As this week progresses, the Season of the Archers will close for another year. And yes, the Capricorns will make way for the path. But BEFORE YOU Capricorns, start taking the Baton of the Zodiac and run: I got something to say here. Last year I wrote two Sagittarius things in tribute and to keep it real with poems. So guess what, I’m going to do it again but with a twist with famous folks of the 9th house living or dead that paved up the way for the 9th house Centaur Nation.

I rep the 9th house. I am that zodiac that roams no bounds,

It’s that thoroughbred in me that still abounds

No matter I’m at work, school or play,

It doesn’t matter, I’m a Sag that still makes the stay

I’ll innovate a famous month of blackness that keeps the folks all year flowing and crusin’

That would be cool, like Dr. Carter G. Woodson

Or to rule the White House: such as debating and tourin’

Like the guy of 8th President of Martin van Buren

For music like Little Richard, Jay Z, Jamie Foxx, Jimi Hendrix, Janelle Monae, Taylor Swift, or Keri Hilson,

Don’t mind me, I’ll be like the folks in Seattle doing a chant for Russell WIL-SON!

Whether I’ll make a pass for a Touchdown, or make the belt come out for the Max,

Just like Aaron Rodgers, I’ll tell those with conviction of R-E-L-A-X!

I’ll be a bit sassy like Nene Leaks or Richard Pryor, or get funny like Redd Foxx or Margaret Cho,

No matter the scene, I’ll be the icon that can still go!

In church, I can do ministry like the Pope Francis I and spread the inspiration,

Or like the beat of the drum like Sheila E, you’ll stay for the duration.

Don’t make me get funky up in here, like my name would be Morris Day,

I’ll make you get up and dance and you’ll have nothing to say!

Us Centaurs might be moody and most of the time can’t take no fool,

Just like the archer Samuel L. Jackson, yo we play it cool.

Us Centaurs will go to the extreme like whole lot of club goers jumpin’

Don’t make me get the stunner son, like the rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Oh, it’s true! It’s true like the moniker of Kurt Angle and his Wrestling Game,

I don’t have Olympic gold medals, but still can rise to fame.

Us Centaurs will get creative like the names of Charles Schultz and Walt Disney

I told you that thoroughbred sound was real, we also kick it like WWE’s Naomi and the dragon himself Bruce Lee, feel me?

Like the famous folks of John Stewart, Robin Roberts, James Avery, and Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix,

Knowing this season of maintenance, it’s always a reference of a done deal fix.

Having towards the wave of success and sometimes be crazy of anything that we oppose,

Go reference Nicki Minaj, or that WWE Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose!

It takes a king to know a king, ala the name Jerry Lawler doing fist drops,

We Sagittarius folks are party starters, which never stops.

We also have voice of a Ella Baker, which the civil rights of her had never scowl,

we also can march to the beat of civil rights and learn from those of a Andrew Goodman, Tom Hayden, Abbie Hoffman and yes,  Adam Clayton Powell.

In closing of this poem, we do have to maintain this flow,

Like another Sag that tells us of Rob Van Dam, we are and can be the whole f’n show!

So as this Sagittarius season closes out another year to come,

Remember Sagnation, no matter what we do and where we go, always have the bows and arrows on lock and roam, and never ever forget where you come from!

When the Centaurs roam, Glyph Happens!

Human Intelligence, Thoroughbred Strength. Sagittarius Soul, Baby!

I know I’m a little late on the scene with this, but I’m going to comment this hashtag: #BlackLivesMatter. And it does matter as much as any matter of human folks there is. Between the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, their deaths have really sparked an new genesis in terms that livelihoods of African Americans do indeed matter. Or black folks in general have lives matter. Now for those who feel that when you see the words: Black Lives Matter in one sentence, don’t go off by saying “Go get a job!” And don’t go by saying “Let’s go to a ball game!”Ain’t nobody got time for that. Plus I’ll dive in on the #ICantBreathe hashtag.

Let’s cut through the smoke here. Why this hashtag of #BlackLivesMatter? Why does it all have to be about Black Lives? I can hear some folks saying that now. Even I shouldn’t be talking about this during Sagittarius/Advent/Christmas season, but no matter the season, the concerns of the cries that scream out #BlackLivesMatter does not matter what season, era, generation, holiday, turn of the century, or any other change in generation! It does not matter! I stand with my black brothers and sisters who say or display #BlackLivesMatter not because they are black. I stand with them because it’s an issue, a concern, a right, and a expression that issues(racism, discrimination, wrongfully accused) need to be clarified and justified in this country that is known to be the United States of America. This past July, I posted about yes America is 238, BUT……..the struggle continues. And since then, the struggle has continued. Personally I have to ask, when a group per say of those whom are not black when things like this comes up, why the denial? What is it that there are not understanding? And no, having black friends do not count! They don’t! Saying the words, #BlackLivesMatter is not racist. It’s not to further divide anyone from anything. And neither not to have the “human power” effect. When other folks say or display #BlackLivesMatter, in my view that is saying that black folks in America have issues and concerns that many need to pay attention too just like everyone else.

Do I have issues?

Do I have concerns?

Do I have problems that need to be addressed?

You bet your Christmas bonuses from work I do!

And yes, my life, #MyBlackLife does indeed matter. Just last week Friday on December 5th, I turned 38 years old. And yes while I was and currently celebrating/observing my birthday (which you can still celebrate all month long), I was looking at a realization that yes #MyBlackLife Matters. Even though I’m about two ticks from 40, (hard to believe), my black life still matters in all angles! Real truth. There were times I felt attacked about my distance education in College, being in a store of racially profiled in thinking I’m going to snag someone’s purse from a non-black shopper. And also I was discriminated in finding a job among with other 390 plus black folks in the Wisconsin in trying to find work! Even though the civil rights case was ended with many of us getting 5G’s (aka $5,000 dollars) but the factor of race with #BlackLivesMatter is still out on the tables and the discussions must continue! No matter the family, neighbor, church, community, and if you’re part of the Divine 9, that matters also. Especially those of the groups of Delta Sigma Theta and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororites whom their leaders told the members not to wear the letters while the protests are happening. Let me say this that it’s not what is on the outside in wear your letters, symbols or colors, it should be about what is in your heart! I don’t care what the leaders say, go out and protest anyway! Speaking of that, I see the Zetas with the colors and letters on, and joining the cause in this, what about Sigma Gamma Rho? And to the Fraternities: Alphas, Kappas, Phi Beta Sigmas, Omegas, and yes Iotas. Where are you?  Are you in this? With or without your letters and colors? I’m just asking! Martin Luther King Jr himself was a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, and yes he protested! And I must ask of those who are the OES, and also the Masons. Are you down?

This just in: As I was going to bed, the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority had reversed their stance on members wearing the letters. Good for them!  For Delta Sigma Theta, according to their Facebook page message, they can wear the colors, but not the letters.

Now to switch the gears: #ICantBreathe.

Why this? These were the words that Eric Garner said before the NYPD choked him out to his death earlier this year. And the cop who did part of that, has been off the hook with no indictment. Shades of Michael Brown with Darren Wilson. Shades of Rodney King with the LAPD and Stacey Koon. Shades of Dontre Hamilton when former Milwaukee Police Officer Christopher Manney shot him over 10 times at Red Arrow Park. Many of us in Milwaukee are still talking about it and protesting his Dontre’s untimely death by Manney’s hand. Also, last weekend and part of this week, I’ve seen players from the NBA and some of the NFL dawning the warm up shirts featuring the words: I Can’t Breathe on the front. Now many probably crying foul over the message, but the message is catching on. No matter whom or what is on it. Take for example, LeBron James. He had on a I Can’t Breathe message on his shirt and Lord and behold, here comes the haters out of Fox News and led by Geraldo Rivera. Why is he still working? Geraldo had to comment that LeBron needed to wear a “need to be a better father” shirt. Really, Fox News and Geraldo?!!! This is the same fool that got jacked up on his own show 20 plus years ago. And the thing is, he always believed that Trayvon Martin shouldn’t had on a hoodie the night George Zimmerman killed him. Typical Fox News. The same network that still has black folks on the neck of things they don’t understand. And I often wonder what do the black commentators on Fox News are thinking? Never mind. There was a time I watched Fox News after 9/11 but after all the mess they comment about blacks, I flipped the dial. And plus don’t get me started about Sheriff David Clarke making an appearance. Wait until my next commentary.

But getting back to the #ICantBreathe message. Keep in mind, Eric Garner said that 11 times. And also, his daughter Erica, was pictured lying down at the exact same spot where her father was choked out by the NYPD! The families of Eric Garner and Michael Brown this year has to look at those empty spaces in the house and the rooms, where they used chill and its going to be hard! The holidays are here and they are not here to celebrate Christmas due to the acts of Darren Wilson, and Officer Daniel Pantaleo. Plus the Dontre Hamilton Family has to looked at an empty spot in the house and its a hard spot to look at due to the hand and the gun of former Milwaukee PD Officer Christopher Manney.

This weekend, there will be protests in Washington DC and New York City. Plus other cities. And on Sunday, after church service nationwide, the black churches as well as the faith community will stand in solidarity of the #BlackLivesMatter and #ICantBreathe messages. Plus also, note to the Church folks: Wear Black!

For the last couple of years or so, the City of Milwaukee, the brew city as everyone knows, that the debate about having a streetcar system has been passed around like a hot potato. It’s been a topic since Mayor John Norquist has been in effect, and also in the last couple of weeks of hot button topics and personal opinions, the StreetCar (not the Trolley thing) project has been put on the table yet again. In the more recent months before the start of the Christmas season, there has been alot of talk about the 833 Building and the potential building of the Couture site near the lakefront. The Couture is slated to be near or at the site of the Milwaukee County Downtown Transit Center near Lincoln Memorial Drive. There was a rendering of the building in which from an artist perspective of different sites of walkways, pathways, intermodal-like stations, and many others. Plus also, this idea has endured the idea of a potential StreetCar project within that area in terms of a route. All of that in my opinion is seeming to pick up of interest. The MAIN thing I am concerned with the Streetcar Project is one thing and one thing only: JOBS!

I don’t care if any Milwaukeean is an antagonist or feel that the Streetcar may not get to the farther side of the city in terms of jobs. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel TODAY published a story about potential jobs for the upcoming year of 2015. Pay attention, job seekers and media. I don’t know what types of jobs will be available in the upcoming year, but if it has something to do with the Northwestern Mutual Tower Project, the Couture Building Project, and or the 833 Building, or maybe the new home of the Milwaukee Bucks, this does count in my view. Plus also, if it goes all well, why not include the Streetcar? I know that many and Alderman Joe Davis, and even Robert Donovan and many others are opposing it due to luxury, or something that many feel may not ride or being too much spending. On not getting to where the jobs are per say. With all due respect to them, and those who support the opposition, I say this and this only: BUILD THE DARN THING!

Why do I feel this way? I want all those to pay attention. Antagonists, Black Milwaukee, Millennials, Gen X’ers who don’t drive, Baby Boomers, Downtown Milwaukee Workers and Residents, and others to listen up! Here is my GENERAL reason. Over the last couple of years from blogging on MyFoxMilwaukee to now, I have highlighted that Milwaukee and/or Wisconsin is a tail-end city and state. Right? Over the course of the years, I have commented about being behind in transportation, and many other things as well. Mainly with transportation. I talked about the KRM terminal route that would have linked Kenosha, Racine and Milwaukee, but apparently is that working? No. Why? Due to politics. And most recently, we had a thing called the High Speed Rail Project that would have linked Madison and Milwaukee for not only transportation, but also for getting to where the jobs are. Similar to my opinion, to the KRM Route. Did that worked out? NO! Why? Again politics. And those who felt that having a HSR train was a boondoggle, obviously don’t know the facts or just want to keep it segregated. Speaking of that: on the ballot from last month, remember when the question about the Transportation Fund? In which the state should go get it’s own Transpiration account for infrastructure only which leads to roads and bridges repair, and many other factors? Let’s see: How did we voted on that? According to the Milwaukee Election Commission, the results ended in which 77.45% of us Milwaukee folks voted Yes. And 22.55% voted no. So many of us who voted yes, to have this Transportation Account thing, for the use of Transportation related issues, there is your answer. And I don’t think that it’s not really all segregated. In lieu of all this, there might be funds or income in your accounts right now in a business stand point that you can’t use. Why? its reserved of a particular use and use only for that objective! Does that make sense? I studied this when the question came out and understood it towards the end.

State Referendum Question 1 Vote For 1

Yes . . . . . . . . . . . . 122,161   77.45  

No. . . . . . . . . . . . . 35,578     22.55

Next week, on December 16th, which is about 9 days before you unwrap those mystery gifts and talk about Jesus’ birth. The Common Council will decide to see if the Streetcar project would move forward to approve.  And also before that happens,  there is a support page per say on the Urban Milwaukee Website in which you the citizen can voice your opinion. Basically, you fill out the form in all, and write a message in supporting the idea of having this project to move forward officially. And in fairness, concerns as well and etc.

Like I said,  I know many don’t like this idea. BUT if it matters on a verge of getting jobs here in Milwaukee that many preached so many times, then what’s the hold up? I hear this on Milwaukee black radio, I read this in the newspapers, Social Media, and word of mouth from those of many sources. But like many said before, you need something! Not many are not to go into construction work, but willing to work for construction in many other areas. Same with finance. Same with safety. Same with other forms of occupations. EVEN trying to get to where the jobs are. But in order to do that, start from within. Which means start from Wisconsin Avenue Downtown and work out to the next county line.

Oh, we are back Sagittarius folks!

Our season is back on the scene and we are the scene. Oh yes, we archers should know about what we do in all. First, happy birthday to all of us either November or December Born Centaurs. No matter what we do on our birthdays,  let us celebrate it (or observe) like we know: Turn Up! or as like to say this year: MOUNT UP!

I know there is a question out there in probably asking, what is up with these “Sagittarius Check-Ins? What about my sign?” Its all about have some love for the zodiac sign. If I was a Capricorn born, or a Scorpio born person, or whatever, I would be doing a check in for those, but I have to be born under those signs! Since  I’m a Sagittarius being a straightforward centaur like minded person as I am, I do the check ins as a way of fun. And also to share some of my interest in the zodiac 9th house. And plus, I do them after my birthday which is gospel. If you must know or didn’t know:


That’s right. December 5th Rocks!


Plus also, I want comment about age change. Oh yes, we know. Whenever the age change happens, we will expect it. On the 5th day of December, I turned 38. Yep. Already I’m getting some gray hair on my chin and hair style. Yeah, I’m moving on up! It kind of hit me when I start to find my keys, some items fell out of my bag. And I’m like, what up with this?!! Then I realized that yep the old age thing is a bugger! Learn that young archers! But at times though its all apart of growing up. And plus its the Christmas season. Oh, when Christmas (aka the Greatest Holiday of all time) comes, there might be a point in all the gifts and dinner where your mind might go wandering. But hey, its the holidays! I get it. And weird things are abound to happen while the season progresses. So, yes it’s Christmastime!

But don’t let that scare you.

We all have and will go through the thing and it will still be Christmas. And after holidays are over, the normalcy will comeback. So if those who might experience that, just keep telling yourself to RELAX!



But anyway, when we rep our zodiac sign, nobody, and I mean NOBODY should not be on the whack list! Keep the repping the sign though. Go to the SagNation parties, or Sagittarius gatherings and get acquainted with others under the same sign. And don’t be surprised to see those that, well might have the same birthday as you. Also known as “birthday twins.”

So yes. While us Centaurs get our own parties on, Mount up! Mount up every day for the expected and the unexpected. Either at work or in the house. No matter if we’re Christmas shopping or gearing up for Hanukkah or Kwanzaa. No matter what SagNation, mount the blank up! And goes for the non Sags that are just watching. We see you, and you see us!

We got this! So as we continue our season until the Capricorns take over the Zodiac Baton,  and more in the coming year, mount up! And to add, in the words of December born Sag, Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers: R-E-L-A-X!




Sagittarius (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Before or after the Sagittarius Check In of 2014, feel free to listen to this song that was made in the decade I was born in: the 1970’s. And then after that, It’s time to check in for the Archers!

Mount up, Sagittarians. Our season is now!



Three Way Dance Time: It’s the First of December, but were still reeling from Thanksgiving Weekend from the food and pumpkin pie. This dance, I’ll comment about Ferguson more, the updated backlash against Sasha and Malia, and plus Facebook got me flagged which was in my opinion that shouldn’t been so dirty. And no, I didn’t post no naked pics or anything that is racist or sexist towards anyone that is a equally a human being.

(Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports)

First take: Ferguson. We’ve seen the protests. We’ve seen and watched the decision of former Police Officer Darren Wilson not to be indicted on the shooting death of Michael Brown. Yes, I’ve said former because over the weekend, he resigned. And he’s a potential target. Just like Zimmerman. We’ve seen the flames that torched the buildings and squad cars. We’ve see them all, even more of the protesting in the streets. We’ve seen it all on MSNBC, CNN, and the dreadful spin of Fox News. We’ve seen it. And yes when the folks protest they expect anger in the streets to get a point across. We’ve seen the protests on Black Friday that had those lying on the floor in a mall in St. Louis. And no, for the record I didn’t spend a penny out of my pocket to spend on Black Friday. Learned that lesson from a long time ago.

But in the recent events, centered the NFL again, and no it’s not just the Packers beating the Patriots at Lambeau. It’s really around the St. Louis Rams and the five players that came out in their intros with the Hands Up Don’t Shoot gesture. And the “Conservative-like media” and the likes of Morning Joe, that had to get shocked and mad over these football players doing the silent protest! Earlier in the year, in the NFL Preseason game between the Packers and Raiders, one of the running backs of the Silver and Black, Maurice Jones-Drew scores a Touchdown run and after that, he did the Hands Up Don’t Shoot Gesture. Where was the outrage in that? And this was directly after Michael Brown was shot. Athletes of back in the day (whom were black)  were not just winning ball games, breaking records, and setting new tones for the victors. They were also making statements for keeping that black pride, and also solidarity of support of those who were killed. I wasn’t around when this happened, but we all know about the Black Power Salute of the 1968 Summer Games in Mexico. John Carlos and Tommie Smith were two African Americans that won as we know. When they got their medals, they took their shoes off, stepped on the podium and when the National Anthem was played, they bowed their heads and had their fists in the air. But also, according to the story, they received death threats for their gesture. Think about this, 1968 is same year that Martin Luther King, Jr was assassinated. The “Original” Civil Rights Movement ended in the same year.  James Brown released the song “Say it loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud” around the same time when Tommie Smith and John Carlos got their medals. When you think of all of those things, some of that I think parralles today, but in a different sense. What I mean by a different sense, many today don’t want to get all revolutionary and such and to start up a scene. I’ve said this many times. And I also asked this question, where are the NEW civil rights leaders at? Some might say Puff Daddy or Jay Z, but no. They might not go for it! They (like others) might “donate” but won’t join the fight that got them there when they were alot younger back in the day! See this is why this era needs to get with the program when things like this happen. And those in the conservative like media, white media, and those I dare say in the progressive, liberal sides of Morning Joe persay needs to get out of the bubble and actually HEAR and SEE what is taking place with the like of Ferguson! It’s not just Ferguson, Milwaukee, Chicago, South Central LA, New York, Ohio or whatever that we see or read about young blacks males getting killed by the cops or neighborhood watch folks. It’s really an ongoing fault in the cog of the Justice System unfairly against Blacks in this country! The struggle continues!


Now for the 5 players of the St. Louis Rams, (and I’m not a fan by the way), the players of  Jared Cook, Kenny Britt, Stedman Bailey, Chris Givens and Tavon Austin. But, here is thought:  are they Americans, too? Do they have a right to free expression, or free speech? They have the right! I don’t care if the St. Louis Police Association, Charles Barkley,  or freaking Mike Ditka believes they were embarrassed or wrong. NO THEY WEREN’T! I wouldn’t be shocked if any of the black Green Bay Packers of Eddie Lacy, Randall Cobb, Mike Neal, Richard Rodgers, Mike Daniels, Datone Jones, or even Micah Hyde, or Davante Adams would have came out of the tunnel at Lambeau Field or at an community anti-violence event in Milwaukee and d0 a “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” gesture in support of those who have been shot for no apparent reasoning! And I know if that were to happen, many in Packer land might not wear a jersey of these players, or have a poster hung in the bar or in your kid’s rooms be taken down all because of a silent gesture of protest. This is not just about winning ball games, scoring touchdowns, or racking up stats. It’s not! It shouldn’t be about when things hear about folks getting shot or killed there are those who say “Let’s go to a ball game!” Wrong answer. Yes, you can go to a ball game, but when you go home…….will that same person be there in a good way sharing a beer or nachos in a nice way be the same person at the dinner table, or helping the kids homework afterschool? Or taking that person to church for a Worship Service on a Sunday Morning? Just asking!

Futhermore this NFL Hands Up Gesture might go for about 2 weeks!


Second take: Sasha and Malia getting dissed.

Can we qrown folks stop messing with Sasha and Malia?! This GOP Staff Person. We all heard this right? But before I get even further, review this:



And after that, she made this apology:


Yes. She apologized. But her days as a GOP Staffer was gone. Fired. The unemployment line has a new member by the name of Elizabeth Lauthen. Hey Elizabeth how does it feel to be in that line of disrepectful folks having the fortitude per say to go after young black female teens that are apart of the first family? Really? And to do it on Facebook?!! Seroiusly?!! Talking crap about Barack and Michelle is one thing, but the children, NO! Just a future warning here don’t be surprised if Sasha and Malia run for office in their later years. If they like amongst others who felt disrespected growing up by bigoted/stuck up adults who pretend they are all about the people, and all about this and that. But when this comes out, are they still that same person. My mother once said to me, you have to monitor yourself. Real talk. This is also a reminder that when you talk about folks in a mean way such as this, they might turn around and take away somethings that mean to you. Oh, lets say like penions, retirement funds, Union stuff, needs of transport, burial expenses, social security, your health needs. Does any of that stuff sound familiar? I’ve heard this in my Milwaukee Black Radio Market, and I’m saying it here, those boys and girls that are targets now, they might be your even worst enemy when rocking the canes, walkers, living it up in the retirement homes about to die! And you might wonder, why they are doing this? What did we do to cause this?! Some might say, “back in 2014 you were talking smack about us about our pants sagging, our hair, our music, our way of dancing, always texting on the phone, always on Facebook, etc. You disrespcted us!” Some of you might be like, that might not happen. But what if it did? I know I might be speaking gibberish on things that might not occur, but it might occur! Whitney Houston once said that the children are our future. Well are they?

This latest stunt is nothing new. Sasha and Malia have been targets of Glenn Beck and many others in the Right Wing-Fox News-Rush Limbaugh dialouge of all things. They were wrong then, and they are wrong now. All of this, is just even more hate against the first black president and his family. But to attack on young black girls? Where are those who defended the Bush Twins when they were drunk? Hello?!!! Nobody don’t want to comment that? When the President said that leave the children out of this back in his running days, he meant that! End of Story. But I think that needs to comeback even more for the sake of Sasha and Malia. And many others who feel the exact same way.

Watch your words. If it’s archived in the next 20 years or more, and if that comes back in a future Throwback Thursday, don’t be shocked!


Third take: How many of us ever got “flagged” by Facebook? Even if it’s something you haven’t really done intentional. Well, this past weekend, I tried to upload a video on Facebook for my High School Alumni and then it was removed. And get this they claimed that it was all some copyright violation notice. Here is the note by the way:

facebook note

This is got to be the worst note. Stupid. And get this, I wrote a note to Facebook recently and I want this to happen: I want Facebook to look over the video that was attempted to upload. Here is the thing, the pictures I used were from a recently Alumni Holiday Gathering in Downtown Milwaukee. They were my pictures that I took personally! I put the pictures onto the program called Flipagram along with a choice of music that I chosen for it called “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. In which I paid for! I paid a $1.29 from Google Play for that one song to be used for a slide show. And then when I attempted to put that onto my Alumni Facebook Group, it was rejected due to some copyright notice. This bugs the HELL out of me!  In response, I written to Facebook in this matter personally the next day. This is what I written to them:

To whom it may concern:

This letter is in response to the “Alleged Violation” Message that was informed to me on November 28th, 2014 about a video I tried to upload onto one of the Facebook Group Pages. The video that was deleted or removed by you was made by me on Flipagram for my High School Alumni Group. The pictures that I selected came from my own collection in terms of my own choosing. They were NOT made for any violations that you, the company proposed and approved.

The audio portion: again, I used that my own collection through Flipagram in which I attempted to use for the video. And thusly, I paid for the song through Google Play with my own money and it was legal without any problems. I know about Copyright uses and the responsibilities behind them. And I understand the sources of making sure that it stays protected of the recent Digital laws. But I feel that my video that I wanted to show SHOULD NOT HAVE been removed because of this. And plus I uploaded Flipagram Videos before, with their 30 second previews of the songs, and I had NO problems or concerns on Facebook. I had no warning messages received based on the latter of concern.  In regarding this situation, and with your Copyright rules and regulations, what Flipagram music and videos are appropriate for Facebook, and what is not appropriate? As a customer, I demand a right to know!

I am enclosing this letter, along with the email message you sent me to clarify my story.

Now I’m not alone in this. First of all, instead of me writing on my Facebook Wall or their help pages, I did the one thing that few do nowadays: write a letter. Whenever you or anyone you know feel that something is wrong or needs to be clarified for ANY MANNER, write a letter. Make sure it’s clear and concise and straight to the point. And also make sure you got proof to back you up just in case. Either a picture, or now a link to a website that you know it’s good and clear to bring this up. And I’m sending a “friendly warning” to the company right now that if they do not respond in at least 30 days from the day of the letter or their notice, I will have no choice but to file a complaint against the company. I’ve done it before with other companies and businesses with the Better Business Bureau. I got my facts and proof to set this up! Beware, Facebook Company. I like you, but I have to come after you like a deadly animal.

When I was on Facebook sometime after, I visited their help pages, and in that same section where it was talked about videos being pulled from the site due to copyright violation of alleged, I’m not the only one. I’ve read about those who tried to upload videos of tributes, and many others with music like country or others. And they got the warnings also! Like I said in the note, I posted videos on Facebook before and I didn’t get flagged or warned. What is this?! A complaint is coming to them. Plus also, I do respect the rights of music in a digital rights stance, but I never stole the music or manipulated the music being copied or other concerns. Matter of fact: here is the link of the slideshow that I did for my High School Alumni that Facebook wouldn’t show.

And that goes for any company. I usually put companies on notice in which that the Better Business Bureau is involved.

It’s time again for the traditional thanksgiving blog: Be thankful. The time of year of to be thankful for all the things we hold dear and still have. Now while those are getting the drink and turkey on along with the games or Parades, or the preliminary Christmas shows coming up, sit back and R-E-L-A-X. While pulling out your smartphone, tablet, laptop or CPU and just read up this thing. 

If you got a good job, be thankful.

If you got a family member in the military and still doing it, be thankful.

If you got good health, or good teeth, or good eyes to see clearly, be thankful.

If you don’t have a doctor, but willing to find one and get checked, just be thankful that you can still do the medical game.

If you have good insurance either Humana or the Affordable Care Act, be thankful! (yeah I said it!)

If your car, truck, motorcycle or speedboat is running good, be thankful.

If you had to move out of a city, or state, just to support your family, and if you had to leave the old business behind, be thankful that you had to do what needs to be done.

If you had to stay or move back to your homestate or city to help your family, (i.e. back to Milwaukee) Be Thankful in which you are dealing a deal for the need, not the want!

If you got your eyes checked, but might be ready for reading glasses, be thankful the most that you can still see clearly!

If you got fired, or laid off from your former and got a new job by working for yourself, as in going in your own business without worrying about the man over the shoulder, Be Thankful!

If you go to the store, Walgreens, Denny’s, a local restaurant for your family, and get appreciated for your efforts, be thankful!

If you donate your time, talents and gifts to your Alumni, Church, or community organization you support alot, be thankful.

If you worked hard for the cash and still saving up for something good, be thankful.

If you can still help those who find work, be thankful.

If you have visionary ideas to help your city to improve, be thankful.

If you weren’t the ones who skipped voting this year, be thankful.

If you got a good home, be thankful.

If you got good parents that STILL helps you past 18 years old, be thankful!

If you are an Unsung Hero and got awarded for it, be thankful.

If you still have the same ol’ technology that has been around for a long time, and still works in the era of smartphones, and tablets, be thankful!

If you are still protesting for the common causes, be thankful!

If you maintain your status of being single with no kids and don’t have a chick or a man on your arm, and not planning on getting married, be thankful!

And yes, if you date the same gender, be thankful! (nod to the LGBT’s)

And yes, if you are married with children be thankful.

If you have relatives who are no longer here, but still try to be thankful for those who are here in your families.

If you have a relative or a friend, or that particular person that you haven’t seen in over 10 years, and you get your boogie on or hang out at the clubs or restaurant to catch up, STILL BE THANKFUL!

If you’re one of the 10,000 plus blog readers, be thankful.

And, if you are one the Americans, who got bullied, got haters, got something to prove in which you can still take the haters or doubters wrong no matter what they said or did since you were a child, or have been “broken” or have been hurt though Domestic Violence (either male or female), or gone through so many routines of health checks, or maybe you have been forgotten about because of a list, or been unfriended, or removed because you believe per say that Jesus is a real deal in all, and still up on your feet and WORKING, yep BE THANKFUL that you can still move and not quit, not surrender, not give up and definite not give in to those who bully you.

Even be thankful for those that you can correct folks for saying your name wrong! I say Stephen like this: Steven. Not like this: Stefan (there will be corrections and donations, lol!)

Other than that: have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Well there you go, America.

I have a question about this: for those who feel that Officer Darren Wilson got off Scot free with a right decision, are you satisfied with that choice?

Come on, even in the week of thanks, are you really satisfied?

Go ahead. Make a comment, Send a tweet. Post your feelings on Facebook. Hashtag it on Instagram.  Yeah, you can do that.

But what at what costs?

Like many others, I had to interrupt my Monday night stuff to tune in to the verdict. Actually there was no “verdict” as in guilty or not guilty.

Mainly, I’ll let my twitter commentary do this talking: Not indicted. Really?!

And later on I said this: Just to reiterate the commentary: Really I’m not shocked nor surprised.

For those who feel once again that it’s all smoke and mirrors, you all need to wake up! WAKE UP NOW! I don’t care if it’s 2014, the week of Thanksgiving, finding your spot for Black Friday, or anything else, but the thing to do right now, WAKE UP!

This is the reality here. Michael Brown Jr is now on the list of those of Emmett Till, Jena6, Trayvon Martin, and countless others of African decent and young were shot or killed, or beaten up by the police and the cops who did the job got off scot free in court. Or those who have been let go in a not guilty verdict.

And the victims, dead, beaten or scared.

And this is supposed to be a “post racial society?” Are you kidding me?!! I got a challenge:  Show me where a post racial society is. Show me where the safe haven is. Show me where an area in America, in Wisconsin, or the freaking state of Missouri where the safe havens at? And show me how justice for unarmed blacks are supposed to have after they have been killed. And no, the stuff you thought you learned will not be a factor.

As I look on my widescreen and online, and looked at the fires raging in the city, is this the answer? I mean you got businesses on fire that folks worked hard everyday and it’s being burned to the ground. What fuels that? Not just knuckleheads. Pure Human Anger. It was around the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s the 90’s, and currently right now in the era of the first black President of this country. And have been so for a long time. And to those who say, “this is Obama’s fault” – stop. Stop it right now! The President did not cause this to happen, okay? Many of you probably forgot, that when Obama was first elected, there were no riots. There were no looting acts, and you probably had folks said “NOT TODAY!” And speaking of careful decisions, what was those 12 folks (actually 9 of them) were thinking?!! Nevermind the nonsense. I’ll bet 9 of those chosen, were probably white, felt that Darren Wilson was doing his job, defended his post and felt that Michael Brown was the aggressor. On Twitter, I read some ridiculous crap about Michael Brown, being compared to the likes of Hulk Hogan. REALLY?!!! How on God’s green earth that Michael Brown was compared to Hulk Hogan?!!! The Hulkster is freaking 61 years old! Michael Brown was 18 and should have been in college, right now! But no, he’s in a cemetery somewhere in Missouri buried six feet under. And unlike most 18 year olds right now, he’s not with his family in order to celebrate the holidays. The Brown family will have that missing space by the dinner table on Thanksgiving, Christmas, his next birthday, and many other overall holidays that will be commented like, “That was Mike Mike’s spot.” I just know it. And many who have lost loved ones due to senseless violence by the police, has and will go through the same thing. image

I wonder how Darren Wilson will react to this? Oh nevermind. He’ll be back on the job, and while that happens, you will have angry folks, majority of them black will not be on the same page. And I know the talk will continue. Just wait and see. And it better be not for no 3 weeks. Enough of the sideline dancing. As for him also, I know this also, he’s a moving target like a deer in the woods. He is on watch. Here in Milwaukee, I commented about a man of Dontre Hamilton who was shot 14 times at Red Arrow Park earlier this year. And mostly the man who shot him Christopher Manney like Darren Wilson is on watch! For all you folks, who just now realized that Justice is a hard way to fight in all, you are getting your first lesson right now.

And I know on Social Media that many of you are making your declaration of not shopping on Black Friday. In regarding this, yes you have the right not to shop. But I’m putting this out there and I know someone will do this. Some of you reading this story, or those you know very well, or who you may never expect, will shop somehow, someway on Black Friday. I’m saying this now. I don’t care how “active or conscious” you are. Some of you will shop on Black Friday and get that deal on that new TV. Word of warning, it’s not really a deal. Wait until the end the year to get your deal. I wrote this line years ago: “Where are the new Civil Rights Leaders?” Seriously, where they at?! Yo, ballers, rappers, wannabe folks selling socks and bootleg CD’s and Movies at Walmart, are you those folks that should be engaging in the civil rights? My Fellow Sagittarius folks, I know it’s our season and we turn up, but where are you in this? And we are one of the best Zodiacs in the field, but where we at Centaurs?!! We gotta roam!

For all the well known, unsung and unknown soldiers out in the game, where are you? Ministers of the faith: black minsters I know some of you, but the white ministers: I see you with the folks, but where are you in this? And by the way, when you preach on Sunday, you better get the Sermons checked! Somebody better be taking some notes! For the folks getting this late like after third shift, Wake up. For the folks who got black sons at home right now, not only educate, but WAKE THEM UP! For the folks who got black girls at home right now, WAKE UP! For the teachers who got black students in classrooms, or dorm rooms, or labs, WAKE UP! For the bosses/CEO’s/ who got black employees, but soon you might lay them off due to “business” – you all better WAKE UP! For those who have black patients, WAKE UP! If you have black military personnel in your units or groups in the Armed Forces: WAKE UP! And if you’re black, and still think it’s not a concern: WAKE UP! And for those who feel we should be on the Human Power instead of Black Power: WAKE THE BLANK UP!

WAKE UP AMERICA! This is not a drill. No apps, no need to program. Just wake the heck up!

Yes Americans. That ongoing concern of post racial society is not working. No there are not silver bullets for this. Nor knives or any other weapons. The reason for this story, because most recently, my alma mater of UW-Stout was recently hit with a local white resident expressing racial slurs to a student of color all because the resident of Menomonie blocked a parking area. See the message that the new chancellor, Bob Meyer addressed the Stout community.

A message from Chancellor Meyer concerning a recent act of racial hate against two of our students:

I have heard from a number of people that they would like more details of the hate incident that occurred recently involving two of our students and a male Menomonie resident. According to our University Police Department, this is what happened:

A female African American student, with her roommate, was driving in the north campus area and was followed by the man into Lot 32 after a traffic dispute. She couldn’t find a parking spot and, when she tried to leave the lot, the man’s vehicle blocked her exit.

The man then got out of his vehicle and started yelling at the student, including the use of racial slurs. Eventually, the student was allowed to drive out of the lot, and she reported the incident to campus police.

The man subsequently was identified, and he has been charged with the crime of disorderly conduct, with an enhanced hate-crime penalty. His case is pending in Dunn County Circuit Court.

I want to emphasize how seriously I view this incident and any incident in which one of our students (or employees) is subjected to discrimination because of their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or any other reason. Hate crimes and bias incidents have no place on our campus or in the community, period.

The campus has a Bias Incident Response Team, and it met as soon as this incident was reported. I was kept apprised of the team’s response.

The initial response was intended to ensure the students had all the support possible and to identify the perpetrator. The dean of students, director of Multicultural Students Services and university police met with the two students the night of the incident and continued to work with them to ensure their needs were met.

I look forward to this incident leading to increased dialogue among the university community about how to enhance the level of civility, acceptance and respect of all people. We all want a safe and welcoming campus and community.

Anyone who believes they are the victim of a hate or bias incident or want more information on the subject should go to:


And this additionally from the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram


MENOMONIE – UW-Stout Chancellor Bob Meyer said he believes a recently reported incident involving at least one racial slur used against a UW-Stout black student will lead to greater education across campus and Menomonie about civility and respect for all.

UW-Stout police received a report on Nov. 11 from a 19-year-old woman that a white man had threatened her and used at least one racial slur against her. He also blocked her into a university parking lot with his pickup truck, according to UW-Stout police Chief Lisa Walter.

Ronald A. Grundeman, 42, of Menomonie faces a citation of misdemeanor disorderly conduct with an enhanced hate crime.

Grundeman is scheduled to appear in court Dec. 9. A criminal complaint had not been filed as of Wednesday.

At the intersection of Crescent Street, Fourth Avenue and Broadway Street, the student reported, her vehicle was almost struck by the pickup truck after it ran a red light.

Grundeman told authorities he had the green light and the student ran a red light, Walter said.

“They believed the other person was at significant fault,” Walter said.

After the near accident, Grundeman is accused of following the woman and another student, who was a passenger in the car and blocking the exit of a university parking lot and yelling at the student. Police said they believe the racial slur was used multiple times.

The students reported that Grundeman threatened he would kill the woman if they were alone. Grundeman told authorities he said the woman could be killed if she continued to drive in that manner, Walter said.

The passenger in Grundeman’s pickup truck posted an account of the traffic altercation on social media, and police were able to determine Grundeman was the driver after talking to the passenger.

Grundeman admitted to being upset and told police he directed a racial slur at the woman, Walter said. Grundeman was arrested Nov. 12 and taken to the Dunn County Jail before he was released.

Meyer said it is upsetting that Grundeman used “despicable language” against the woman.

“My first reaction as a parent was ‘Is my student in a safe school?’ ” Meyer said. “The university has been working a long time to create a welcoming environment. This is not the type of behavior we would like to see. We are trying to create a place of respect and tolerance and a safe environment for students.”

The UW-Stout Bias Incident Response Team met as soon as the incident was reported and worked to provide support for the two students and to locate Grundeman, Meyer said.

In the aftermath of the incident, UW-Stout students are planning activities that include a solidarity demonstration sometime next week.

In this, this is one example that the relations talk about race is still on the table. I know that many are going to say, and here it comes: “I have a lot of black friends……”  Well first of all, as I said many times before, that quote is not cutting it. If those wanting to know the black student population at UW-Stout, its low around 0.6%. Yes we all should know that the University is a PWI school, located in Dunn County near Eau Claire. But that’s not the story. What is the story the most, is the on going racism among college campuses. And also there are those who think that it doesn’t exist. Umm….notes to those who want to know, it does exist and it has many forms and angles. Even you see it on the outside of a college dorm room or a college class room. I want those who feel it’s all smoke and mirrors, or to think  that we should be on the “Human Race” factor, well let me tell you, if those doing the history of certain things, the Human Race per say, was started and originated by black folks. That’s where your human race thing started up! Go all the way back to the beginning of human civilization where mostly African black people were the first of it’s debut. That’s your human race! Plus also in order to be apart of this Human race thing, in my view, you have to start out in your house. And speaking of houses, we all know that the Holidays are coming up. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and of course to round out the year of with New Year’s Eve and Day. Yes, when the dinners happen, we will probably hear that uncle, or that aunt, or believe it or not, your older cousin or parents, or maybe grandparents in which they might make those black N*gger jokes around the dinner table. Or those Gay hating dialogue commentary. We know this! But to those who are doing the defending of those who have friends who are black or gay or whatever that is making no big deal of those who are in those categories:

Challenge statement here – if you really have those friends of African decent, or those who like to love the same gender and they are being commented on, would you defend them?

Or in getting to this question: if the guys or gals per say who make the racial commentary, and you have shared a beer or a game with them in a friendly way, are they are the same folks who go home in their households? I say this alot.

But getting back to UW-Stout and this racial incident. I say this as an alum of the school. Got my bachelor’s degree in Industrial Management, used the Distance Education thing to get my degree done in 4 years, y’all know the story. I want my Alma Mater to realize that it’s fine to rally around the flag and to declare the racism acts on notice. BUT: I want to also say that it’s going to take more than just one day of a rally to end it. It needs to be on the tasks everyday to let those know that it’s an everyday battle. And for those who feel are in denial, or felt that it’s gotten over. I conclude this story with these two words: WAKE UP!

And to add: get out of the funk, out of the denial, out the “negropean mentality” (for those that are black and don’t see it and thinking it won’t effect them) and many others who think that having black friends is a conclusion of no real racism, or planning to move to getaway from racism in all, even saying it’s 2014,  I say again: WAKE UP!

Yes. I know. It’s the day after the Midterm Elections and yes majority of the Red Squad from hades got not only the House and the Senate, but it’s all about one thing: getting at Obama. All of this was just a ploy of them to get back at all those executive decisions that the President made in all. And the Republicans themselves had to say all that jazz to say no to the nation’s first black president from the very start. And partially, those in the Democratic Party who ran in the midterms, and went away from Obama for support, you are NOT real Democrats! That’s what you get. Oh, Republicans don’t make a fan of yours! And to those that didn’t vote, oh I got some words for you!

Dear Democrats, and those who didn’t vote:

It’s me Stephen, a black blogger from Milwaukee. You know the city.

First for the Democrats: are you happy now? Are you really happy now? You shouldn’t be. After that drumming from the elephants that most are despised got you again in a Election Midterm! What is up with you?!!! I’m a Democratic fan in all, but this loss is just another example of you losing in elections like this. But also I have to ask this question: Why did some of you or many of you had to run in the midterms and also ran away from the support of the President of the United States? Some of you probably admit that not liking Obama is one thing, but running away from his support in favoring some of you who ran like cowards per say, got you out of a job to those that most in America don’t like. The Republican Party. I had to be like, why would the blue squad who all for the ACA, the jobs, additional Civil Rights, and many others that Obama proposed and got done so far, many of you had to run scared! And you call yourselves “DEMOCRATS?” Really?!!! Mary Burke didnt run away, but yes she lost. More on that later. Just today, I got a mailing from the Obama’s group, Organizing for Action. And in the envelope, it was a bumper sticker that read this:

Change Only Happens When You Organize

I looked at that today, and I had to wonder if any Democrat that lost ever had to read that message? Or in this case to remind those the only way you aren’t going to get anything done if you don’t organize. For those Democrats that lost big and even in Obama’s Illinois State, ask yourself that question in the mirror, did you really made that decision of running and not getting the POTUS Support? Really?! Now let me comment of the voting factor. If you voted up yesterday, or ahead of time like I did, you can have the hand patted on the back. But for those who didn’t feel that voting wasn’t all that important or it’s just a waste of time out of you going to the club getting your boogie on, or your hair done, or worrying about playing your video games or still being “socially active” on Social Media and not doing a darn thing of getting your communities better in all, you are at fault! I mean I could blame the blue squad and Wisconsin Democratic Leader Mike Tate for not stepping up in all, but for the voters (or those so-called non voters) that refuse to cast a ballot, don’t you realized that there were those who fought and died for your right to vote?

Take a look at Wisconsin. Yes. Scott Walker beat a woman. Mary Burke got beat by a guy who still has a proud moment of a High School Diploma, dropping out of Marquette University, whom probably wasn’t that likable at Marquette anyway. She also got beat by a guy who ran an campaign of getting 250,000 jobs but only came up with 133,000 plus jobs netted in the state. She also got beat by a guy who thought having a rail system was a boondoggle between Milwaukee and Madison, and also she got beat by a guy who would like to privatize schools, take money away from the large cities to the small towns and above all else, the next time if those want to go on unemployment or food stamps, make sure you got your urine samples ready! Make sure your benefits change is straight under this guy. That swift action of slash and burn 2.0 is coming. Plus also Mary Burke got beat by a guy that may have an idea in the next two years to get the chair the White House. If that were to happen: GOD HELP WISCONSIN! Why Wisconsin? Ask those in the 50% that think that Walker is a good guy in which many trust. To be honest, I don’t trust Walker since his days in Milwaukee as a County Executive cutting bus routes, raising bus fares, and cutting out the poor folks stuff that don’t have access to health, food banks or even getting to work.

Thank you non-voters for wasting your excuses of keeping Walker for the next four years. Most of us tried to warn you! But, nah, you had to be one of the 2/3 per say in the state or county that didn’t vote. This what happens. Now many of you are already complaining about all these law changes and these extreme demands out of Walker and also those who feel that the Republicans are holding safe zones by which they stand for. They’re not! And for those who are Independents that sided with Walker in all, no disrespect but what was you thinking? Now there are many of us who are disappointed in all the canvassing, campaigns, GOTV, and many others  including voting of the Democratic side that just failed. But for the next two years, I think the momentum and the engagement of this loss, should rebuild the next players to be, to make the Democratic Party (and yes this includes the Wisconsin Democratic Party) a valuable player in the game of Midterms, Governing, and yes events. But in between that, they need to change the culture! Do you get me Democrats? It’s time for you in the blue squad and the blue squad to be, you all need to change the culture for strong players. Reference the quote above.

Yes, for us in Wisconsin who felt disappointed that Mary Burke got beat, we know. But I think that partially the main source of her loss was the plagiarism thing for her jobs plan. That one thing got the Walker folks talking that jazz for their win. Just saying. All of that came close to the Election Day. Yes, Mary Burke (unlike Walker) has a college degree, educated and also her family made the Trek Bikes well known. Speaking of that, not to ask in all, why aren’t any Trek Bike factories or shops in the metro Milwaukee area? Um….Hello?! Just asking. And yes, this was the same Mary Burke who tapped into the black vote in Milwaukee. Plus appearing on WNOV more times than any of the Republican reps period. Oh, just to ask, how many times Scott Walker got on the black radio in Milwaukee during his tour of trying to get re-elected? Oh I forgot, ZERO! Now there might have been some black republican “surrogates” of the Wisconsin Republican Party might have chimed in on black radio or the black newspapers, but none of the appearance of Walker himself.

For all you Walker folks, yeah your boy got his third win. But if I were a real Walker supporter, in which I am not, and never will, I would hold him accountable of everything he does. No matter if it’s showing off his High School Diploma or getting those new bills done with Voter ID. Yes Walker folks, Scott is on watch. And even the detractors are closely looking of him and any other Republican known in this era.



P.S. – Next blog will focus on the mentality of non-voters plus racism. I kid you not. I will go deep.