This is the last blast of summer vacation. Hard to believe. Even though that many are on the highways and byways, airways and train going on that last vacation run before most or some of the kids go back to school or resume college classes. Also, it’s a time to reflect on us who do the four letter word: W-O-R-K. That’s working. Either for the check, or for the knowledge of volunteering. Now why I’m including volunteers? They work. However, this blog letter is for us working folk that punch the time clocks and get that paper or knowledge for the family household. Or single life. 


Dear Workers of America (and Volunteers) 

It’s me Stephen. Black blogger by hobby, not by trade from the brew city of Milwaukee. 

Yes, its our day. Labor Day. A day set aside to get some rest and breather for us working folks. We know who we are. Those of us who work 40 hours, 30 hours, 20 hours, 12 hours, full time, part time, independent contractors, business owners and all, this day is for us to chill.

Even though we work as secretaries, janitors, drivers, teachers, media personalities, and many many other jobs, this day is for us to chill. 

The last time I wrote a blog of Labor Day, was back in 2012. At the time, I was acknowledging the working folks and also: volunteers. Plus also I had to address those who like to scam folks and get reported to the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Protection Departments. For the record on that: that same company that gave me those past threats, have NOT contacted me and stayed out of sight. So for those who think that scamming folks with jobs and money is the thing to go, just a warning to say that you are always on watch! I don’t care if it’s an self making money website that guarantees $3,000 per month and being independent. That has to be watchful.  And no they don’t get a Labor Day. EVER!

For us to do the thing everyday and legally, it’s for us. We get it. 

Now I have to address the volunteers. Even though they don’t paid like the others, but they do work! And yes if you are a volunteer, to me this day is also about you. Many of you that volunteer your services out of your time that deal with people, places, things, or ideas. And yes, payments aren’t valid. However the more you give out of your time, is a blessing always. So for those who are volunteers for life, hey enjoy this Labor Day Holiday. Plus I have another group folks that I have to acknowledge, the students who already have a job that go to class and get their education on. Yes, students you in those classrooms right now either living on college campuses or in your parent’s house, you have a job that labors towards your educational goals! And even those who are seeking work like 24 hours per day/7 days per week and still networking like clockwork, that is a job itself. And yes, that is a job that labors your chances to get hired. Despite of the barriers of unemployment, credit checks, overqualified statuses, bad political advice of a certain amount given, (i.e. 250,000 private sector jobs) and other concerns that hinders workers not getting those jobs. 

So as we get to feel that last blast of Summer Vacation, and feel the opportunity to go back to work and school, Laboring always matters. Plus Football!




If you’re just getting home form work, or getting used to your first week of college classes, or getting prepared for the schools for next week, Michael Brown is officially laid to rest in Missouri. Just to think this young man, at 18 years old is gone. And wouldn’t be able to go to college if he had not got shot by Darren Wilson in his homestate. 

Seeing the church, that packed about 4,000+ for an 18 year old is like saying we need to do more to prevent the cause of young black men going out with a bullet to the arms, an eye and the head. If those did the math, those were the areas where Michael Brown was shot in a total of six times. We know this. Plus also there are those who preferred the idea of having Michael Brown killed. I mean excuse me, but this kid didn’t deserve this at all. For those pundits, and those haters who feel that this kid deserved it because he was some black thug on the street, clearly and I mean CLEARLY you don’t know jack about Michael Brown. I don’t know jack about him either, but I can identify about being on the watch while being black everyday. This might scare the non-black readers, but partially, it is a reality. A reality in which many in the black communities in the country know all too well. Now I’ll probably get the proverbial “dude just go to school, get a job, yada, yada yada.” We know. But when a situation like this happens, your education, your high paying job, your neighborhood, etc will not save you. I want the non-black readers to understand this. Even if you feel that black folks are still an enemy of the state

Looking at the almost 2 hour plus service online with no commentary, it seemed surreal that this is happening despite of the cause. Seeing the mother of Michael Brown, Lesley McSpadden crying infront of the black and old gold casket that contained the body of her 18 year old son. Seeing the father, Michael Brown, Sr. the same state in he’s in having his son buried at 18 years old. Not even to start college. 

Seeing and hearing the Stepmother, Cal Brown of her memories of Mike, or “Mike Mike” during the service. She also commented about Mike’s death being predicted by an ominous outcome of death. As bone-chilling as it’s sounds that is what she said in his commentary. Many other speakers from Mike Brown’s Family spoke about his choice being saved by grace slightly before his death. Question, how many 18 year olds now, right now had ever got up in church, or made that confession to say I want Jesus in my life? When Mike made his confession to the inspirational commonality of the teachings, they say and many say he was saved by grace. We also heard that he wanted to shake up the world and to show his talents and gifts in the process. This was all planned by him to do. But in the light of the recent events and his death, his gifts and talents are taken elsewhere eternally. 

After his uncle delivered the Eulogy, it was time for Rev. Al Sharpton to take the stand.

As I stated in my last blog, whether you agree or disagree with his viewpoints of being in the struggle, or being active, he is still active no matter what. I’m not an Al Sharpton fan. Yes, I do watch PoliticsNation, and sometimes, I listen to “Keeping it Real with Al Sharpton” on the radio to hear his viewpoints. Some I agree with. Some I disgree. But it is a viewpoint regardless. 

But this special commentary, in his message today wasn’t just about Michael Brown. It was about that America should start and re-start policing the officers who crossed the line too many times when dealing with African-American Males and alike. He also expressed these words that really sent shockwaves to the masses and those that play poker with police brutaltiy and controversial law: 

“America is going to have to come to terms with [the fact that] there’s something wrong, that we have money to give military equipment to police forces but we don’t have money for training, and money for public education and money to train our children,”

“How do you think we look when the world can see you can’t come up with a police report, but you can find a video,”

On his commentary of non-violent protest:

“How do you think we look when young people march nonviolently, asking for the land of the free and the home of the brave to hear their cry and you put snipers on the roof and pointed guns at them. How do we look?”

And for those looking for a movement:

“We can’t have a fit, we’ve got to have a movement; “A fit, you get mad and run out for a couple of nights. A movement means we’ve got to be here for the long haul and turn our chants into change, our demonstration into legislation. We have got to stay on this so we can stop this.”

(Note: for further stories of the commentary, click on the links below from

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In addition to Rev Al’s Commentary, he was not saying, stay on it for two weeks. This is a long process. A long process to uphold everyday. It’s not a quick fix overnight. And plus, its not a quick fix overnight on Facebook. Oh, I have to say it’s going to take MORE THAN SOCIAL MEDIA of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, MySpace, Instagram and many others being parroted in all with words and memes. You have to do it in public and to be guided. Now let me comment the guided part, there are those of us who protested recently and sort of got it. But the guidance wasn’t there. That guidance has to come from those who are in the long haul. than 2 weeks. You can’t do a movement thing like this in a short amount of time and that’s it. It doesn’t work that way! Gotta play the long ball. 

What I’m saying is, you can put up your pics in all on Social Media. But the fact of the matter is, you need to be active in the public front. That’s like saying, step away from your Facebook, and social media stuff behind the machines and get ACTIVE in the game of being in the struggle! But wait: not many don’t want to lead that. Don’t want to be all revolutionary or ashamed to be black. We know. This is not just a wake up call for Ferguson. But also a wake up call for the rest of Black America (ie St. Louis, Milwaukee, Chicago, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Atlanta, etc) that you just can’t sit on the bench and expect to see the parade go by! It ain’t gonna work folks. It’s just like when folk ask about looking for a new black leader or leaders to steer the ship. Again, it’s not going to cut it! Wait your turn and get some guidance! 

Finally, the lasting thing from the home-going in regarding Michael Brown, Jr. Some of the Cameras and footages were at the cemetery where the burial took place and the center of the expression was centered around Michael Brown, Sr. The expression of the sadness got to him when he and his family had to see his son’s casket lowered into the grave. The picture that was seen on the Internet of his grieving had sunk in. Many were on Instagram or Facebook had seen it and those same many folks were saying “take it down, we get it!” Maybe they don’t. Once again, this is a FATHER. A black father expressing his bereavement of his deceased son! If many don’t understand the sadness then many shouldn’t comment on either platform, just my point of view. For all of you manbox fans of the males, and yes I’m telling the females too: there is nothing wrong for a male to express that. It’s not all macho. If you’re a male that has to express that, go ahead. Let it out!

I’ve seen pictures like this in past Ebony Magazines, Time Magazines, National Geographics, Jet Magazines, and many others who had to openly express their sadness pictured. Think about this: how many times we’ve seen this in the middle eastern countries of mothers, grandfathers, fathers, sons, daughters and many others in tears of sadness upclose with pictures? Don’t tell me I’m the only one! And why is the “questioning” of this is being brought to light by those who had to pump up the commentary? They’re going through mourning and folks are just asking questions why and joking about it. This is no laughing matter! Anyway you slice it. Even you see it in your local or regional or national newspapers. So what’s the problem? Yes I do realize it’s so sensitive. I get it. If you don’t like pics that expresses sadness, don’t look!

Since the Homegoing Services have now passed, Michael Brown’s memory will live on with those seeking for justice. The families of Emmett Till, Trayvon Martin, Sean Bell and many countless others who had lives vanquished by those behind the badge and or the neighborhood watch. This is an ongoing struggle in America as we know. 

Still on the Ferguson Story that claimed the life of Michael Brown, in which is still tragic that a young man will not get to see college this year. 

Now in the midst of the protests and the concerns of the city. If the wake up call from all of this is a warning shot over the bow, it better be. No I’m talking about Nicki Minaj and her Anaconda video. Nope! More on that later. What’s more important, is about the ideas of law enforcement and body cameras. I know what many are thinking, they should have them. But the question is to why and how?

Knowingly this era, there are cameras everywhere. For those who might be “camera sensitive” let me remind those this. When you walk into a store, or a bank, or any high or medium secure place of business, or an intersection, yes you will be on camera. Even if you see the homemade drone parrots that are remote controlled have cameras on them. The Google Glass has a camera in all. So at all times when you step out, you will be on someone’s camera phone, camera this and camera that. So for those who might get in those moods of I don’t want to be on camera while seeing a bank robbery getting my hair done its not going to cut it. Just a suggestion. 

For this after seeing what has happened, I think I favor the thought of having the “body cameras” on our law enforcement officers for this reason and this reason only: equal evidence. If us folks who pay their salaries can record them of what they do if a improper procedure gets heated, then I think they should have the counter side of showing their side. Just to see if they can prove the hype of backing up their stories. No I’m not advocating pro-police, I’m advocating equal evidence. Many today have to say “Show the proof”. I say do it. Just to say like if needed to have equal pay in the workforce, or equal fairness, I say go for it. 

This idea also got the eyes of the White House via their We The People Website. You know where you can make up a petition to make up a ideal law to see if the President would approve or not. At the rate of an “Michael Brown Law” idea on the site is reaching over 100,000 signatures, in attempt to make this a possibility. For those who like the idea, sign your name via the link.

However, there are those who are concerned about privacy. Yes, we know again that cameras are everywhere. I get it. There are places where cameras are allowed and not allowed. Now if the Police Officers are about to use this as an effort, they have to abide by the rules and regulations of not tampering with the footage of recordings that might be helpful per say of proving cases and/or training that arises. So I assume that the concerns of having these body cams on cops have been addressed. Just like if the average citizen can’t record the movies in theaters!

So what does that have to do with the case of Michael Brown and the recent shooting that has the community of Ferguson in a uproar? Despite of the private concerns of recordings that goes on, this I think shouldn’t be a barrier of getting the equal sides to come forth and actually get the main truth. 

This idea has also attracted the eye of Milwaukee’s 2015 Budget, if Tom Barrett approves overall. Will the Body Cams on Police make a difference of critique? Only time will tell. 

Can I just lash out at the conservative like media? Can I really do this?

For the last couple of days, we have seen who and what Captain Ron Johnson is all about. Yes, he is an active member of the Missouri Highway Patrol and have rightfully so. Even having an act of faith in his ongoing mission of restoring new ideas and objectives in his hometown of Ferguson. So far, I wish he would have this mentality here in Milwaukee, than to deal with the likes of per say…………Sheriff David Clarke. More on that next time.

But however: What is up with the media, like CNN in all having this feeling of him being a Gang Member?!! Let’s take a look at this picture of him flashing a “gang sign”. Feel free to Google if you like.

Are we scared yet?  Really are we running away like scared jack rabbits by looking at this? If so, START RUNNING!

For all those who are not familiar with signs like this, it is NOT A GANG SIGN! This sign is actually a recognizable greeting of the fraternity of Kappa Alpha Psi. An African-American Fraternity that was founded in the year of 1911. This fraternity is part of the Black Greek Lettered Organizations, or the Divine 9 that comprises of Alpha Phi Alpha, Phi Beta Sigma, Omega Psi Phi, Iota Phi Theta, Delta Sigma Theta, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Zeta Phi Beta, and Sigma Gamma Rho. Anyone heard of these fraternities and sororities? You should. Many of the famous folks in American History, particularly black folks had been and currently part of these organizations of not only partying, but also through social service in their communities.

Now who are some members of this fraternity besides the Highway Captain? I can name a few.

And by the way I am no means a member of the Divine 9.

  • Cedric The Entertainer – Actor
  • Demarco Morgan – News Anchor
  • Arthur Ashe – Tennis Legend
  • Wilt Chamberin – NBA Legend
  • Willie Davis – NFL Legend
  • Kevin Eubanks – Musician
  • Dr. Bernard Harris – Astronaut and the first African-American to walk on the moon
  • Robert Johnson – Founder of BET
  • Montell Jordan – Musician
  • Bill Russell -NBA Legend
  • Gale Sayers – NFL Legend
  • Oscar Robertson – NBA Legend
  • John Singleton – Film Director
  • Colin Kaepernick – NFL Player

Are those names are familiar? They should be.

Even though they are or were athletes, media, musicians, movie directors, sports legends, worked for space corporations in all, these names are recognizable. Even for this fraternity. This is the same fraternity in which you might see at stepshows wearing their Crimson and Creme colors, and having the “Kappa Kanes” as part of their display if you will. Plus having alot of “K’s” in their sentences like “Konnection” or “Kreme”. 

So it’s a legendary fraternity. And yes I know some Kappas personally myself that do achieve every human endeavor, per their motto. 

So for those who are conservative like media and thinking that mentality is bad, PLEASE for the love of GOD, do your freaking research! That was an embarrassment of not knowing the knowledge and jumping to conclusions. I do want to recommend a book for all you so-called smart folks. It’s called “The History of African-American Fraternities and Sororities – The Divine Nine.” The author’s name is Lawrence C. Ross, Jr. A Black Divine Nine author if you will. And yes, the Kappas have a website for information. As a matter of fact, the other 8 Fraternities and Sororities in the Divine 9 have websites and yes they are on social media.

So again, what’s the excuse?

In between the investigation, protest, and new action in Ferguson, it’s becoming more clear that the acts given are coming more into light, one by one. We have seen the protests, the reaction of the people, the reaction of Captain Ron Johnson, and many others over the course of the weekend. Plus also yes, Rev. Al Sharpton was on hand as well. We’ve seen them. 

Speaking of Capt. Ron Johnson and his leadership efforts, don’t assume he’s this black Highway Captain being taken for this so-called Puppet mess. Now I have comment on those who feel he’s being “used to display” in all. First of all, this is the first time I’m seeing a black highway captain taking action with those effected by Michael Brown’s murder. Matter of fact, Michael Brown’s murder according to the wires is now a Civil Rights Violation. But there was something about this Highway Captain and him reciting the scripture featuring Jesus and Peter. Now, I know that there are some “Non-Believers in Religion” readers here, but this man, is acting upon his faith, (HIS FAITH) to take charge and to lead the cause of solving an idea to get Ferguson back to normalcy. Not only that, I hope that his faith would enable other black men, black women, black boys and yes black girls to be more in tuned in our own communities. Now don’t assume that the Highway Captain can do it all by himself. He can’t. It takes a team effort, a united front if you will, to get this on track positively. Hopefully with the will of faith, not the badge will enlighten him to take this further for him and  for those that have an united front in the city. 

Similar to Ferguson: Milwaukee knows. Several months ago, a black man named Dontre Hamilton was also gunned down for no reason. Even though this was in April of this year, but it is a similarity. Only two things are different: he was gunned down numerous times approximately 15 at Red Arrow Park in downtown Milwaukee near a park bench. And also, he was 31 years old. Plus also the news article was noted that he was “running scared” due to his condition of schizophrenia at the time. And yesterday in the city, there was a protest took place downtown in solidarity with the Michael Brown case, but also Dontre’s name was mentioned as well. And like similar cities, Milwaukee was and is in the spotlight in concerning about the legality of police actions towards unarmed and I mean “UNARMED” young black men. 

Speaking of Unarmed: This piece by Melissa Harris-Perry was really powerful. And if the critics, or should I say those in denial aren’t getting it, pay attention.

This is not some smoke and mirrors philosophy. Or some bull story. This footage highlighted 10 years of black men being unarmed while being killed by the police. No matter what they done previously. They were all unarmed. For those who are young, black, male and gifted thinking “it may not be me” running around with the pants sagging below your waistline or whatever listening to Lil’ Boosie or Young Jeezy; screaming out n*gger word this and that or I’m going to rape this chick mentality, or swapping drugs left and right with Flat Panel TVs or XBoxes; guess what, if the other folks who will look at you like that, might be thinking the obvious. They will LOOK AT YOU! I’m just saying.

And I want to point out more about these so-called folks calling other black folks “coons” in all. Now I will admit there are black folks who will not take up the cause or turn away from a cause while being black. But when I see those of a Rev. Al Sharpton who has been in the struggle for years, lot of folks had to call him out being a coon. Gilbert Arenas the former NBA player had to bring him out on that. Correct me if I’m wrong, did Gilbert Arenas had a gun issue that got him in trouble in the first place? And nearly derailed his career in basketball? Hmmmm…….. who’s the coon now?! Some might say, he’s expressing his opinion and Its none of my business. I hate to say this to conscious like folks but it’s everyone’s business because he put himself publically out there like that! Strike one. James Brown used to say in one of his songs, “talking loud and saying nothing.” Whether you agree or disagree with Al Sharpton’s point of view of activism, or sense of activism, and I know it’s a half and half viewpoint, just the respect the fact, he is still active today. Rev. Jesse Jackson like him or not, is still active today. Martin Luther King III, like him or not, is still active. I may get some conflicted viewpoints, but I’m telling the truth. Those in denial, understand that! You young bucks need to respect the elders. Don’t EVER push them aside so you can be first! That is not how it works. Whether you like them or not, they are elders!

Several years ago, I wrote a blog on this WordPress thingy about where are the new Civil Rights Leaders? And I remember commenting about you don’t have to be a member of the King/Farris Families, or Malcolm X’s Family to be a Civil Rights Leader. You can be a unknown person and start up being a civil rights leader from a family that has not been even mentioned. And still fight for the causes of Civil Rights. I dare to ask this: Are any of your children, who are in school now, and will be growing up, be able to stand up for civil rights in the future? All that talk about taking shots at Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson ain’t going to cut it! It’s not! I don’t care what Gilbert Arenas said. I don’t care what the commentators who love to go on Roland Martin’s Facebook Page and comment about others not doing jack, and him talking and tweeting about what’s up. Even on the Afro Newspapers, Black Enterprises, or better yet I’m surprised that folks like J. Cole, Missouri Native Nelly (YES NELLY) and even Millennial BET Host Keke Palmer has lend their support of this new struggle in Ferguson. My other question, what about the others who are about all the money for fame? Where they at? We know who they are. No need for names. Or those who do the complaining, what have they done? Other than going on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others who had to input their thoughts and do NOTHING! You can make up all the comments all you want, but have you actively got involved in the cause? And the keyword is ACTIVELY. That means you got to be in for the long haul, not just three weeks behind the computer or cellphone. This is not a reality show here. It’s real life. And even in real life, like anything else involves going to a ballot box to vote. Just as a reminder, 2014 is a voting year. If you don’t like what’s going on in concerning an issue, either Vote Up or write letters. How hard that can be? And no, it doesn’t involved going on Facebook airing it out. That’s way too easy.

But wait a minute here: not everyone does like to vote. Not everyone isn’t going to vote because many believe that all the politicians lie and get away with bloody murder. But when you see situation like in Milwaukee, Ferguson, St. Louis, New Orleans, Los Angeles and many others have been felt by unarmed black males (and sometimes unarmed black females) being killed, this is one example that voting should not be put off the table for anything. If you don’t speak up with your ballots, this is what you get. Full of arguments, riots, looting, shootings, tear gas, multiple arrests of 90 year olds, melees of crowds, and many others. And also, what was up the photographers and even news folks like  getting almost arrested per say of doing their job as reporting?! I don’t understand that. 

Yesterday, Obama had to comment this part in regarding Ferguson: Giving into anger by looting or attacking police ‘undermines instead of advancing justice’. For the record, yes the President is fully aware about the hub bub problems about Ferguson. And no folks, it’s not about Robin Williams this time. U.S. Presidents for years commented about recent deceased well known actors or actresses or famous folks who took on the world. This is nothing new. Yes, you can be mad or disappointed at President Obama by giving his remarks on Robin Williams all you want to, but that’s not going to cut it. Just had to say that. In his viewpoint he was very careful. Plus he had a point about those being angry and looting aren’t gonig to solve problems. He also said that Michael Brown’s murder in relation to the Police getting him killed is “no excuse”. No matter what it was. And he’s right on the money. Now there are those who are asking, should the President go to Ferguson? Should he leave the White House Oval Office, get into his limo, board Air Force One, go to the Ferguson area and see what is up in person? Should he or shouldn’t he? We know that AG Eric Holder is going. Now if the AG is on the list to go, it’s automatic for the President to make his presence felt through him. But in situations like this, even though it might be a thought, but he has to be very careful on that. The last time he wasn’t careful without knowing enough per say, was when Henry Louis Gates got arrested by the Cambridge Police in which they thought, he was breaking into a house, which was his house! This kind of lead to the infamous beer summit if you will. In which all sides had to learn from. But this incident is no beer summit. 

This act has been felt for about 10 days. And if it’s not bad enough, the summary of it has been passed to St. Louis in which a 23 year old black male was shot by the Police today. if this does not send shock waves then I don’t what will. Also this has grown from a senseless murder to confronting the ideals of police brutality. Even racism. Even many other things that demand justice!

For the brothers and sisters in Ferguson and St. Louis: yes the world is watching. Milwaukee is watching. Many other cities in the region and the hemisphere are watching. Many may not get it. But in regarding this, prayers are sent for safety and overall peace for your cities. And even more thoughts for Michael Brown’s family. Keep the message and the conversation going until EVERY American (even those who are in denial of black folks) should understand even more. 


I know I’m a little late on this, but there no reason for me to express the viewpoint of mine with the Police of NYPD and Ferguson are in hot water of their recent “mistakes” of taking out black men. 

I’ve heard this in the 90’s and I’m saying this to every Black Male reading this blog: We are an endangered species! 


For you young black brothers who think it’s not true, or being part of the smoke screen, it’s not really reality until it happens to you. Or close to you!

First, that chokehold incident by the NYPD on the late Eric Garner was just ridiculous. I mean really? Oh, what cops can put innocent black men on chokeholds now? Making them pass out and die on the spot? Really?!!! This dude, Eric Garner was just 43 years old. A father of six. And from what I understand was a peacemaker. And worked for the city during his tenure. But his funeral in New York wasn’t just a homegoing, it was also a rally cry to act. Yes, even Rev. Al Sharpton had to say what needed to comment during the funeral. We all know what he had to say. And also the idea of those “officers” who put a guy like Eric in a Chokehold, and put them on desk duty, is nothing more to say, “Oh, I’ll put them on desk duty…..”  Those officers need to have their badges and their jobs revoked. I’m sorry NYPD it needs to be said. They need to be removed as officers of the law, they need to have their jobs, badges, guns, or any other earned thing they got with their badges and guns need to be, GONE! This police brutality crap has gone beyond shameful. Especially on innocent black men like the late Eric Garder. And dude was just 43 years old.

Now, it’s been reported and I’m sure many of you have been following thus far: Ferguson. We all know by now about 18 year old Michael Brown being shot by the Ferguson Police in the same week when we mourned and reflecting the life of Robin Williams. Look here, I got respect for Robin Williams and he was one of the best funny comedians that lived. We all remembered those Mork and Mindy days, Comic Relief, the USO, and even Live on Broadway, in which he got explicit in his jokes. But he was real funny! The last commercial I remembered out of him was a Snickers Commercial surrounded by a Football Team and saying “We win this for Mother Russia!” in a Russian accent per say. Very Talented. His death of apparent suicide had sparked us in shock. This reminds me of Don Cornelius killing himself in Black History Month in 2012 with a gun at 75 years old! And many ask like, why would a 75 year old man would kill himself? It’s also like asking why would someone who had all that success would just go away like that? Another revelation about Robin’s dilemma was that he was diagnosed with early Parkinson’s Disease. And we’re mourning him and honoring his memory. He ran his race for 63 years of his life.

What does that have to do with Michael Brown? Mostly nothing. But he was shot by the police. And to think, this young dude was supposed to be in a college classroom right now! But no, he had to get shot by some misguided Ferguson Police Officers. Namely Darren Wilson. Probably they thought he was just some thug that was starting up trouble to look suspicious or to generate fear. And to have it all out of the way just because of him looking like whatever. This story to me goes along what Renisha McBride, and countless others had gone through the same thing. Plus also his body was lying in the street well after he was killed and received no medical attention for about 4 hours. And after had his hands up. Um, what was hold up of him not being treated for that long? This goes back to Trayvon Martin on a serious tip. I don’t mean to glorify, but that what I think this draws comparison too. You get an unarmed young black male, doing his business without any harm, and POW!!!!! Shot dead. So that is the norm of being a young black male when facing the result of a barrel of a gun. And partially, some black females. 

I told you once and twice: young black males are an endangered species. It was a warning to those growing up in the 90’s and it’s a “Major Storm Warning” now.

Now I know many around the country are showing solidarity to Michael Brown and family. And there are those who probably went to Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter, Vine, and many other social media stuff and commented that “what about our own communities?” We got problems in Chicago, in Detroit, L.A. and even in Milwaukee! I see that shiznit popping up. When Trayvon Martin got killed, many in the country never knew who he was. As his name popped up even more, many of us heard the name, but still there are others who need to focus on the communities in our own areas. Here’s what I know. You not going to hear this from any activist, pastor, Well known local, or world known DJ’s, Business Owners, any high ranking official, the still Sheriff David Clarke, President Barack Obama, AG Eric Holder, Mayor Tom Barrett, Governor Scott Walker (really you won’t), any Democrat, any Independent, any black/white Republican, your black radio host, or your local community guy or female. I dare say this and I don’t care if any reader thinks: This incident is not just a national concern, it’s also a local concern. It’s both. We black folks should know this very well. And there are those who say we should get over it? Really?! WHY?!!!

Oh, and there are those who felt that Michael Brown had it coming. Coming from what?! This dude didn’t do nothing major! And all because of a “alleged robbery” of some cigars? So basically he was killed over some cigars and then shot dead after having his hands and arms up that he wanted to surrender. But no, that was not the case and his 18 years of life was stopped.

As long as racism and/or shooting young black males for no reason is talked about, it will not be ignored or forgotten about. I don’t care what year this is. And furthermore, I don’t care what century were living in. We maybe living and breathing in the 21st Century with all this Technology and this “Colorblindness” but were still dealing with the same ol’ 20th century discrimination mess even more. And I know that no peace protest, nor recordings or photography of this, should not be in vain of the first amendment rights. And I’m glad TODAY that President Obama had to comment that. He had too. If those who felt that he was  “remembering Robin Williams” so much and not enough Michael Brown talk, guess what you got your wish. He did comment more on this. And I’m also pleased that the Ferguson native Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson, was out with the crowd, addressing the issues, meeting with the folks that he and many others behind the Highway Badge got the support. Unlike a Sheriff here in Milwaukee that likes to dress up like a cowboy, makes a statement about shooting folks after doing a 911 call. Yeah, I think the ENTIRE Milwaukee County Sheriff Department should take notes. Even the third time winner himself, Sheriff David Clarke.

And I know the critics who will be saying this, and I know a particular on-line radio host will say this in Milwaukee. This might go about two weeks, folks will forget about it and go on to something else. Oh, believe me I know!  But know this, this incident will be in the archives and will be reminded that the struggle continues. No matter what it takes. And yes, expect this or some reminders from your Pastor on Sunday.

Normally, this is election season in which you’ll see primaries and general bids for the picks to be. And many will indeed go to the polls. Check this, I am a Election Inspector for the City of Milwaukee that has been in the game for 8 years. From those who are good and yes that had folks yelled in my face! No matter if it’s a full day or a half day. 

For this: here it comes – The Stephen’s Spot Rules returns. My tips, and my rules of the voting game in Wisconsin. 

First thing: When the day comes, the polls will be open from 7am – 8pm. Now there is a forecast of a low voter turnout of 15%. However regarding this, already many of you or some probably voted early either by mail or in person at your City Hall Areas. But for you last minute voters: yes you can still vote up on the day of Election Day. 

Second Thing. When going, make sure you are at the right (and I mean THE RIGHT) polling place! If you’re not sure, the Election Inspectors (and or the Chief Inspectors) will help you to find the correct place to vote up. And if you are at the right spot, walk in to the rooms and when you come to the tables, state your name and address. And if your name is listed in the books, sign your name in the book to verify, and the EI’s will give you a ballot and a number.

By the way: NO ID’S NECESSARY! Only state your name and address to the EI’s (via the state law).

Third thing: Now since you have your ballot, look at it carefully. For this ballot coming up it’s a partisan ballot – meaning that it’s a two sided ballot that you can only vote for one party only. If you pick Democrat, you have to select one democratic candidate in the categories. If you pick Republican, same thing. Constitutional or sometimes Independent, same thing. ONLY PICK ONE CANDIDATE IN EACH CATEGORY!  After that has been done, you take your ballot and insert into the machine and you will receive your I Voted Sticker. 

NOTE: Now there might be barriers. So listen up if you might encounter them. 

If you show up at the polls, and if you state your name, and if your name is NOT in the books: chances are the EI’s might ask you the question: “When was the last time you voted?” The reason being if you haven’t voted in Wisconsin in the last 5 years per say, you need to re-register on site. When you re-register fill out the forms provided, with your current name, address, city, state and zip. And of course you have to certify that you are of age, no felonies, no convictions, lived at your residence for 28 days, etc. Plus also when providing your info: you could also use your Wisconsin Drivers License or State ID Number or your last 4 digits of your Social to register. Plus other listings of Proof of Residence like a Utility Bill, your Government License, College Students that have an official letter from their College or University, and many others. Don’t worry, the Polling Places will have a listing of what you need to register or re-register.

If your name has changed due to misspelling or if you got married, or changed it for religious reasons, or if your neighbor near you who was a voter for amount of years that recently passed, the EI’s will have a Correction Form with them in which you the voter will verify the changes either in address, name, or deceased. 

If you are a convicted felon: PAY ATTENTION ON THIS!

If you’re name is on paper and if you are still finishing your parole, you can’t vote. HOWEVER, if you’re name is off paper, yes you can vote.

About 2 years ago: the state warned us about “Tweeting Ballots”. Here’s what I know. If you snap a picture of your ballot that is a sample or unmarked, it’s valid. HOWEVER if it’s already snapped and you made your choices to show it off, you’re asking for jail time and/or pay a fine. Votes should be private all the way. Even in the era of social media. So Facebookers, Twitter folks, Googlers in all, don’t even try it. However, you can snap a pic of your I Voted Sticker. 

When marking the ballots of your choice, and after you insert it into the machine, you might hear an rejected error sound. What do you do? The EI’s or Chief Inspectors will inspect the print out and it could be an overvote, or a cross party voted error. In this situation, the voter (you) will have to revote your picks per say. The EI’s will give you another ballot and you have to make your choices again. And when marking the votes, don’t darken the lines so heavily! Draw the lines lightly. And when you put the ballot in the machine (if it all goes well) then you get your sticker. Just a heads up: you only get 3 tries. If you fail all three times, its done. But if you get it right on the second or last try, you’re safe. So it’s best to get the ballots right on the first try!

If your name is in the book, and if you have the word Absentee near it, the EI’s will tell you that it’s noted and will ask if you used it previously. If you did, that counts as a vote for that day. But: if you haven’t used it but still wanted to use the regular ballots, what the EI’s and Chief Inspectors will do in this situation is take your Absentee Ballot, and exchange it for a regular ballot. Plus you might sign your name in the books. The absentee ballots will be soiled or in this case they’ll rip it up. For the POR’s you might to provide additional info like a WI DL Number to verify. 

And also in some circumstances: having a witness could be a vital factor of proof. 

For the handicapped: it is vital that they receive the real deal voting as much as every other voter. 

Also: if the ending of the voting hours around 8pm occurs, and if you’re in line: you can still vote! Remember, everyone’s right of voting counts.

Now for this Primary Election, it’s a chance to see who will move on to the finals. The finals are in November and who ever wins that will be declared the victor. 

So Wisconsin folks, I know we’re polarized with politics. But one thing for sure, we all have a right to vote for whomever we want to steer the offices. Even if you don’t like the viewpoints of Scott Walker. Or whatever. And if those feel that this election don’t mean nothing to sit at home, worrying about your paycheck, or your hairstyle, or your new CD with the banging beats, or your new Gun Permit CCW License that you got, those things might make your voting opposition even worse even if you don’t vote. 

By the way, for those who you know very well that got those Lyft Cars, or Uber Cars and you know them that uses their vehicles for going from point A to point B and being paid for it, use that.

For all you Wisconsin Uber and Lyft Drivers: if you have any Election Day Driving specials going on like “I’ll Uber you to the polls”, or “Lyfting you to the polls” specials, start advertising that NOW! I don’t care how much you charge, just help those who can’t get to the polls on their own. 

So in conclusion: Get OUT and Vote Up!

Usually I don’t do this, but I have to call out my city right now. And if anyone feels that that what I am about to say based on a “governmental sensitive attitude” mainly it’s the truth. And I know from past experience.

I have a message Milwaukee: I am a PROUD ALUM of John Marshall High School. BAR NONE!

I am 1995 graduate of the school and PROUDLY I instill the Columbia Blue and Scarlet in me wherever I go.  I am the first and youngest member of the Alumni Board of the Directors and serve as Treasurer of the organization from the 1990’s decade.

I graduated from the same school where George Tillman Jr, Emily Pollard, Mike Gousha, Barbara Duffy and even a well known columnist here in the city also earned their stripes of achievement. Even well knowns like Mona Sutphen who worked under administrations of President Clinton and Obama.

Those right there, are proud things per say. But that is not the real story.

The real story is this. Apparently my Alma Mater 90’s folks had been accused and I dare say “thwarted” about a potential all class reunion that would have taken place, but in the eyes of those of a neighborhood association, the Milwaukee County Sheriff Department, Milwaukee Police Department and the Milwaukee County Parks had a concern about my alma mater’s gathering which would have been on a Second Saturday in August. Not to go into detail, the sensitive folks of these groups had it wrong about what kind of “reunion” was it supposed to be. The event was advertised on Facebook, and the sensitive folks had to react negatively about the words of “getting the hook up” in all with illegal alcohol  and many other concerns. The legality of this was and is NOT TRUE! Since then, the event was taken down on Facebook and there was an option of getting additional permits of presence of law enforcement and others.

This was supposed to be an Family Friendly event, bring your food, water and many others. And I really wanted to get the Alumni Association involved with this event. YES, the Alumni Association. And I was supposed to take pictures of the alums and guests to take place. Apparently, that was a non-factor to those of the parks, the neighborhood association, police or the sheriff. How do these folks know that the so-called illegal activity was supposed to happen?!!! Oh, I get it.  I really do.

Here it is!

This is one example of Milwaukee’s issues of addressing the concern of Segregation. I’m calling it what it is. Milwaukee is one of the major Segregated Cities in the United States and those individuals who threw a darn monkey wrench in a positive event just to save their own hides and jobs. REALLY?!!!

And don’t get me started about: “Oh, we pay our taxes, and we want to be safe from all the crime and drama.” SHUT UP!

Just Shut Up!

First, as a Black Resident, I pay taxes too. And I was brought up to help to keep neighborhoods safe. I hope the “Cooper Park Neighborhood Folks” can understand that. So technically as a native of Milwaukee and Wisconsin, I pay my fair share! Don’t get me started. And as far as the Milwaukee Police and Sheriff Department is concerned: I think they should have done a better job of finding out the real situation behind this. I don’t fault my Alma Mater folks on this. And I’m keeping cool on this. My advice to the Sheriff and Police, this “investigation” of my Alma Mater’s potential High School Reunion Picnic was out of bounds. I’m not on the planning committee, but I can say I knew the real deal support  of this event! It is appalling of what happened. And partially, I fault bad judgment. I don’t fault the deputies or officers as bad folks overall. It’s the bad judgment and miscommunication how it was interpreted. It’s sort of like gossip, or he say, she say, or they say. EVERYONE knows this! Even the folks who you go to work with encounters the same thing. And yes, the church knows as well. And we also know that words can get twisted or misused. My pastor once said you have to correct folks. Even if they have a badge.

It’s real sad there are folks, who feel that black people or any type of folks can’t have a good time these days. Always got to be negative. A real good time with all the negativity going on that might be making the 9:00pm news slot. That I call a thing that goes like this: Shameful.

Many in my 90’s Alumni Marshall Eagles are very productive in the areas of occupation, entrepreneurship, give back to the city in various ways of volunteering, owning their organizations, members of well known groups of service, financial, and many other occupations and jobs that they grasps since leaving Marshall well over and almost 20 years ago combined! And not only that, we were raised with family values!

So what’s the problem?

In regarding this in all: it is not over. My folks from High School will rise up and show out. And yes, those who don’t like it, will face the music of the truth. No matter what! Milwaukee, don’t underestimate the Alumni that soars with excellence! Even if you are a hater of the Mighty Eagles, don’t front on excellence!



WARNING: The following post contains some Graphic Images, or clips related. Be Advised.


Usually I don’t address more of the Facebook phenomenon, but in this instance, I must.

Facebook Challenges. Some are interesting, but the one I want to address was just silly to end someone’s own life. I was just reading a story on-line called “Boy Dies After Participating in the Facebook Fire Challenge.” Yes. You read that right. Now for those who don’t know what are some of these challenges are, let’s take some for example.

We’ve seen the Ice Challenges. They are a challenge in which the challengers have to respond in sitting on a chair with their swimwear on or whatever, and the other person or individuals have either a bucket, or a large container of Ice, or Ice Water and dumps it on them. It’s almost like giving a Gatorade Bath to a coach after a major victory in a football game. Yeah, don’t lie. We all seen that.

We also seen Gospel Challenges. In which many had to accept the challenge of recording themselves on video singing a gospel song of their choice to accept the opportunity. If for example, if one sings Amazing Grace in a gospel like fashion, then the other person may have to sing a different song like something out of Kirk Franklin’s songbook or collection. And that carries on to another challenger.

We’ve also seen another challenge called Fashion Challenge or a fashion selfie challenge, in which others are challenged to display their best fashion pics either in a throwback sense or up to date. And to challenge others to do the same.

Thusly, these are more common challenges that mostly were doing at the time on Facebook. But this recent story about a boy setting himself on fire, with alcohol on his body with his life being on the line was so tragic. Now usually, I see stunt doubles or stunt people do dangerous stuff like this, but apparently they are trained professionals. The boy who died after doing this “Fire Challenge” was NOT A TRAINED PROFESSIONAL!”  You know what all these challenges like this reminds me of? Try “I dare you.” Or “I double dog dare you!” Many of us Gen X folks knows this. We know. And apparently this was a dare that was gone too far all because just trying to one up a person or individual on Facebook. Really?!!! Who they are supposed to be? ECW Wrestlers that set fire on Wrestling Matches? I mean REALLY?!

And apparently there’s always some degenerate commenter who have to be real stupid to make a comment like “he deserved it.” First of all, this black teenage boy didn’t deserve to die at 15 years old. When I was fifteen I was in high school, summer jobs, involved with church activities and stayed out of trouble. And no, Facebook was not even thought about way back when. And I had strict parents! The only time I burned myself was at the age of two with matches. And I was very young coming up.

Now about these so-called Facebook challenges with fire is just way out of bounds. All you parents of now, raising 15 year olds now, going on Facebook and having these challenges, you need to monitor your child’s activity of what they are doing. They are NOT GROWN! If you pay for the computer with a webcam, or a cell phone with YOUR MONEY, you better take it back. And when I was a teen, I didn’t have no cell phone nor a pager. Now, for those who were wondering, what’s a pager? It doesn’t matter right now. Find out later.

But for now, Facebook as well as other Social Media platforms including this blog on WordPress is not the cause of humanity concern! It’s the “human attitude” of what is put on Facebook that gets around. When someone attacks you on Social Media in a verbal assault, or putting a pic of you having sex with your enemy, or tagging your name or Hashtag along with a story that is not concerned with your well being. OR…. If you post a pic or video that is NSFW per say, and someone calls foul on it and you get mad because you believe it’s your 1st Amendment right to post whatever. Even though if you are being responsible in a sense. Probably. And yes, sort of like cell phones, ipads, ipods,  androids, windows products, TV’s, Video Games, and many other technological aspects we have now. Oh……don’t forget music too. Years ago, in High School, I remember writing a paper about Music and TV not causing the concern of teens like me growing up. It’s the folks reacting to that and assuming that it’s about that life. You Baby-Boomers should know. Gen Y, no exception. And the Millennials, you better learn!

So mainly what I’m saying is we need to re-establish self moral values and self moral lessons of what to not to do. Of course many will not care and do it anyway. But before they do they better see what is up before they do!

Time to be real! Even you don’t have no kids or starting a family!

You want real challenges? I got a real challenge: be a leader!



John Marshall HIgh School Library Mural

In the past, I have written about Alumni Associations, and yes I written about why I think Alumni folks of the now per say, should give back to the schools. No matter if they are High School, College or University. And that goes for anyone!

But recently, my Alma Mater John Marshall High School in Milwaukee has been highlighted and featured in a news story that deals with MPS Alumni as an Untapped Resource. It’s there. But not many aren’t using it. Why is that? Not enough knowledge, financial stability, no interest, or just focused on just keeping it in the past. To continue My Alma Mater’s High School Alumni Group, is not just a memory lane or keep it in the past Alumni Association. It’s also focused on the present students, and the students yet to be. Even though it’s called “Morse-Marshall” currently, the Alumni Association still donates it’s time and effort of appreciation of academic work and summary of Alumni work.

Now if those are asking in Milwaukee, why did the name John Marshall High School, became Morse-Marshall School for the Gifted and Talented? I’ll explain this in a small summary detail.

1) In the last couple of years before the “name change” there was low enrollment in the school. And at the time, Marshall was separate with three different mini schools. Forgot the names, sorry. And in the papers back then, and I remember reading this, there were talks about what’s going to happen next in all. Partially this was that “closing rumor” that John Marshall High School was going to close up shop. BUT HOLD ON: there were Alumni from the 1970’s that went to the Milwaukee Public School Board and kept fighting that they should not close Marshall! It was those former students that should earn the “Real Alumni Award” for getting that done. Not to knock anyone who hasn’t done it, but that is how you stand up for your alma mater. Hear that North Division? Just saying. And for the record, I got this info from a current Marshall Instructor back in 2010.

2) The second part of that was the Gifted and Talented Program. Many don’t know that the school, Samuel Morse had a 20+ year partnership with John Marshall High School. Maybe through students connections, teacher connections or others. When the district was reviewing the “Gifted and Talented” program through the middle schools and/or elementary schools, there wasn’t one on the high school level. And with that, the Morse Gifted and Talented Program fed into Marshall and henceforth, the school was renamed as Samuel Morse-John Marshall School For The Gifted And Talented. And for the record, if those were wondering like and I heard this before: “I thought Marshall was just a high school……” Not very so. For the histrionics of all things, it was opened in 1961 as a Middle School/High School. The idea was thought about back in the late 1920’s that a future building that would do that. By the way, the MPS Superintendent at the time was the name of Harold S. Vincent. Which should resonate the ideal climax of Milwaukee’s Vincent High School. Yeah Vincent folks, the late great Harold S. Vincent gave birth to John Marshall High School! Check the books. Plus the school, was built near the land where the Archdioceses of Milwaukee once owned, which expanded more of Milwaukee. And it was built in the area that is a long rectangular shape around the areas of N.64th & 66th Streets and West Fiebrantz Avenue/Marion Streets. So yes Marshall neighbors, students, and Alumni who don’t know, Marshall has gone under name changes in the last 50+ years. It started of with John Marshall Junior-Senior High School, then it was John Marshall Senior High School, then John Marshall High School, then the John Marshall Campus, and now it’s Samuel Morse-John Marshall School for the Gifted and Talented. Got it? Good. Plus the school was named after John Marshall, the 8th Supreme Court Judge, the mascot is the American Eagle and the colors were and still are Columbia Blue and Scarlet. Plus Marshall was in line of names of prominent American figures in history named for schools. Sort of like Casimir Pulaski, Harold Vincent, Rufus King, Ronald Reagan, Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, and Solomon Juneau. Know the history, Milwaukee!

The news was summarized by WUWM, which is Milwaukee Public Radio in which three of the Alumni Association Members, who I do take time to work with, expressed their commentary in this story. Feel free to listen and summarize exactly why and how an Alumni Association works. My HS Alumni Association has been in business since the year 2000, and still going strong with scholarships, and Alumni Memberships alike. The cost of Memberships is $25.00 and it is helpful for the organization. Plus also it’s very VITAL for the Morse-Marshall Students that would be graduating in the future. So yes, it’s just not about the past, it’s about the present and the future!

So for those who are proud High School Grads, College Grads in all. No matter what you school you did your time in, GIVE BACK!  And even that, the Alumni Associations of being untapped, should not be overlooked. So yes recognize and help your Alumni in terms of education and community!

For the John Marshall Alumni Eagles still reppin’ the Columbia Blue and Scarlet: One event have been slated for August.  A Co-Ed Soccer Game is slated for August 23rd in Milwaukee. If you use Facebook, do a search for both events.