a new way of grassroots. Plus also, it attracted a individual who happens to be a decedent of Frederick Pasbt, Bridget Byrnes, the great-great-granddaughter of the founder.

Already according to their website, it has two petitions addressed to the City of Milwaukee, and also the current owner of Pabst, Dean Metropoulos in attempting to get the company back to Milwaukee. Now where it might go? I can see the Offices for the corporate side go into the complex to have that Headquarter feel to the company. For the brewery itself, either the complex can reactivate the old hops per say in the old complex or maybe build a brand new generational complex near the south-side of the city for enough space to make the beer. Or since Pabst Farms is in the state, maybe build it on the area of the sector of the establishment. But where it may go and if it does reach within the Southeast part of Wisconsin it would set a new generated stake in the claim for Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and also the Midwest. We know that MillerCoors is running the show, but if Pabst does make a “Midwest Comeback”, the old beer wars in Milwaukee might just resurrect.

Like I said, I’m not a beer drinker. But if Pabst does make a claim to comeback for community dollars, community ownership and also jobs  with it, let me say yes: PBR ME! ASAP!

So for those who would like to see that happen, in regarding Pabst to get back home to Milwaukee per say, sign the petitions online via the website:

And if those are on Facebook, check out the page: “Milwaukee Should Own Pabst Blue Ribbon”,  and by the statistics thus far, it’s rising. 

I will admit and folks know this: I am a Gladiator Fan. If you don’t know what is, I like watching and tweeting my reactions to Scandal every Thursday.  Now, for those who say, “Oh House of Cards is better than Scandal”. The House of Cards show to me is the jury is still out. With all due respect to Kevin Spacey of course.  But yes, in the 3 seasons that this show is a hit. This one of the hottest shows that is blowing up big time. When you have a show like this that is burning up the ABC Network, it is making the rounds.

Now, there are those who complain and comment about not liking the show. Not everyone is a Gladiator Fan. I get it. Now you got those who say “Oh I don’t watch Scandal, because I feel as a black woman like her shouldn’t sleep with a white republican president. And I happen to be black myself.” What?!!!!! Or comments like, “you all better get saved because watching Scandal with all that adultery will get you into hell. With that Olivia Pope getting busy with Fitz.” Or  comments like “So, you like Scandal and you’re a church going person? Wow I’m praying for you to get out of that mess.” Just to add: SMH.

Ok: Now since the Anti-Scandal Police is in effect, you all need to chill. I’ll bet you guys are the same ones who one day will watch something positive on Lifetime or TBN, but still, (not to play devil’s advocate), some of you or many of you in that group will take a small peek at Scandal. That will be like someone who has a their own business per say, you on the other hand might say, “Oh don’t do this. They’ll cheat you out of your money like the church!” But partially, you might join that bandwagon after realizing that your current finances aren’t going well. I’m just saying. I’ll ask this again: is your company (corporate, self, online, non profit, private, public, mom and pop shop) are about money too? Just don’t say the church! Even the church has to realize it needs money to maintain buildings, the utilities, lawn, security and many others that many homeowners and apartment dwellers go through every day! Matter of fact, all companies need money to operate just like your homes, insurance, and vehicles! Now, despite of the opinions of others, either closely related or just met, I don’t let the opposed thoughts get to me.  Matter of fact my Pastor, and once at age 18, my living uncles once said to me not to let ANY OPPOSITIONS stand in my way. Nor let anything stand in my way. I’m not. Yeah I’m saying this as a black man in America. Or those who like say ‘Merica.

You talk about Scandals?! I’ll give you some Scandals:

  • Here in Wisconsin we have over 20,000+ emails copied and displayed when Scott Walker was on company time as Milwaukee County Executive. And many of us know already that you can’t campaign for a higher seat while doing work in the County. That is out of bounds. Plus there were some racists messages along with it.
  • Also in Wisconsin, he recently passed, but the late Tom Ament was caught in a scandal like dilemma in concern of pensions of the workers at the time. That was forcing him out as County Executive via special election.
  • Again, even the ministry game has scandals. Say AMEN! You heard about folks from Bishops, Ministers, and those in the church getting with bloody murder. And getting caught. How many times I hear and read about Priests having sex with young boys and some girls and having to tell that same story like, I don’t know: 20+ years later?
  • Former Mayor John Norquist of Milwaukee was in a sex scandal in concerning former worker, Marilyn Figueroa. Mostly that was a Sexual Harassment angle per say.
  • Even the Military had sex scandals. Just saying.
  • Before Ex-Packer Darren Sharper got into recent trouble, remember ex-Green Bay Packer Mark Chmura? He got into trouble with a 17  year old Catholic Memorial Student at the time of child incitement and sexual assault. And was married also!

For the black side of things:

  • Does the name Rev. Henry Lyons ring a bell?  It should if you’re from Milwaukee. But after 1997 he’s in a different state, and still preaching the word.
  • Anita Hill – does that name ring a bell? Ask Clarence Thomas.
  • When Halle Berry and Denzel Washington won their pair of Oscars in 2002, many thought their wins under either sexual or being the bad guy per say, was a asterisk. Personally, their roles did got them the Oscars and their characters in a different light examined their perspectives.
  • One of the Milwaukee Suburbs in Butler – their police department was under investigation of a scandal that involved sexually content. Oh you didn’t know?

And in the other side of things:

  • Umm, there were scandals in biblical times. Remember one of the 10 Commandments of Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery? What do you think that leads to? So don’t tell me with that notion!

Folks, there have been “Scandals” in this world for a long time. This is nothing new. Like those who hate religion, the military, different races, etc. There have been scandals that have been well documented, recorded, summarized and archived. We know this. So I begin to ask, why we are tripping about a show featuring Kerry Washington being in a angle of adultery, with a white republican president who happens to be married? And it’s FICTIONAL!!!!!!! Oh, I see all of this here, but what about the “scandal angle” on The Haves and the Have Nots with Candice Young and John Cryer? Candice is a young “up and coming” black female attorney that uses the blackmail seduction powers against a powerful judge, and the Judge is caught between that and his Marriage, and is White. And we trip on that? Good Lord!

Scandals is not just about sex. It’s also about betrayal, confrontation, rumors, he say she say, even in family scandals. Probably many of us know someone who is hiding secrets about sexual abuse from that uncle, that father, that mother, or that sister, aunt, uncle, or cousin persay and it’s been hidden for decades. For years! And when the truth comes out in regarding that, yes all hell will break loose. Yes, I did say the words: Hell and break loose. And you began to wonder is this the still SAME FAMILY that took me in all these years or born in? Really?!!  We all know about friends right? This also includes those who thought were cool and so real way back, but now over the years after we went to high school or college, are they still the best buddies? Be careful! Some folks will change on you like a thief in the night. Last year when I wrote some blogs after the Trayvon Martin murder trial, that opened up more wounds in folks I have never seen! Especially on Social Media. There are those that you used to talk to, believed that Trayvon Martin was accountable of his murder and believed that George Zimmerman was just “standing his ground”. Oh, how is George Zimmerman doing? – Being a Moving Target. I told you GZ fans! After he was found Not Guilty, many of the fans had to defend him, and his stance on having a gun. If he is found in a fight, a real fight somebody is going to pick up the tab. And there are those who feel that oh, Slavery is over, and we’re in a post racial society, some blacks and some whites believe that uplifting black pride will lead to racism. And you don’t talk to them after that thinking it’s all rubbish and gibberish commentary. Like we’re supposed to get over it and move on. I must say that there are “Scandals” we have gotten over. And there are those we can’t move forward because it’s a ongoing issue!

So all this hate against a TV show, that is blowing up the ABC Network, I think it’s way beyond stupid. Until those who talk smack about Scandals, obviously they haven’t been in one. And until you or anyone that has been in a scandal then you can talk!

And that, is my rant.

Now what I’m about to post is a video from a man in New Jersey that is in the Funeral Business. You may have seen this on Facebook, or on Youtube. But however, the message this man brings is a warning to those who are alot younger and still believe that the current game of music and fantasy can be the backbone. Along with the violence that is going on. But trust me, I view this video, and this brother, Tyrone Muhammad (aka Muhammad the Mortician) was not playing around.

Check it. And you’re a grown up with a child that is doing bad, you may need to show this to him or her.

Be warned: it’s graphic. But he also cares for the future.

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Folks: Don’t be alarmed.

Usually I don’t write stuff about church that much, really because I belong to a church family. And yes, I’m a 4th Generation UMC Member. But however after listening and reading conversations about why church folks don’t do enough, or those like to make a mockery of the inspirational giving, it’s apparently that yes, being a church goer believing in God the father, the Son and the Holy Spirit fully can be a huge battle. It’s a battle that raged on for centuries, generations, eras, and changing times. It’s even a battle today, even on Social Media. Now, I don’t mean to get picked on, or talked about, it’s really nothing but hate of understanding. Yes, there are those who mock the church things. Those who have to display on their platforms about what the church should be doing than not doing. I get it. There are those who probably went to church earlier in life and got all confused with some snarly wisdom that those who feel that it was hypocritical. I will admit, church folks (no matter what denomination or faith) can be some what hypocritical at times. BUT some can be forgiving and reminders of what the positive can be if given a chance. And by the way, folks outside of church can be hypocritical anywhere. You might have hypocritical co workers or bosses. Or neighbors, friends and family. Some say it’s all fake. It’s not real. Jesus Christ was just a figment of an imagination. Or the story of Christmas with the Christmas tree was copied from a tree wrapped around with a snake. – Um, SO! Where the reference? When folks actually get these “sources” no matter where they are from, usually it’s not the actuate truth. They probably just got it from someone without any true reference. Where’s the bibliography, the sources of footnotes? UM Hello those like to post things like that on Facebook! And Instagram. You say its the truth, well…..where’s the truth? That’s like saying, “hey son: I want to show you this picture of a real Christmas tree. You know how it got started?” “Where did it come from?” the son asked. “Oh, the Internet. This such and such website”. Many folks need to review how things got referenced. I’m just saying.

Now fast forward, and this is an old story. You may have heard this on the radio, or online about “these church folks who go to church on Sundays need to come out and knock on some doors to help the community!” You know as strange as that sounds, it’s agreeable. HOWEVER: I need to address this to the black community, and I don’t care if you are in Milwaukee, here is something that I know: many of you or some of you don’t want church folks around period. Oh, I just ruffled some feathers. Let’s face it. How many of you reading this blog had ever had a church member or a church group tried to help you out in some way, and you turned away a said no – in this case in a mean manner of disrespect? And some of you USED to go to church, or claimed to be a non-going person that was talked among your friends who thought were telling the truth. Think about it. You probably got friends right now thinking this. You probably got family members believing this. Or maybe you got those that you went to school, college, the Military, Fraternity, Sorority, neighbor, boss, co-worker that probably said the exact same thing! And some probably got you on their list on Facebook or Instagram. Or any other social media platform.

Yeah you “hear all this” from your friends in all, or from a radio station that mentioned it, and you tend to believe them. For me, I think I feel sorry for them. Just like when per say, you grew up this and that and have this hatred against a certain denomination. And you remember going to the services and then out to eat and go home. Is that ALL you’ve done?

Here’s my question, I want the current former folks of the church to ask this: When you were going Pentecostal, Methodist (either United Methodist, AME or Pan African Methodist), Baptist, or any other group living and breathing, what activities, or ideas did you bring up while you were there? What were you supposed to look for but didn’t ask further for help? What was some of the things that you wanted but never had accomplished? And also, did any of those things you tried to do changed? I’m not calling you out as bad folks. The bible says judge not. But what I am asking is what have YOU tried to do differently when you were under the membership? Personally I want to know that one. With me, y’all know I’m a 4th Generation UMC Church member right? Said it so many times. My late Great-Grandmother and Grandmother on my mother’s side were charter members. My mother is 3rd Generation. And my church didn’t start in no building. It started in the homes in Black Milwaukee. But during my UMC upbringing, I was in the choir, Sunday School, Conformation class, acted upon as an usher, showcased my gift on the saxophone (still do), and now doing work as a Communications Chairperson in recording sermons, taking pics, got my first job as a summer worker and currently working as Secretary. And keeping with the Facebook users, and Twitter Followers. Overall, I have given 18 years of my church time thus far on Sundays doing these things. In other words, I have worked my way up.

Now many of you are saying, “Oh that’s good. BUT what about outside of the church? Like feedings in all? WHAT ABOUT THE HUNGRY FOLKS? AND THOSE WHO NEED CLOTHES FOR FREE? AND SHELTER? AND PROGRAMS? HMM…….Where are those at? And are they still in tact? I don’t see them here, Godboy.”

In my extended resume, I have helped out in Food givings, prepared clothes for those who needed them to keep warm or the preparation of it. I have participated in watch meetings and block parties. Helped organized special events that are community based in dealing with Domestic Violence Prevention.  – In speaking of that, from a UMC perspective, did you know that BOTH the United Methodist Women and United Methodist Men several years ago held a joint partnership in discussing the dangers of Domestic Violence? And also participated in Scholarship Walks to raise money for college students. In which was the same program that helped me to get assisted funds for my college textbooks and supplies. And my church is a member of the organization that is named after Dr. King that is still doing it. Plus also my church does have blood pressure screenings at least once a month after church for those who want to keep up with their health. Even currently honoring Veterans for their service in uniform.

Any other questions folks?

Oh, let’s not forget the activities that are “church influenced” that I am doing, like helping out my High School Alumni Association Board of Directors. Last year, I was selected as Treasurer for Alumni group in which was another first. I am the first 1990′s African-American Male High School Alumnus from my old high school to be selected and serve at this level. Plus I devoted my time at my old high school to go support the current students in sports and events! I even donated to my old high school. Also, I go to my alumni events of College/University and I have donated to the Alumni Association/College Foundation group in support of the current college students for their future scholarships or a new idea to keep the school programs intact! Even becoming an advocate for higher learning! And just to add more fuel to the fire of the haters – I am a City Election Inspector in registering new voters, reactivating old voters, and working the polls on selected Election Day events. And I’ve been doing this since 2006. Even helped out during the Obama Campaign of 2012.

AND GUESS WHAT? Those items I listed above, where do you think I got this influence from? Guess where? One place: the church.

So I have to say that yes many might joke up, display dirty, or call out many things against the church. You know what, let them hate all they want. Let them get this off their chest (if they have a chest period), let them front with words of warning on Social Media. Let them do all they want. Frankly: I DON’T CARE if they boo me at a Wrestling match. Or cheer for me at a class reunion. I DON’T CARE!!!!! I’m still going to remain the game until the race is over! Oh yeah they might front in all. But what happens when all the fun fronting from them is over? What might happen when all of that is dead and done? What happens when that battle is long gone and the church is still standing up in the end?

Let me say it now to be clear, I am not here to make anyone believe anything that I believe. I am not here to make those who go on my twitter timeline each Sunday and view all the excerpts from the sermons I hear. If those want to follow me on twitter each Sunday: @smcclintonjr. And/or look for the hashtags of #rethinkchurch #umc #Milwaukee #Wisconsin. If those don’t want to, they don’t need my approval. Just scroll on. Why the #rethinkchurch hashtag? This is what the UMC is trying to do. Rethink Church. Rethink the ministry. Rethink the use of the church in a new way to get involved in the folks outside looking in. Rethink the attitudes or mindset of those that haven’t been tried or failed to reach. Rethink the objectives and rethink the conclusion to have a new understanding of this message to the masses. Plus this Rethink Church thing should not be a catchphrase. It should be a way of life for everyone in the church each day to try new ways to minister inspirational life. The old ways aren’t working out.  It’s time to find THE NEW for THE BETTER. And when that happens, hopefully salvation can be renewed or reformed.

As an example for those who want to view my tweets on Sundays: “We are conquerors! We want to be of the world.”

Three Way Dance Time again!

For this tale of my commentary, it’s all about the Oscars from this past week with a black point of view. A recent purple reminder that Musically should not be overlooked and also: it’s time for me (and alot of you) to move. Really, Let’s move in getting out and exercise. Take a break from all of this! But what I’m about to say is equally important no matter what.

12 Years a Slave: I’ll be honest here. I have not seen 12 years a slave in the theaters. I haven’t. Now I’ll be like the others in the weeks ahead, to get the movie at the stores and yes I’ll put this on my DVD List to get in the movie collection. But to my surprise that this movie has caught on with the dialogue about Slavery from then, and now. The same when Roots came out back in the 70′s. Now many today will say that yes, “Slavery is dead as a doornail”. But if that’s the case why there is so much talk about human trafficking in the country right now? I mean is that slavery in itself? Think about it. Matter of fact, Google it. I still believe that the talk of Slavery, Discrimination against color is not just an American issue, but partially an International issue. We know here in America there are those who see black folks, they are the prime enemy. Some are told that guys like me, who happen to be black that I supposed to strike fear in those who are non black in elevators. Make those who are non-black with purses that they should be clutched in thinking that I’ll take them. Or when a guy like me goes out to a well known suburb, I might get questioned or pulled over by the law, about being asked where I’m going and what I’m doing here. Plus they might check the plate, drivers license, and now proof of insurance. Or in this case might go to jail all because I looked suspicious. Tell me I’m lying!  Talk about a double edged sword carving up the process. Now getting back to the movie win at the Oscars –  Lupita Nyong’o. If you haven’t wrote that lady’s name down, better start now. Kids, 18 and under scooping up my blogs like the students you are, I want you to write down this name as well. Especially my black readers. I see you. When she spoke these words, it rung true:

For all those who didn’t catch that, she is giving a testimony. Especially if you have children. I hope many of you have shared this message. And yes, for us black folks, another win in history. Yes, Lupita is a dark chocolate sister. Dark sisters are making moves now. Yes, I know it shouldn’t be about that, but I’ll say it here: I’m glad that my dark sisters of African decent are doing the jobs NOW! But I’m highlighting the sisters because like everyone else, they need a shot at the opportunity. Look at Sasheer Zamata. Yeah you know, new SNL Girl. She’s dark skinned but hey, she’s doing her job working up. And yes, have to give it up for Tika Sumpter. The Haves and the Have Nots on OWN is making her soar. As usual: we know. Now adding Lupita to the list, to me is setting a new tone. Now for those who are dark skinned black folks, and feeling ashamed of it: DON’T BE ASHAMED! The late Martin Luther King once said about being black and beautiful. And being proud of that. I know that there are those who might say,  “I like that person and I don’t care what color they are.” You say that in front  of a person in all, BUT when you go home, are you really the same person that gave that statement? This is not a call out, more like a check yourself just be sure you are that same person call out. In also with the Oscar wins along with 12 Years A Slave: John Ridley. As a native Wisconsinite, and a resident of Milwaukee, proud. John Ridley maybe a screenwriter for the movies, but he also did the same with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Martin. Many don’t know, John Ridley is Wisconsin BORN! He was born in Milwaukee, and also Mequon raised. Yes, for those who are still wondering, Wisconsin does have black people. But anyway, I’m glad that in this Oscar win, my homestate, even my home city has been apart of this victory. Hopefully those currently in Milwaukee or Mequon can still dream big no matter what. Even if you black and living in a segregated city/state.

A Purple reminder: Prince is still alive. I repeat: Prince is still alive. He may not be the same from 30 years ago, but he’s still breathing life in Music, and plus he just proved it yet again on Arsenio Hall. Speaking of 30 years, two words: Purple Rain. If you missed it, check out the playlist:

Now for those who are still into Rick Ross, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar,  or still believe that Beyonce can still get Drunk In Love with Surfboards, nothing wrong with that, but just remember, like many other legends that are still hanging around, Prince is still in the conversation. Matter of fact, he’s always in the conversation. That hasn’t changed. During the interview, yes we can review that he doesn’t have a cell phone in all, but never mind that. What matter is the fact that he still brings his Minneapolis born music to the masses. To me, its not just the Twin Cities Music, but it’s also apart of the Midwest music that hardly gets no play. Speaking of Midwest musicians, besides Prince, Morris Day,  Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, who else is out there?

For Illinois: Kanye West, Common, Lupe Fiasco, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Herbie Hancock, Liv Warfield, and R.Kelly.

For Michigan: easy – Aretha Franklin, Berry Gordy, Alice Cooper, Madonna, Death, Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson, and  Eminem.

Wisconsin: it’s a hard one, but I’m picking Eric Benet, Rodney Poe, Al Jarreau, Coo Coo Cal, Rico Love, Black Elephant, one third of TGT – Tank, Speech of Arrested Development, Kevin Hayden Trio, Danny Gokey, Big Face (who made the song Milwaukee County) Charles Walker Band, and the founder of the Core DJ’s Tony Neal.

For Ohio: The Isley Brothers, The O’Jays, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and Parliment Funkadelic

And for Indiana: the most I know are The Jacksons.

And if I missed anyone, or any Midwestern state/city this is what I would like to see: list all the musicians that famously made it big that were born in the Midwest.  Now in Milwaukee/Wisconsin we have this problem of not acknowledging our own local talent. That must be a change. If we don’t, who will?

Finally on the list: LET’S MOVE!

Yes, I am taking on myself to get out and move. Matter of fact, I’m taking the opportunity to get and move between 30 – 60 minutes out of my daily schedule. This is not some political sting from the FLOTUS Michelle Obama. This is a way for us Americans to really get a new focus on health. No question it’s not political. Now I know I’m not the only one here, but there are days when I’m on and off my exercise. Maybe it’s because of work, extra activities, service, free time, family, and many others. Am I the only one thinking this. But I manage to try to get much exercise as possible. Now for me it’s starting to become “mandatory”. Now I know I’m not the ONLY one have seen President Obama and VP Joe Biden jogging around on Video:

Now if the leader of the free world and the VP can move, why can’t us? I know many of us aren’t training up for the Military, or the Olympics. But act like if you were. This year, many of us will be going to Family Functions, Class Reunions, and many other  functions of social special events. Even weddings. And we want to feel good going as healthy as possible, right? So why not take at least a time out of your day, or night in trying to get some exercise? Or in the words of Michelle Obama: Let’s Move!

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