Three Way Dance Time!

For you new readers, I do this three way dance about mini stories into one big blog story! Well in that case for this: it’s about the NFL related stories of spankings, Domestic Violence and mostly: Packers!

First Dance:

Ok. I’ve asked this question before, and I have written this story previously, and I’m going to say it again. And don’t be ashamed to admit this. How many of us who are grown, got a career, looking for jobs, volunteer, staying active in all, have ever been spanked as a child? Let’s be honest here, who was spanked as a kid? No matter what you did wrong as a child – ever! All of this spanking or whoopings news is just flat out dumb. Ok, so Adrian Peterson, whom plays for the Vikings who I don’t cheer for, was caught in a crossfire because of this “incident” of spanking his 4 year old son in Texas. And the reason we all know why he did it because it was a way that he was raised. Many of us, even yours truly can relate in getting those belts, those switches, shoes or any other object that our mothers and sometimes fathers get on us when we didn’t do right. Yes, I had them to and I’m not making any bones about it. And of course our parents and/or older relatives will tell stories about it in their own way. We get it. Why? they did it. And I’ll bet some of us probably were thinking of the words going to call “Child Abuse” on our parents per say to get them arrested or thrown in jail.

But seriously, why is the subject of spankings is still an ongoing issue when it compares to the NFL and the news? 

Ok, so Adrian Peterson got caught with his hand in the cookie jar per say and the folks in the media blows up. Wow! Why can’t they just report about how to play ball for the next season? Jeez. Other football players have said the same thing in support of Adrian. Even a guy like Reggie Bush said the same thing. But later on he would retract his statement on whooping his 1 year old daughter speech. I have to question those who get offended per say about a subject like this, why are you offended by spankings? Let ask those in the so-called right wing media or those sheltered parents who probably got kids who don’t understand in all, were you whooped as a child? Don’t back out now! This spanking story will infact go away. I mean if we want to see spankings on the NFL Football Field, you root for your team to win over their opponent. This spanking story and many others will disappear, the players will play again and the families will go back to private mode.

Second Dance:

The NFL should implement and include in the October events of Domestic Violence Awareness. They should not only keep the pink, but also add the purple. Yes, we all know about the ongoing talk about Ray Rice, Janay Rice and their concern. And also there were new incidents that even Arizona Cardinals Running Back Johnathan Dwyer has been on the list of those that committed acts of Domestic Violence. And another was, from the Carolina Panthers, Greg Hardy. So yes, we know that the NFL is making their stamp well known: if you have an issue with Domestic Violence in your situation, the league will deactivate you and get this matter resolved. I know that the NFL has an image to maintain. Advertisers like Busch, and Campbell’s Soup are making their voices known to tell the NFL to shape up! You got these young role models out here that don’t want to hear all this mess! And they know it. So yes, the NFL has to change their policies for the better. And speaking of that, these NFL Social Communicators out here, that just hired 4 white women, where are the black women? Seriously, just don’t assume that the white women are the only answer for this. I’ve seen black women give answers too. Just my opinion.

Finally on the card: Packers!

I read a story about a question that the team doing a popular play that is out now. Many of us have seen it. And the Badgers used it a couple of years ago in terms of a Badger Barge. Vic Ketchman of asked the question, “Could the Packers run the Jet Sweep?” Let me answer that: yes, they should! Remember when I posted about blog story about changing the culture, after the Packers got beat by Niners in all? Yes, I admit they need to change the culture in terms of the plays. Many don’t know that the Packers were one of the first teams to display and run the Power Sweep plays when Vince Lombardi was around coaching it. True story. Yes even today, the Packers use the same Sweep Play in a modified way to move their offense. For once as a Packer Backer/Observer: I say put the Jet Sweep in a formation. Put Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson or even the rookie Davante Adams in the play and run it! For another play like that with the fake outs in the formation, put Eddie Lacy or James Starks to run straight through the Defense. I want to see that! If the Badgers can do that same play that almost got them the Rose Bowl Title, then I think the Packers can do the same. Put a new name for the Jet Sweep for the Packers like the “Lombardi Barge” Or the “Curly Sweep” or “The New Packers Power Sweep”, or the “Packers HB Sweep 2.0″. Call it what you want, but still run the play. Put in play Coach! Come on Ted Thompson make it happen! Oh, another question I’ve been getting is this: how will the Packers will do this year. They already got beat by Seattle. I expected that game to be a tough one for a reason. Why, because Seattle is the team to beat. They have the Lombardi Trophy. Clearly, the opponents have to beat champs, and the champs have to defend the title. And yes, the Seahawks have a bounty on their heads for the whole season to see if they can survive with the trophy in hand until the playoffs. If the Seahawks get beat (and there will be a lucky team to beat them)then the title itself is up for grabs. If not, they get a repeat. Many are picking the Packers to go to the Super Bowl, vs either Denver or Indianapolis. That’s one of those Peter King things. Not me. And I think they’ll repeat as NFC North Champs again!

Likewise, the Pack, (not the so-called slackers!) are still a good team in the hunt. So I wouldn’t count them out for anything.

All in this 2014-2015 season.

The topic of Domestic Violence in terms of various examples has been talked about for years. Many of us, including me had or have relatives, friends, or acquaintances that were in domestic violence disputes or angles. In the last two years, my home church in Milwaukee had sessions about Love Is, in terms of Healthy Relationships. And yes Domestic Violence was the centerpiece topic in relations to men being the aggressor over women. And sometimes that is not being talked about that much that women can have the aggressor angle over men in various ways. On this blog, yes I have highlighted several examples previously the triggers, feelings, actions and others that lead to the legality of the use of domestic violence.

Now I know that many are still talking about Ray Rice. And his former fiance, now wife Janay Rice. And the elevator. And the video. And the Baltimore Ravens winning their game against the Steelers this past week two of the NFL season. And even though that the game was won by Ray Rice’s former team (he was removed by the NFL Offices) the topic of domestic violence and the legality of domestic violence still lingers!

Yes, I’ve heard over the years that Men shouldn’t hit Women. And all others. But what happens if men were to be struck by women and then what, stand down?! Yesterday on my Facebook feeds, there was a Meme about Tiger Woods. And it displayed a picture of Tiger and having this message like: “No one called my incident domestic violence when I was abused.” Or something like that. But then we realize that the subject of Domestic Violence is a double standard. So technically if a female tries to put me out of my misery in a physical, sexual, religious, or financial angles, yes it is an example of domestic disputes. But alas, many will find that funny. Humorous. Crazy funny. It’s not. That is just as a bad as this example this year when a story was posted several months ago about a black woman killed her boyfriend over a #WCW picture. Seriously?!! Why would a black woman kill her boyfriend over a crush picture?!! That right there is an example of domestic violence. And even though they probably didn’t get married at the time (ala Ray Rice and Janay), that angle is valid in terms of the legality. By the way, the new #WCW is called Women Crush Wednesday in which Men (and sometimes Women) post their “crush” on Instagram for the day. The women mostly post an opposite day like #MCM or Man Crush Monday.

Also, what is up with these women per say, who get abused by their counterparts and they stay with them? My advice: JUST FREAKING LEAVE! I mean if a person is getting abused run away fast. I know it’s not that simple. The abuser thinks that they would leave them, don’t want to feel lonely or just being so insecure. That’s like an wrestling adage in which I don’t want to be join forces with someone that I already fought with. No sir. No madam. I can understand about supporting kids and having family obligations. But hey, any life involved in the domestic violence circle that is effected shouldn’t be harmed at all!

We’ve all seen one of Tyler Perry’s movies, “Madea’s Family Reunion”. Don’t lie! Many of you probably got it on storage somewhere in the house. The scenes that Blair Underwood’s character Carlos, as we know, portrayed a high class business executive, a eligible bachelor, hard working man. Good looking. Dressed nice. Rides a good looking car. Come on ladies I know you’ve seen the movie! It’s Blair Underwood for God’s sakes! Yeah that guy. But there was a dark side of his character. He was an abuser, an aggressive person who lunges power and being manipulative of his soon to be bride. But towards the end of the movie, the character Lisa, played by Rochelle Aytes used a pot full of heated grits to get at Carlos plus, using a frying pan and beating him over and over again. And Al Green was playing in the background. I think the angle in all of this, the abused had enough of running, being scared, being controlled, being unaware of her actions that seemed positive. But overall she finally had the balls per say to stand up to the guy!

Now, some of you are saying, “Stephen that was a movie! What does that truly mean in real life situations when couples and or couples to be who are abused, are beaten, or manipulated in real life everyday?” To quote a former Pastor of mine: I’m so glad you asked that question! Because that is question, I am prepared to answer!

In every relationship no matter what happens we all know there are going to be problems no matter what. And to say that there will be always solutions that solve those dilemmas. But however many don’t follow through. They don’t! Either because they don’t know where to go, whom to trust, what to believe, when to convince, why and how to solve these problems head on! Now folks, remember when we were kids growing up and having those older than us that if someone is messing with you or if there is a problem, you tell a grown up? Remember that? When neighbors knew your name, when other family members or close friends knew your name like a book, etc? Do you all remember that? I hope you do! I know most of us are grown. And some are not. But the fact of matter is, folks need to speak up and let those know that enough is enough. The late great wrestler Owen Hart back in his WWF days had a theme music that began “Enough is enough. It’s time for a change!” Females you should know very well. For the men who were abused in many angles, don’t listen to the haters of other men (and/or other Women) who are going to joke about you at the clubs, and the workplace. They will not save you! And I think they won’t do it is because they probably might have those insecure arguments and against mess that Domestic Violence among men is a farce. Any type of violence against anyone is unnecessary.

Oh check this: We all know about the history of Ike and Tina. Like the Carlos character, Ike appeared to all good looking, having a bravado of his music, his goals, his management skills, and also having a hand in starting Tina’s career. BUT: as we all know from history, he too had his domestic violence ways with her over the years. Even this incident was talked about way before it was made public! I can hear my mother reliving a conversation (true conversation) with Tina Turner and several others of my family at the time during her peak of stardom. Even my late Grandmother had to hear this. And yes Tina told the situation over and over again. Plus the question was mentioned about why did she stay with Ike? The response was the usual I still love him commentary. And this question was asked: “WHAT’S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT?” Like the song title that we’ve heard so many times and this should be a burning question to many of those who have been abused, even Janay Rice herself: What’s love got to do with it? I’m serious here! I’m poking the brains ya’ll! Even though some may not want to comment.

So to say, in regarding love in this, and when the abuser over and over again making the hits to hurt, where does love come in when your body is lying a county morgue, or preparing to be buried or cremated? That is what I want to know! Or where does love come in, that your job, your church, your alumni, your college student experience, your personal positive needs are all effected when an abuser of DV comes in and snatches it?

Just as an idea: We all know that the month of October is coming up. The same scary month of Halloween. So I am proposing an idea to the Domestic Violence Awareness Folks and the Breast Cancer Awareness folks. Join forces for sport related events. Have a “Pink and Purple Awareness Party” all month long for October to recognize the awareness of both concerns and continue to the conversation about this always!


English: Illustration made in Inkscape by Toky...

English: Illustration made in Inkscape by Tokyoship. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a gamer for the last 20 plus years or so, I’ve been in the stores, on-line, and at display shows, I am still fascinated about the gameplay of Nintendo. Don’t get me wrong, Nintendo is still in the conversation for positive reasons, and also normal game playing reasons overall. BUT: in the wake of Madden Season and many others, it’s becoming a concern per say about the status of Nintendo and in my opinion, a now sense of urgency. Does Nintendo, or should Nintendo be more open and grasp the games with the adult crowd? We’re talking 18 and up here. And I know it’s a complicated question, but I believe that Nintendo should up the ante in terms of their units sold or they may have to do the one thing they haven’t done: Sell more of the units WITHOUT Mario and Luigi.

Dear Nintendo of America:

It’s me Stephen. A black blogger not by pay, but by hobby out of Milwaukee.

I’ve been a Nintendo Customer since 1988. That’s 26 years ago this month. And yes, I started out with the Mario Games, The TMNT games, Duck Hunt, Ninja Gaiden, Excitebike, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, Super Adventure Islands, Batman, Mortal Kombats, The House of the Dead Overkills, and had my share of Hogan’s Alley and Madden Season. Seemingly, I’ve been a fan. And also I’m one of those older gamers that still plays not just for the graphics. I play the game just for what it is: Gameplay. Just playing the game and having fun.

In the last couple of years, yes your units from the original NES, GameBoys, Super NES, N64, Wii and now the WiiU have all been memorable. It has. But now as the changing times are here, and the competition is vastly aware with XBox and PlayStation, It’s time for the Company, the Units of the WiiU and the games themselves to CHANGE THE CULTURE!

What does that mean? With all due respect to the younger gamers, this is nothing against them. Ain’t nothing wrong playing Mario Kart on the WilU. But however for those of us who are way beyond 18, and having this sense of urgency to get the company to turn the page, it’s apparent that Nintendo should restock the weapons and get more games that can sell on the Unit.

For the unit. don’t get me wrong, the WiiU is a good system. But here is an option I think should be in the Nintendo Board Rooms: Sell additional units or new stock of units WITHOUT Mario! That’s right I said it. Sell the units without the Mario games. In this way I think the gamers should get another option than the usual $299.99 plus tax. The units should be sold about 1/2 or 3/4 or the price without the games and plus the gamers should be given to buy the games they really want.

Let’s say if the unit does sell for a well reduced price without including Mario for about (in a half price) $150.00, I think that might be a useful option for those who don’t want to pay 300.00 for a machine. Now if the unit was about three quarters, it would be about $225.00 per set. Again this is for the WiiU Units WITHOUT Mario! Partially if that were to happen, in my opinion, that would sell. Not only it would sell, but it would also help consumers to save money. But more importantly I think it would sell. This is just for the unit only. And I think it should get the numbers up per say, to get to a mark where it’s mostly needed. And it could be on the side.

Also for the games: I know. I know. The games have to be more open to the grown folks. We see God Of War, Call of Duty and many others that dominated the game units of Xbox and Playstation. We’ve seen them. But HOW will Nintendo get the gears going in because of this? What needs to be done is Nintendo must play poker and find a new way to sell the units. I’ve read about those whom turned down Nintendo say, “Sell more units”. Is that all they have to say? Really?! What are they ACTUALLY saying?

Yes I know about Madden 15 is not on the WiiU this year with an dispute of EA Sports. I’ve read about it. And I believe that both sides needs to realize that this should be a vital option to get the both sides to talk and do. Already, Nintendo will have Bayonetta 1 and 2 coming out in the Fall and no, I haven’t play Bayonetta. However yes, I have seen previews and it looks to be a good game. I am also familiar with Assassins Creed, ZombieU, Batman, Darksiders II, and many others that the grown folks should buy after work. Mainly those. Even also with Basketball, and many others.

But I’m here to say this and this only: Nintendo, you need to step your game up! And I’m not talking about basketball or football. You really need to get digging deep here and get moving on this!  Yes, I understand that the use of game-play is your bread and butter. And respectfully so, BUT: STEP YOUR GAME UP! You may have to tap in to companies that want to play poker along with you to get selling more of your units! I can respect your game. BUT in this era, you might need to change the culture with WiiU. And plus, if I was a board member of Nintendo, I would put that in the list of idea to improve revenue! Mainly surveying, focus group sessions, and many others that gears toward the older and should I say, “EXTREME GAME PLAYERS” that want to play!

And about the Madden Games, I want to address EA Sports right now! I don’t know what your beef is against Nintendo, but its time to work with them! Since the NFL season is back on the scene, haven’t you noticed that the coaches are using tablets now? With the Microsoft Tablets in which they and the players can go back over the plays of what was good and bad? Imagine for a second if Madden 16 per say were to come next year and the use of tablets were in play, that should invite the WiiU’s Gamepad in a new fashion to play once again. Use that option! Brainstorm with them! Don’t just sit there.

Nintendo: It’s time to open up. Really open up. Don’t just rely on the Mario’s all the time. Don’t just rely on the games for the Teens and Family. You need more adult related M rated Games to get more grown folks playing! I may speak for those who probably feel the same way, but I’m speaking for myself.

Time to play Nintendo. This time: PLAY HARD!



I want to direct my attention to the readers here on the “spot” one question. How many African-American males (or black men in general) ever have been or are feeling “broken?”

Seriously ponder this question.

I don’t want the black female queens to chime in on this commentary, but feel free to view it if you want. Maybe your boyfriend, husband, neighbor, church member (yes I’m putting the church members in this!) co-worker, boss, leader, pastor, business owner, or any other significant other, or acquaintance that is a black male going through this. Or had gone though it. Actually I want you to do this to ask them this question:Have you ever been “broken?”

The reason why I’m putting this out, is because this is part of an on-going struggle of Black Men in America. We see the signs of despair, memorable past references that were deemed violent, destructive, manipulated, set up, mismanagement – either financially, mentality or spiritually. Plus, racism in all fronts, drugs and alcohol use, and many other barriers that lingers African-American Males in this era.

Today, there was a workshop meeting about this at the Greater Mt. Sinai COGIC Church in Milwaukee. Two speakers, were represented as the featured guests. My current UMC pastor was the first to talk about the Biblical references about Brokenness or the act of being broken. From the first part of the workshop it was highlighted as this:

Adam was broken because he avoided responsibility and blamed others. He chose to hide rather than confront, and made excuses rather than admitting the truth. And the greatest reason for his brokenness was when he teamed up with Eve to bring sin into the world. (Genesis 3:1-19)

Cain was broken because when disappointed, he reacted in anger, and he always took the negative option even when a positive possibility was offered; and his violent nature caused him to be the first murderer. (Genesis 4:1-17)

Esau was broken because when faced with important decisions, he tended to choose according to the immediate need rather than the long-range effect; and the poor Marriage choices. (Genesis 25th – 36th chaps).

Samson was an example of brokenness because he violated his vow to God, and on many occasions disobeyed God’s laws. He was broken because he was controlled by sensuality and sexual desires. He constantly confided in the wrong people, and used his God given gifts and abilities unwisely. (Judges the 13th thru 16th Chps.)

Saul was a example of brokenness because he was impulsive by nature and tended to over step his bounds. He let jealousy of David dictate his life and he constantly disobeyed God! (1st Samuel 9th through the 31st Chps).

Judas Iscariot was the ultimate example of brokenness and total humiliation and unnecessary suffering because he let greed, selfishness, avarice, money and ambition causes him to suffer and commit suicide, rather than seeking forgiveness from God! (Matt 26:1-15 and Luke 22:3-6)

Now: you’re probably wondering what does that have to do with being “broken?” It was referenced before in bibical times during of those mentioned being manipulated by greed, lust, envy, deceit, anger, blaming others, and many more. How many of us know someone that does this everyday? Or even if it was in the past? Think about it.

Another part of the lesson came this:

Definition of the keyword “Broken”

Broken is the past participle of break; reduced to fragments; fractured; nonfunctioning properly; out of working order. To become inoperative or to malfunction as though wear or damage; to begin suddenly or violently or change abruptly into something else!

Or to yield, or submit to pressure, torture, or to have a physical or mental collapse; or to lose control of.

 About those examples, here they are again: 

“Root Causes of Brokenness”

  1. Poverty
  2. Racism
  3. Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  4. Unemployment
  5. Violence and Gangs
  6. Fear of Failure and rejection
  7. Negative Peer Pressures
  8. Being constantly exposed to shame and humiliating situations.
  9. Negative and unproductive relationships with women.
  10. Self-depreciation because of low self-worth and self – regard.
  11. Lack of a real and faithful relationship with God and Jesus Christ.
  12. Financial Management.
  13. Parental Rejection (abuse, harsh, criticisms, constant humiliation, abandonment, etc.)
  14. Demon Possession.
  15. Shame
  16. Failure to dedicate ones to complete life to God through Jesus Christ.
  17. Failure to realize that Power concedes nothing without demand. It never has and never will (Frederick Douglass).

Some of these things I highlighted already in the beginning, but here was an additional insight of why it is. Based on this list, even though it’s probably vague for some, but for many – this is an ongoing constant battle every single time. There were some examples from the list that were highlighted based on Parental Rejection. That involves abuse, being humiliated, feeling abandonment and other factors. Many of you who are Black Men, probably had those whoopings as a child growing up and your mother per say had to comment in reference “You’re just like your daddy!” Or someone had you do something that was on the daring side of an act against your will (i.e. allowing to be molested by a male or female or molest a female), another could be financial concerns – again that could be devastating towards any male. Blaming God is factor of brokenness, but it’s not a viable factor in ties with having those demons if you will. Even having that whole relationship to God and the teachings of Jesus Christ. I know some don’t really believe in God or Jesus, but there are those who feel that it is a true viable parable to reference.

Another highlight: A hip hop reference – Snoop Dogg once said: “There’s nobody out there teaching a man how to be a man. There’s nobody out there teaching a father how to be a real father, and there’s nobody out there teaching a husband how to be a husband.” Yes, you probably are saying why would your Pastor would reference Snoop Dogg in this? Snoop ain’t Broken! But what if he was? Mainly the lyrics, or quotes could translate to see yes there aren’t many men, fathers, and husbands can’t teach others to be real men, real fathers, or better yet, real husbands. Now we’ve been told to be good productive citizens. Like having a good suit real nice, wear a tie, act like what the other folks are doing, use proper language (ala yes maam and yes sir), and stay out of trouble per say. All of that is fine. But that does NOT dictate of being a real Male of the Black race! That’s like for you non-African Americans (who just happen to stumble on this blog just recently, but thanks for reading) were telling us about being Americans in all. And saying if an issue pops up, you comment “Don’t say that! Let’s go to a Packers game or watch the WWE Wrestling match at the BC”. Ummm……..even though we want to see Aaron Rodgers or John Cena, that is NOT going to make you a real man! I’ll give them credit for working hard and having an upbringing. Not knocking the hustle.

Continuing with the conversation:

The second to last part of the workshop came from Pastor James Boyd, who ministers at “The Lord’s Way International” in the city. He also is featured on a radio segment called “Coming Out With Pastor James Boyd” every Friday locally. His part of the segment was more in depth of being broken! What I mean in depth, I mean in depth! He had two men and others who were up and coming pastors in part of workshop that sometimes being broken can lead to healing. Two of the men he had to give advice were Homosexuals (yes they were Gay) and he wanted to let them know about letting go of the pain of the past examples to make room for the now and future. In terms to letting go what others thought and letting them know that the Almighty cares and is willing to make a way for the better. Now many of you probably asking this question: “Why the God references again?!! I don’t believe in God or what does that have to do with Broken Men whom are Black?” In the words of my former UMC pastor, I’m so glad you asked that question. That is the question I am prepared to answer! Many of the things we’re going through right now in terms of actions of we face, were also a reflection of what the biblical folks went through almost the same thing. And even though they didn’t have skyway pagers or cell phones or Facebook or Twitter, but the actions of being broken in all, is the same thing! Many don’t want to believe it now, but probably in the next lifetime, or towards the next lifetime when no one is around that is watching or looking, or taking care of you in the nursing home being sick or nursing back to health per say: Guess what? Minds or thoughts will be changed.

There were several references that came out of the discussion – One, Pastor Boyd talked about being “Publicly Successful”, and “Privately Failing”. Many of us can relate. When we are in the public and doing things well no matter what it is, we are seemed successful. And sometimes behind closed doors, we call fail privately in our actions and examples. Think about it. When was the last time (Note to the Black Males again) has this happened to you?

He also commented that everything we’re going through (no matter what it is) is study time. You guys are probably studying this blog for a future bible lesson right now and don’t even know it. Or how to strengthen an Alumni Group, or finding that new good paying career financially even more stronger than before! And to finalize, what is ever in you, gets caught in the current. I want to paraphrase, whatever is caught in you spiritually or inspirationally will be in the current. Flowing in the current like a river, lake or wind. For us folks who like nature or being wrapped up in nature, this to me ties into that. When feelings of hurt or misguidance, or faith stricken attitudes arises that happens, it will get caught and morely (again in spiritual sense of prayer) will be flowed out. Ever had someone to say, and I’m not the only one who had this comment to say: I’ll pray for you. Or may I pray for you? Ever had that? Now many again might ask, even some young black brothers might comment and ask, “What are they praying for? Who are they praying too?  or is it scripted for me to see it?” I have to comment that prayers at times CAN’T be scripted! They can’t! It comes from within not without. Every December 5th, I say the Lord’s Prayer on my birthday and thanking the Almighty for another year living to see another day of birth! Part of that, is not scripted. It’s already scripted since 1976. It was scripted through my family, and those who saw me since day one! And you will not see this on Facebook or anywhere else. Why? It’s unscripted from print. And it’s memorized by heart.

The mixture of black men today were some Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, Straight, Gay, Married, Single, United Methodist, COGIC, Baptist etc. Even though we were different denominations, categories of status, members or visitors, it didn’t matter. What mattered was we all had several commonalities of stories and related commonalities of the subject of being broken. And also coming to grips to the ideas to face and solve the ideas of healing of the brokenness. Even I had issues of being broken. You all read about me being discriminated for jobs based on me being black, having being attacked mentally by well known Milwaukee non profits and temp services in relation with my previous education of distance learning with UW-Stout. I’m putting this here! Even also I forgot to mention: yes there were many times I used my gifts and talents in the church, and some felt like I betrayed them with a Church Men’s Day artwork. So yes Black Brothers, I’ve been “broken” in the Church, and I didn’t leave. I stayed not only to confront the problems but also finding new ways to rise above it. And making sure it does not happen to anyone else going in. Many  of us black men doing the judging in the Church, we need to watch it! This goes for black women too! Now black women we know you’ve got the upper hand in all the church departments and offices. But EVEN YOU have to understand that sometimes the actions of brokenness can flow to you also. No matter what it is. And yes, I know you’re peeping my blog in all to see what’s up.

So let this be a lesson, actually a line struck from the movie Batman Forever. The scene took place in the movie after Dick Grayson lost his family in the circus act. And Alfred looked at his helmet and asked him, “Is this a Robin?” and later commented that “Broken wings mend in time. One day Robin will fly again. I promise.”  And he said “Robin will fly again.” Not just the bird, but your new purpose and objectives. Plus an outlook of redemption!

Black men: I’m saying this now. Our wings seem broken for now. Our whole brokenness maybe exposed. Our actions of brokenness in various ways, maybe on the Injury list of what happened. BUT know this: it can be fixed for the better! It doesn’t matter who you are, and/or your current situation may not be “perfect” (and by the way, nobody’s perfect I don’t care what your status is), all broken wings can be mended. Even through grace!

Ok Class: School is in session. 

Many of our young kids and young college students who we helped raise since birth are back in the classrooms and dorms trying to get their education on once again. I know that many parents that are having those moments about leaving their babies and young “soon to be” college women and men behind in order to spend the days or weeks or months in their respective schools. We know it. Many of us had gone through it and knows the pain. BUT that pain might be rewarding in the future if applying promptly. 

But what happens when if, and this is a big IF that if you don’t have children to tuck in or to get up, or to remind them of that spending of the money that we don’t get to see? Are we the folks, who don’t have kids are singled out? Not exactly. We’re part of the village. Period. Like the adage says: It takes a village to raise child. 

Here are my rules that us childless folks who are living the single game can contribute. 

1) Support the Scholarship Programs – We see them. We read them. See if there is a way to donate, or to join the board, or organization that harbors the purposes and objectives.

2) Join your Alumni Associations – OOOOOOHHHHHH I’ve now been preaching this for quite sometime now. If you are  still dominate about your High School, College, Tech School, or University Days that you still got going on since 1990 or earlier, donate to your Alumni Association annually. Donate your time, your resources, your effort, your money or if you’re not making any money as of right now, that’s no excuse. Still get your involvement by attending events, or join the Associations’ Board Of Directors to go to meetings and formulate new ideas. Also if your former school doesn’t have an Alumni Group currently, start one!

3) Be a Reference – Please be one. Not just for jobs, but also for education. No matter the age, grade level, or year status of college. 

4) Volunteer at a school. If a school has a volunteer group (again if you don’t have kids) that those can help to display signs, or artwork, or a teacher’s welcome home party that is well known, do that! If you live near a school that is known in the neighborhood, get in touch with a representative of that school to see if there is any Volunteer Sessions available. 

5) Be a tutor – If you been in the game for a while, in helping students facing poor grades, do this. No matter the grade level. Even with college folks. 

6) if you have a car, substitute your driving availability.  If the buses are late, or if a neighbor is going to be out of town and they left you with babysitting the kids, feel free to step up and get the students to school. 

7) Attend an open house. Yes, you can do this! Take notes on the school, the student population and more. That might tie in to the previous rules above. Also works for the Colleges and Universities too!

8) Church folks – no need to comment. We should know the role of supporting the youth and young folks that are coming up. Stay active and positive. Give what you can. Even if you take pictures of their praise dances in all that COULD benefit their next level of endeavors. Even being that extra support of reference of that student getting more educational support.

9) Be a motivator – same as a tutor. But you have to be upfront. 

10) If you can’t speak infront of folks, or tutor folks, or motivate folks, etc. Don’t panic. There are behind the scenes stuff you can do and support the cause. 

And the final thing of this rules: Provide encouragement, guidance and support. The kids and the young college students are at work right now. When they will reach a point of positive objectives, they will be rewarded of course. But still stay the course of making sure they sail on.

Now: these rules usually applies to anyone. And to those to are married with children in all, this is not to discredit you. Let me be clear, there are adults that want to get involved with this, but they don’t have children of their own to support, in the schools. For me, I don’t have kids. Don’t call me a hater! However don’t get me wrong if I publish a positive picture in the paper that deals with a High School Band winning an award. Or that top student that is being featured in a blog story that I know would be a positive reference. Or maybe assemble my Alumni to help the current students of donations and fund-raising. Or…….you might get the picture. The issue is about staying active! Regardless of your status which is no excuse. 

Ok class: the rules have been enforced. You’re dismissed. 



This is the last blast of summer vacation. Hard to believe. Even though that many are on the highways and byways, airways and train going on that last vacation run before most or some of the kids go back to school or resume college classes. Also, it’s a time to reflect on us who do the four letter word: W-O-R-K. That’s working. Either for the check, or for the knowledge of volunteering. Now why I’m including volunteers? They work. However, this blog letter is for us working folk that punch the time clocks and get that paper or knowledge for the family household. Or single life. 


Dear Workers of America (and Volunteers) 

It’s me Stephen. Black blogger by hobby, not by trade from the brew city of Milwaukee. 

Yes, its our day. Labor Day. A day set aside to get some rest and breather for us working folks. We know who we are. Those of us who work 40 hours, 30 hours, 20 hours, 12 hours, full time, part time, independent contractors, business owners and all, this day is for us to chill.

Even though we work as secretaries, janitors, drivers, teachers, media personalities, and many many other jobs, this day is for us to chill. 

The last time I wrote a blog of Labor Day, was back in 2012. At the time, I was acknowledging the working folks and also: volunteers. Plus also I had to address those who like to scam folks and get reported to the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Protection Departments. For the record on that: that same company that gave me those past threats, have NOT contacted me and stayed out of sight. So for those who think that scamming folks with jobs and money is the thing to go, just a warning to say that you are always on watch! I don’t care if it’s an self making money website that guarantees $3,000 per month and being independent. That has to be watchful.  And no they don’t get a Labor Day. EVER!

For us to do the thing everyday and legally, it’s for us. We get it. 

Now I have to address the volunteers. Even though they don’t paid like the others, but they do work! And yes if you are a volunteer, to me this day is also about you. Many of you that volunteer your services out of your time that deal with people, places, things, or ideas. And yes, payments aren’t valid. However the more you give out of your time, is a blessing always. So for those who are volunteers for life, hey enjoy this Labor Day Holiday. Plus I have another group folks that I have to acknowledge, the students who already have a job that go to class and get their education on. Yes, students you in those classrooms right now either living on college campuses or in your parent’s house, you have a job that labors towards your educational goals! And even those who are seeking work like 24 hours per day/7 days per week and still networking like clockwork, that is a job itself. And yes, that is a job that labors your chances to get hired. Despite of the barriers of unemployment, credit checks, overqualified statuses, bad political advice of a certain amount given, (i.e. 250,000 private sector jobs) and other concerns that hinders workers not getting those jobs. 

So as we get to feel that last blast of Summer Vacation, and feel the opportunity to go back to work and school, Laboring always matters. Plus Football!




If you’re just getting home form work, or getting used to your first week of college classes, or getting prepared for the schools for next week, Michael Brown is officially laid to rest in Missouri. Just to think this young man, at 18 years old is gone. And wouldn’t be able to go to college if he had not got shot by Darren Wilson in his homestate. 

Seeing the church, that packed about 4,000+ for an 18 year old is like saying we need to do more to prevent the cause of young black men going out with a bullet to the arms, an eye and the head. If those did the math, those were the areas where Michael Brown was shot in a total of six times. We know this. Plus also there are those who preferred the idea of having Michael Brown killed. I mean excuse me, but this kid didn’t deserve this at all. For those pundits, and those haters who feel that this kid deserved it because he was some black thug on the street, clearly and I mean CLEARLY you don’t know jack about Michael Brown. I don’t know jack about him either, but I can identify about being on the watch while being black everyday. This might scare the non-black readers, but partially, it is a reality. A reality in which many in the black communities in the country know all too well. Now I’ll probably get the proverbial “dude just go to school, get a job, yada, yada yada.” We know. But when a situation like this happens, your education, your high paying job, your neighborhood, etc will not save you. I want the non-black readers to understand this. Even if you feel that black folks are still an enemy of the state

Looking at the almost 2 hour plus service online with no commentary, it seemed surreal that this is happening despite of the cause. Seeing the mother of Michael Brown, Lesley McSpadden crying infront of the black and old gold casket that contained the body of her 18 year old son. Seeing the father, Michael Brown, Sr. the same state in he’s in having his son buried at 18 years old. Not even to start college. 

Seeing and hearing the Stepmother, Cal Brown of her memories of Mike, or “Mike Mike” during the service. She also commented about Mike’s death being predicted by an ominous outcome of death. As bone-chilling as it’s sounds that is what she said in his commentary. Many other speakers from Mike Brown’s Family spoke about his choice being saved by grace slightly before his death. Question, how many 18 year olds now, right now had ever got up in church, or made that confession to say I want Jesus in my life? When Mike made his confession to the inspirational commonality of the teachings, they say and many say he was saved by grace. We also heard that he wanted to shake up the world and to show his talents and gifts in the process. This was all planned by him to do. But in the light of the recent events and his death, his gifts and talents are taken elsewhere eternally. 

After his uncle delivered the Eulogy, it was time for Rev. Al Sharpton to take the stand.

As I stated in my last blog, whether you agree or disagree with his viewpoints of being in the struggle, or being active, he is still active no matter what. I’m not an Al Sharpton fan. Yes, I do watch PoliticsNation, and sometimes, I listen to “Keeping it Real with Al Sharpton” on the radio to hear his viewpoints. Some I agree with. Some I disgree. But it is a viewpoint regardless. 

But this special commentary, in his message today wasn’t just about Michael Brown. It was about that America should start and re-start policing the officers who crossed the line too many times when dealing with African-American Males and alike. He also expressed these words that really sent shockwaves to the masses and those that play poker with police brutaltiy and controversial law: 

“America is going to have to come to terms with [the fact that] there’s something wrong, that we have money to give military equipment to police forces but we don’t have money for training, and money for public education and money to train our children,”

“How do you think we look when the world can see you can’t come up with a police report, but you can find a video,”

On his commentary of non-violent protest:

“How do you think we look when young people march nonviolently, asking for the land of the free and the home of the brave to hear their cry and you put snipers on the roof and pointed guns at them. How do we look?”

And for those looking for a movement:

“We can’t have a fit, we’ve got to have a movement; “A fit, you get mad and run out for a couple of nights. A movement means we’ve got to be here for the long haul and turn our chants into change, our demonstration into legislation. We have got to stay on this so we can stop this.”

(Note: for further stories of the commentary, click on the links below from

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In addition to Rev Al’s Commentary, he was not saying, stay on it for two weeks. This is a long process. A long process to uphold everyday. It’s not a quick fix overnight. And plus, its not a quick fix overnight on Facebook. Oh, I have to say it’s going to take MORE THAN SOCIAL MEDIA of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, MySpace, Instagram and many others being parroted in all with words and memes. You have to do it in public and to be guided. Now let me comment the guided part, there are those of us who protested recently and sort of got it. But the guidance wasn’t there. That guidance has to come from those who are in the long haul. than 2 weeks. You can’t do a movement thing like this in a short amount of time and that’s it. It doesn’t work that way! Gotta play the long ball. 

What I’m saying is, you can put up your pics in all on Social Media. But the fact of the matter is, you need to be active in the public front. That’s like saying, step away from your Facebook, and social media stuff behind the machines and get ACTIVE in the game of being in the struggle! But wait: not many don’t want to lead that. Don’t want to be all revolutionary or ashamed to be black. We know. This is not just a wake up call for Ferguson. But also a wake up call for the rest of Black America (ie St. Louis, Milwaukee, Chicago, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Atlanta, etc) that you just can’t sit on the bench and expect to see the parade go by! It ain’t gonna work folks. It’s just like when folk ask about looking for a new black leader or leaders to steer the ship. Again, it’s not going to cut it! Wait your turn and get some guidance! 

Finally, the lasting thing from the home-going in regarding Michael Brown, Jr. Some of the Cameras and footages were at the cemetery where the burial took place and the center of the expression was centered around Michael Brown, Sr. The expression of the sadness got to him when he and his family had to see his son’s casket lowered into the grave. The picture that was seen on the Internet of his grieving had sunk in. Many were on Instagram or Facebook had seen it and those same many folks were saying “take it down, we get it!” Maybe they don’t. Once again, this is a FATHER. A black father expressing his bereavement of his deceased son! If many don’t understand the sadness then many shouldn’t comment on either platform, just my point of view. For all of you manbox fans of the males, and yes I’m telling the females too: there is nothing wrong for a male to express that. It’s not all macho. If you’re a male that has to express that, go ahead. Let it out!

I’ve seen pictures like this in past Ebony Magazines, Time Magazines, National Geographics, Jet Magazines, and many others who had to openly express their sadness pictured. Think about this: how many times we’ve seen this in the middle eastern countries of mothers, grandfathers, fathers, sons, daughters and many others in tears of sadness upclose with pictures? Don’t tell me I’m the only one! And why is the “questioning” of this is being brought to light by those who had to pump up the commentary? They’re going through mourning and folks are just asking questions why and joking about it. This is no laughing matter! Anyway you slice it. Even you see it in your local or regional or national newspapers. So what’s the problem? Yes I do realize it’s so sensitive. I get it. If you don’t like pics that expresses sadness, don’t look!

Since the Homegoing Services have now passed, Michael Brown’s memory will live on with those seeking for justice. The families of Emmett Till, Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell and many countless others who had lives vanquished by those behind the badge and or the neighborhood watch. This is an ongoing struggle in America as we know. 

Still on the Ferguson Story that claimed the life of Michael Brown, in which is still tragic that a young man will not get to see college this year. 

Now in the midst of the protests and the concerns of the city. If the wake up call from all of this is a warning shot over the bow, it better be. No I’m talking about Nicki Minaj and her Anaconda video. Nope! More on that later. What’s more important, is about the ideas of law enforcement and body cameras. I know what many are thinking, they should have them. But the question is to why and how?

Knowingly this era, there are cameras everywhere. For those who might be “camera sensitive” let me remind those this. When you walk into a store, or a bank, or any high or medium secure place of business, or an intersection, yes you will be on camera. Even if you see the homemade drone parrots that are remote controlled have cameras on them. The Google Glass has a camera in all. So at all times when you step out, you will be on someone’s camera phone, camera this and camera that. So for those who might get in those moods of I don’t want to be on camera while seeing a bank robbery getting my hair done its not going to cut it. Just a suggestion. 

For this after seeing what has happened, I think I favor the thought of having the “body cameras” on our law enforcement officers for this reason and this reason only: equal evidence. If us folks who pay their salaries can record them of what they do if a improper procedure gets heated, then I think they should have the counter side of showing their side. Just to see if they can prove the hype of backing up their stories. No I’m not advocating pro-police, I’m advocating equal evidence. Many today have to say “Show the proof”. I say do it. Just to say like if needed to have equal pay in the workforce, or equal fairness, I say go for it. 

This idea also got the eyes of the White House via their We The People Website. You know where you can make up a petition to make up a ideal law to see if the President would approve or not. At the rate of an “Michael Brown Law” idea on the site is reaching over 100,000 signatures, in attempt to make this a possibility. For those who like the idea, sign your name via the link.

However, there are those who are concerned about privacy. Yes, we know again that cameras are everywhere. I get it. There are places where cameras are allowed and not allowed. Now if the Police Officers are about to use this as an effort, they have to abide by the rules and regulations of not tampering with the footage of recordings that might be helpful per say of proving cases and/or training that arises. So I assume that the concerns of having these body cams on cops have been addressed. Just like if the average citizen can’t record the movies in theaters!

So what does that have to do with the case of Michael Brown and the recent shooting that has the community of Ferguson in a uproar? Despite of the private concerns of recordings that goes on, this I think shouldn’t be a barrier of getting the equal sides to come forth and actually get the main truth. 

This idea has also attracted the eye of Milwaukee’s 2015 Budget, if Tom Barrett approves overall. Will the Body Cams on Police make a difference of critique? Only time will tell. 

Can I just lash out at the conservative like media? Can I really do this?

For the last couple of days, we have seen who and what Captain Ron Johnson is all about. Yes, he is an active member of the Missouri Highway Patrol and have rightfully so. Even having an act of faith in his ongoing mission of restoring new ideas and objectives in his hometown of Ferguson. So far, I wish he would have this mentality here in Milwaukee, than to deal with the likes of per say…………Sheriff David Clarke. More on that next time.

But however: What is up with the media, like CNN in all having this feeling of him being a Gang Member?!! Let’s take a look at this picture of him flashing a “gang sign”. Feel free to Google if you like.

Are we scared yet?  Really are we running away like scared jack rabbits by looking at this? If so, START RUNNING!

For all those who are not familiar with signs like this, it is NOT A GANG SIGN! This sign is actually a recognizable greeting of the fraternity of Kappa Alpha Psi. An African-American Fraternity that was founded in the year of 1911. This fraternity is part of the Black Greek Lettered Organizations, or the Divine 9 that comprises of Alpha Phi Alpha, Phi Beta Sigma, Omega Psi Phi, Iota Phi Theta, Delta Sigma Theta, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Zeta Phi Beta, and Sigma Gamma Rho. Anyone heard of these fraternities and sororities? You should. Many of the famous folks in American History, particularly black folks had been and currently part of these organizations of not only partying, but also through social service in their communities.

Now who are some members of this fraternity besides the Highway Captain? I can name a few.

And by the way I am no means a member of the Divine 9.

  • Cedric The Entertainer – Actor
  • Demarco Morgan – News Anchor
  • Arthur Ashe – Tennis Legend
  • Wilt Chamberin – NBA Legend
  • Willie Davis – NFL Legend
  • Kevin Eubanks – Musician
  • Dr. Bernard Harris – Astronaut and the first African-American to walk on the moon
  • Robert Johnson – Founder of BET
  • Montell Jordan – Musician
  • Bill Russell -NBA Legend
  • Gale Sayers – NFL Legend
  • Oscar Robertson – NBA Legend
  • John Singleton – Film Director
  • Colin Kaepernick – NFL Player

Are those names are familiar? They should be.

Even though they are or were athletes, media, musicians, movie directors, sports legends, worked for space corporations in all, these names are recognizable. Even for this fraternity. This is the same fraternity in which you might see at stepshows wearing their Crimson and Creme colors, and having the “Kappa Kanes” as part of their display if you will. Plus having alot of “K’s” in their sentences like “Konnection” or “Kreme”. 

So it’s a legendary fraternity. And yes I know some Kappas personally myself that do achieve every human endeavor, per their motto. 

So for those who are conservative like media and thinking that mentality is bad, PLEASE for the love of GOD, do your freaking research! That was an embarrassment of not knowing the knowledge and jumping to conclusions. I do want to recommend a book for all you so-called smart folks. It’s called “The History of African-American Fraternities and Sororities – The Divine Nine.” The author’s name is Lawrence C. Ross, Jr. A Black Divine Nine author if you will. And yes, the Kappas have a website for information. As a matter of fact, the other 8 Fraternities and Sororities in the Divine 9 have websites and yes they are on social media.

So again, what’s the excuse?

In between the investigation, protest, and new action in Ferguson, it’s becoming more clear that the acts given are coming more into light, one by one. We have seen the protests, the reaction of the people, the reaction of Captain Ron Johnson, and many others over the course of the weekend. Plus also yes, Rev. Al Sharpton was on hand as well. We’ve seen them. 

Speaking of Capt. Ron Johnson and his leadership efforts, don’t assume he’s this black Highway Captain being taken for this so-called Puppet mess. Now I have comment on those who feel he’s being “used to display” in all. First of all, this is the first time I’m seeing a black highway captain taking action with those effected by Michael Brown’s murder. Matter of fact, Michael Brown’s murder according to the wires is now a Civil Rights Violation. But there was something about this Highway Captain and him reciting the scripture featuring Jesus and Peter. Now, I know that there are some “Non-Believers in Religion” readers here, but this man, is acting upon his faith, (HIS FAITH) to take charge and to lead the cause of solving an idea to get Ferguson back to normalcy. Not only that, I hope that his faith would enable other black men, black women, black boys and yes black girls to be more in tuned in our own communities. Now don’t assume that the Highway Captain can do it all by himself. He can’t. It takes a team effort, a united front if you will, to get this on track positively. Hopefully with the will of faith, not the badge will enlighten him to take this further for him and  for those that have an united front in the city. 

Similar to Ferguson: Milwaukee knows. Several months ago, a black man named Dontre Hamilton was also gunned down for no reason. Even though this was in April of this year, but it is a similarity. Only two things are different: he was gunned down numerous times approximately 15 at Red Arrow Park in downtown Milwaukee near a park bench. And also, he was 31 years old. Plus also the news article was noted that he was “running scared” due to his condition of schizophrenia at the time. And yesterday in the city, there was a protest took place downtown in solidarity with the Michael Brown case, but also Dontre’s name was mentioned as well. And like similar cities, Milwaukee was and is in the spotlight in concerning about the legality of police actions towards unarmed and I mean “UNARMED” young black men. 

Speaking of Unarmed: This piece by Melissa Harris-Perry was really powerful. And if the critics, or should I say those in denial aren’t getting it, pay attention.

This is not some smoke and mirrors philosophy. Or some bull story. This footage highlighted 10 years of black men being unarmed while being killed by the police. No matter what they done previously. They were all unarmed. For those who are young, black, male and gifted thinking “it may not be me” running around with the pants sagging below your waistline or whatever listening to Lil’ Boosie or Young Jeezy; screaming out n*gger word this and that or I’m going to rape this chick mentality, or swapping drugs left and right with Flat Panel TVs or XBoxes; guess what, if the other folks who will look at you like that, might be thinking the obvious. They will LOOK AT YOU! I’m just saying.

And I want to point out more about these so-called folks calling other black folks “coons” in all. Now I will admit there are black folks who will not take up the cause or turn away from a cause while being black. But when I see those of a Rev. Al Sharpton who has been in the struggle for years, lot of folks had to call him out being a coon. Gilbert Arenas the former NBA player had to bring him out on that. Correct me if I’m wrong, did Gilbert Arenas had a gun issue that got him in trouble in the first place? And nearly derailed his career in basketball? Hmmmm…….. who’s the coon now?! Some might say, he’s expressing his opinion and Its none of my business. I hate to say this to conscious like folks but it’s everyone’s business because he put himself publically out there like that! Strike one. James Brown used to say in one of his songs, “talking loud and saying nothing.” Whether you agree or disagree with Al Sharpton’s point of view of activism, or sense of activism, and I know it’s a half and half viewpoint, just the respect the fact, he is still active today. Rev. Jesse Jackson like him or not, is still active today. Martin Luther King III, like him or not, is still active. I may get some conflicted viewpoints, but I’m telling the truth. Those in denial, understand that! You young bucks need to respect the elders. Don’t EVER push them aside so you can be first! That is not how it works. Whether you like them or not, they are elders!

Several years ago, I wrote a blog on this WordPress thingy about where are the new Civil Rights Leaders? And I remember commenting about you don’t have to be a member of the King/Farris Families, or Malcolm X’s Family to be a Civil Rights Leader. You can be a unknown person and start up being a civil rights leader from a family that has not been even mentioned. And still fight for the causes of Civil Rights. I dare to ask this: Are any of your children, who are in school now, and will be growing up, be able to stand up for civil rights in the future? All that talk about taking shots at Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson ain’t going to cut it! It’s not! I don’t care what Gilbert Arenas said. I don’t care what the commentators who love to go on Roland Martin’s Facebook Page and comment about others not doing jack, and him talking and tweeting about what’s up. Even on the Afro Newspapers, Black Enterprises, or better yet I’m surprised that folks like J. Cole, Missouri Native Nelly (YES NELLY) and even Millennial BET Host Keke Palmer has lend their support of this new struggle in Ferguson. My other question, what about the others who are about all the money for fame? Where they at? We know who they are. No need for names. Or those who do the complaining, what have they done? Other than going on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others who had to input their thoughts and do NOTHING! You can make up all the comments all you want, but have you actively got involved in the cause? And the keyword is ACTIVELY. That means you got to be in for the long haul, not just three weeks behind the computer or cellphone. This is not a reality show here. It’s real life. And even in real life, like anything else involves going to a ballot box to vote. Just as a reminder, 2014 is a voting year. If you don’t like what’s going on in concerning an issue, either Vote Up or write letters. How hard that can be? And no, it doesn’t involved going on Facebook airing it out. That’s way too easy.

But wait a minute here: not everyone does like to vote. Not everyone isn’t going to vote because many believe that all the politicians lie and get away with bloody murder. But when you see situation like in Milwaukee, Ferguson, St. Louis, New Orleans, Los Angeles and many others have been felt by unarmed black males (and sometimes unarmed black females) being killed, this is one example that voting should not be put off the table for anything. If you don’t speak up with your ballots, this is what you get. Full of arguments, riots, looting, shootings, tear gas, multiple arrests of 90 year olds, melees of crowds, and many others. And also, what was up the photographers and even news folks like  getting almost arrested per say of doing their job as reporting?! I don’t understand that. 

Yesterday, Obama had to comment this part in regarding Ferguson: Giving into anger by looting or attacking police ‘undermines instead of advancing justice’. For the record, yes the President is fully aware about the hub bub problems about Ferguson. And no folks, it’s not about Robin Williams this time. U.S. Presidents for years commented about recent deceased well known actors or actresses or famous folks who took on the world. This is nothing new. Yes, you can be mad or disappointed at President Obama by giving his remarks on Robin Williams all you want to, but that’s not going to cut it. Just had to say that. In his viewpoint he was very careful. Plus he had a point about those being angry and looting aren’t gonig to solve problems. He also said that Michael Brown’s murder in relation to the Police getting him killed is “no excuse”. No matter what it was. And he’s right on the money. Now there are those who are asking, should the President go to Ferguson? Should he leave the White House Oval Office, get into his limo, board Air Force One, go to the Ferguson area and see what is up in person? Should he or shouldn’t he? We know that AG Eric Holder is going. Now if the AG is on the list to go, it’s automatic for the President to make his presence felt through him. But in situations like this, even though it might be a thought, but he has to be very careful on that. The last time he wasn’t careful without knowing enough per say, was when Henry Louis Gates got arrested by the Cambridge Police in which they thought, he was breaking into a house, which was his house! This kind of lead to the infamous beer summit if you will. In which all sides had to learn from. But this incident is no beer summit. 

This act has been felt for about 10 days. And if it’s not bad enough, the summary of it has been passed to St. Louis in which a 23 year old black male was shot by the Police today. if this does not send shock waves then I don’t what will. Also this has grown from a senseless murder to confronting the ideals of police brutality. Even racism. Even many other things that demand justice!

For the brothers and sisters in Ferguson and St. Louis: yes the world is watching. Milwaukee is watching. Many other cities in the region and the hemisphere are watching. Many may not get it. But in regarding this, prayers are sent for safety and overall peace for your cities. And even more thoughts for Michael Brown’s family. Keep the message and the conversation going until EVERY American (even those who are in denial of black folks) should understand even more.